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Elvgren & Friends Jumbo Collector Cards
   Comic Images - 1997

Notes:  These cards are oversized, approximately 3-3/4" x 4-3/4", and are printed on 
heavy card stock. Thanks much to Sean Wright and Rick Hall for updates!

Box: 30 packs of 4 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.28 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                              Artist

 1    Drawing Attention                                  Gil Elvgren - 1914 to 1980
 2    Notes to You!                                      Earl Moran - 1893 to 1984
 3    Ovaltine Ad                                        Gil Elvgren
 4    It's Corn But They Love It                         Zoe Mozert - 1907 to 1993
 5    See, Señor!                                        Vaughan Bass
 6    Sunny                                              Merlin Enabnit - 1903 to 1979
 7    Gil ElvgrenThey Tell Me I'm a Stand-Out            Harry Ekman
 8    What a Break                                       Gil Elvgren
 9    Double Feature                                     Walt Otto - 1895 to 1963
10    Up and Cunning                                     Earl Moran
11    Wait for Me                                        Gil Elvgren
12    Heartbreaker                                       Pearl Frush
13    I Can Never Get Things Straight                    Joyce Ballantyne - 1918 to
14    I'm Keeping Abreast of the Times                   Zoe Mozert
15    Teeter Taughter Her                                Gil Elvgren
16    Who Said Beautiful But Numb?                       Earl Moran
17    Holland Doll                                       Vaughan Bass
18    Nothing to Sneeze At                               Gil Elvgren
19    Thigh Valentine?                                   Belly DeVorss - 1908 to 1985
20    A Good Catch                                       Earl Moran
21    The Loot Has Been Good                             Harry Ekman
22    French Dressing                                    Gil Elvgren
23    Boy - Do I Mow 'Em Down!                           Zoe Mozert
24    Gorgeous                                           Walt Otto
25    Lady in Waiting                                    Gil Elvgren
26    A Pretty Number                                    Pearl Frush
27    Who Prefers Blondes?                               Billy DeVorss
28    Tail Wind                                          Gil Elvgren
29    How'd You Like to Hold My Hand?                    Zoe Mozert
30    A Star                                             Merlin Enabnit
31    Construction Sight                                 Scott Pike - 1924 to
32    Lady in Red                                        Earl Moran
33    Step Lively                                        Rolf Armstrong - 1889 to 1960
34    Monkeyshines                                       Joyce Ballantyne
35    Worth a Scolding                                   Harry Ekman
36    Ooh, What a Line / Checklist                       Gil Elvgren


Clearchrome Cards (1:15 packs)

 1    (no title shown)
 2    A Clothes Call
 3    Reducing Waist
 4    Knots to You
 5    (no title readable)
 6    Thar She Blows

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (Binder)


 --   (Cleopatra scene, art by Gil Elvgren; dealer promo)
 --   (another?)

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