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Eight Men Out
Pacific - 1988

Note: Also distributed as a factory set. Thanks to Philip Brazina for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards, no inserts.  My box was short 14 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per "full" box with perfect collation.

No.   Title

  1   We're going to see the Sox!
  2   White Sox Win the Pennant!
  3   The Series
  4   1919 Chicago White Sox
  5   The Black Sox Scandal
  6   Eddie Cicotte,  29-7 in 1919
  7   "Buck's there faverit"
  8   Eddie Collins
  9   Michael Rooker as Arnold "Chick" Gandil
 10   Charlie Sheen as Oscar "Happy" Felsch
 11   James Read as Claude "Lefty" Williams
 12   John Cusack as George Buck Weaver
 13   D.B. Sweeney as "Shoeless" Joe Jackson
 14   David Strathairn as Eddie Cicotte
 15   Perry Lang as Fred McMullin
 16   Don Harvey as Charles "Swede" Risberg
 17   The Gamblers, Burns and Maharg
 18   Sleepy Bill Burns
 19   The Key is Cicotte
 20   C'moan, Betsy
 21   The Fix
 22   Chick approaches Cicotte
 23   "Kid" Gleason
 24   Charles Comiskey, Owner
 25   Arnold "Chick" Gandil, First Baseman
 26   Charles "Swede" Risberg
 27   Sport Sullivan
 28   Abe Attell, Arnold Rothstein
 29   Hugh Fullerton, Sports Writer
 30   Ring Lardner, Sports Writer
 31   "Shoeless" Joe working on his batting eye
 32   "Shoeless" Joe
 33   Buck can't sleep
 34   George "Buck" Weaver
 35   Hugh and Ring confront Kid
 36   Joe doesn't want to play.
 37   "Shoeless" Joe Jackson
 38   "Sore Arm, Cicotte", "Old Man Cicotte"
 39   The fix is on.
 40   Buck's playing to win.
 41   Hap makes a great catch.
 42   Hugh and Ring suspect!
 43   Ray gets things going.
 44   Lefty loses Game Two
 45   Lefty crosses up catcher Ray Schalk's signals.
 46   Chick's RBI wins Game Three
 47   Dickie Kerr Wins Game Three
 48   Chick leaves Buck stranded at third.
 49   Williams loses Game Five.
 50   Ray Schalk
 51   Schalk blocks the plate.
 52   Schalk is thrown out.
 53   Chicago stick ball game.
 54   I'm forever blowing ballgames.
 55   Felsch Scores Jackson
 56   Kerr wins Game Six.
 57   Where's the money?
 58   Cicotte wins Game Seven.
 59   Kid watches Eddie.
 60   Lefty is threatened
 61   James! Get your arm ready! Fast!
 62   "Shoeless" Joe's Home Run
 63   Buck played his best
 64   Hugh exposes the fix.
 65   Sign the petition
 66   Baseball owners hire a commisioner
 67   Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
 68   Grand jury summoned
 69   Say it ain't so, Joe!
 70   "The Swede's a Hard Guy"
 71   Buck loves the game.
 72   The trial.
 73   Kid Gleason take the stand.
 74   The Verdict
 75   Eight Men Out
 76   Oscar "Happy" Felsch
 77   Who's Joe Jackson?
 78   Ban Johnson, President
 79   Judge Landis, Commissioner of Baseball
 80   Charles A. Comiskey, Owner
 81   Heinie Groh, Third Baseman
 82   Slim Sallee, Pitcher
 83   Dutch Ruether, Pitcher
 84   Edd Roush, Outfielder
 85   Morrie Rath, Second Baseman
 86   Bill Rariden, Catcher
 87   Jimmy Ring, Pitcher
 88   Greasy Neale, Outfielder
 89   Pat Moran, Manager
 90   Adolfo Luque, Pitcher
 91   Larry Kopf, Shortstop
 92   Ray Fisher, Pitcher
 93   Hod Eller, Pitcher
 94   Pat Duncan, Outfielder
 95   Jake Daubert, First Baseman
 96   Red Faber, Pitcher
 97   Dickie Kerr, Pitcher
 98   Shano Collins, Outfielder
 99   Eddie Collins, Second Baseman
100   Ray Schalk, Catcher
101   Nemo Leibold, Outfielder
102   Kid Gleason, Manager
103   Swede Risberg, Shortstop
104   Eddie Cicotte, Pitcher
105   Fred McMullin, Infielder
106   Chick Gandil, First Baseman
107   Buck Weaver, Third Baseman
108   Lefty Williams, Pitcher
109   Happy Felsch, Outfielder
110   Shoeless Joe Jackson, Outfielder

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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