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The Ed Wood, Jr. Players
Kitchen Sink - 1993

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed set. There were two distinct printings: 
the first used bright colors on card fronts, and card #1 credits Kitchen Sink Press 
in Princeton WI. The second has a different box design, subdued duo-tone coloring, 
and a credit for Kitchen Sink in Northampton MA. My box states "2nd edition 
with new cover," and I do not know if there are any other differences. Thanks 
much to Don Sundgren and Joe Reinwald for updates! Further information and 
scans are posted at the Denis Kitchen website.

No.   Player                Role

 1    Herbert Rawlinson     Actor
 2    Dolores Fuller        Actress
 3    Steve Reeves          Actor - Body Builder
 4    Don Nagel             Actor
 5    Valda Hansen          Actress
 6    Lance Fuller          Actor
 7    Tom Keene             Cowboy Actor
 8    Theodora Thurman      Model - Weather Girl
 9    Carl Anthony          Actor
10    Charlotte Austin      Actress
11    Norma McCarty         Ed Wood's Wife
12    Ben Frommer           Actor
13    Lyle Talbot           Actor
14    Criswell              Propheteer
15    Dino Fantini          Actor
16    Mona McKinnon         Actress
17    Dr. Tom Mason         Chiropractor
18    Gregory Walcott       Actor
19    Conrad Brooks         Actor
20    Timothy Farrell       Actor
21    Dudley Manlove        Actor - Announcer
22    Paul Marco            Actor
23    Joanna Lee            Actress - Writer
24    John Breckinridge     Actor - Eccentric
25    Duke Moore            Actor
26    Captain DeZita        Booking Agent
27    Loretta King          Actress
28    Tony McCoy            Son Of Producer
29    Kenne Duncan          Actor
30    Vampira               TV Horror Hostess
31    Ray "Crash" Corrigan  Actor - Cowboy
32    Fawn Silver           Actress - Stripper
33    Tor Johnson           Actor - Wrestler
34    Bela Lugosi           Actor
35    Ed Wood, Jr.          Transvestite
36    Edward D. Wood., Jr.  Actor - Writer - Director


--    (Signed uncut sheet, 1st edition, 200 made)
--    (Signed uncut sheet, 2nd edition, 200 made)


--    (Unnumbered)

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