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Elvira - Mistress of Omnichrome
Comic Images - 1997

Note:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 8 chromium cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

Ask Elvira

  1   Is black the only appropriate color to wear
  2   How much make-up should I use? I always say
  3   Elvira, Do you always wear that same dress?
  4   Elvira, is that a wig your wearing? No It's
  5   What advice do you have for struggling youn
  6   What are you going as this Halloween? This 
  7   Is it true you were the first woman ever to
  8   Some people collect stamps. Some people col
  9   Elvira, Do you always say yes? Well actuall
 10   Elvira, how do you stay in that dress? With
 11   How do I get my boyfriend to stop being so
 12   How old are you? Old enough to know better.
 13   Are those real? Of course my nails aren't r
 14   Elvira, isn't it wrong to exploit your body
 15   Elvira, what's your IQ? Let's just say some
 16   I heard you got your job by sleeping with a
 17   Is it true you got your job based on your T
 18   I believe I recognized you from my high sch
 19   Elvira, What do you look for in a man? A bi
 20   Elvira, how do you have the nerve to appear
 21   Elvira, I need help. Why can't I find a guy
 22   How many of those sexy black dresses do you
 23   Elvira, you have a huge fan club. Where doe
 24   Elvira, what's one thing you won't take fro
 25   Elvira, were you a good student in school? 
 26   Elvira, have you ever had any other jobs? Y
 27   Have you ever been married, Elvira? No but

Elvira Beauty Tips
 28   What's the most important beauty tip you ca
 29   How can I keep my complexion as ghostly pale
 30   The most important hair accessory this year
 31   Perfume is a must. My favorites are "Evenin
 32   I find black nails are the most attractive,
 33   What's the hottest lip color this season. B

Elvira Fashion Tips

 34   Don't be a fashion victim ... Commit fashio
 35   The two most important things a gal can own
 36   Hats are out - Big hair is in!
 37   Black is the best color for evening, No one
 38   I know black is the best color for evening,
 39   Never wear gold sequined hot pants and a fi
 40   Black vinyl and metal stubs add a sophistic
 41   Six inch spiked heels are always a shoe - i
 42   The biggest word in fashion today - polyest
 43   Elvira, why is clothing so important? Duhhh

Elvira Trick or Treat

 44   If you're approached by a gal on 'All Hallo   
 45   When you're out there trick or treating, wh
 46   Bad treats to give out to trick or treaters
 47   If you're planning to go trick or treating 

Elvira Horror-Scope

 48   Aries
 49   Taurus
 50   Gemini
 51   Cancer
 52   Leo
 53   Virgo
 54   Libra
 55   Scorpio
 56   Sagittarius
 57   Capricorn
 58   Aquarius
 59   Pisces

I Don't Trust a Man

 60   I Don't trust a man who who rides his Harley
 61   I Don't trust a man who uses his jock - stra
 62   I Don't trust a man who makes obscene phone 
 63   I Don't trust a man who has a video library 
 64   I Don't trust a man who

Elvira Superstition

 65   Superstition #1
 66   Superstition #2
 67   Superstition #3
 68   Superstition #4
 69   Superstition #5
 70   Superstition #6
 71   Superstition #7
 72   Superstition #8


Clearchrome Cards (1:15 packs)

 #2   (head and right bust shot, facing forward)
 #3   (recumbent on white rug)
 #4   (hands on hips)

Autographed Card (500 signed)

 --   Elvira (recumbent with lavender mist)

Card Album

 --   Elvira Mistress of Omnichrome (binder)

Uncut Sheet

 --   (6-card panel)


1 of 2   (Elvira crouching with skulls; dealer promo)
2 of 2   (Elvira with redhead dog; dealer promo)

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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