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EFX Promo Set
   EFX Collectibles (LucasArts) - 2012

Notes: These cards were distributed at the 2012 San Diego ComicCon in 
a pack of 9 cards to promote the collectibles inspired by the media franchises.


 --   Avengers (Thor)
 --   Avengers (Iron Man Mark VII)
 --   Avengers (Captain America)
 --   The Art of Battlestar Galactica                Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie
 --   Battlestar Galactica(Cylon Viper helmet)
 --   Battlestar Galactica - Marvel [header card]
 --   Star Wars The Force Unleashed (Starkiller)     SW The Force Unleashed
 --   (biker scout)                                  SW Return of the Jedi
 --   Darth Maul                                     SW The Phantom Menace

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