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Elvis Presley
   Topps - 1956
   A&BC - 1958

Notes: Cards 1-46 show titles on the card front in a red guitar shape, with "Ask Elvis" 
questions on card backs. Cards 47-66 show scenes from "Love Me Tender" and are 
numbered to 20 within the subset with titles in red clapper outline. American Card 
Catalog reference is R710-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

The U.S.A. cards are distinguished by "Bubbles Inc. Printed in U.S.A." while the U.K. 
cards show the A&BC logo and "Printed in England."

No.   Title                                 Ask Elvis

  1   Go, Go, Go, Elvis                     How Did You Get Your First Start?
  2   Elvis Presley [facsimile signature]   Record Collector's Check List
  3   Relaxing at Rehearsals                Do You Get Much Fan Mail?
  4   Love Me Tender                        Who Is Your Favorite Actor?
  5   Soft and Mellow                       Should People Go Into Show Business?
  6   Elvis with his Fans                   What Kind of Girl Do You Like Best?
  7   Presley Press Conference              Do You Like to Travel?
  8   Singing with the Heart                Do You Smoke?
  9   Time Out Between Shows                Would You Rather Drive a Cycle or Car?
 10   America's Singing Idol                How Does It Feel to Be a Celebrity?
 11   Don't Be Cruel                        Would Your Own TV Show Be Popular?
 12   Pickin' Out a Tune                    What Is Your Greatest Ambition?
 13   Steve Allen and Elvis                 Do You Ever Get Homesick?
 14   Down on the Farm                      When Did You Realize You Could Sing?
 15   Judging his Record                    Are You a Good Guitar Player?
 16   Vacation Fun                          Are You Nervous Before Audiences?
 17   Studying the Script                   What Is Your Favorite Food?
 18   Signing Session                       What Size Cities Do You Like Best?
 19   I Want You, I Need You, I Love You    Do You Move When You Make a Record?
 20   A Tux for TV                          Do You Like Being Left Alone?
 21   Elvis Presley                         Do You Object to Jokes About You?
 22   The Fan's Friend                      What's Your Favorite Way of Dressing?
 23   Ready to Ride                         Do You Plan Your Song Movements?
 24   Elvis' Movie Debut                    Are You Religious?
 25   Elvis' Motorcycle                     Why Do You Wear Sideburns?
 26   Hound Dog                             Do You Like Playing in the Movies?
 27   Swinging Low                          Are People in Hollywood Nice to You?
 28   Acting Outdoors                       Are You Bothered By Big Crowds?
 29   Facing the Cameras                    Is Rock 'N Roll Here to Stay?
 30   Elvis the Actor                       How Many Miles Did you Travel Last Year?
 31   At the Keyboard                       Who's Your Best Girl?
 32   Tuning up for the Show                Is It Easy to Act in Movies?
 33   A Show for the Home Town              What Will You Do With Your Earnings?
 34   Taking It Easy Between Scenes         How Do You Like Being on TV Shows?
 35   Elvis at 17                           Why Do You Wiggle?
 36   Chow Time on the Movie Set            Are There Problems Being So Popular?
 37   Strumming for Fun                     Would You Like a Large Family?
 38   Elvis' Escort                         Do You Plan to Continue Making Movies?
 39   Lights, Camera, Action!               How Many Hours Do You Sleep at Night?
 40   Serenade to a Pooch                   Would You Like to Perform in Europe?
 41   Rockin' on Stage                      Would Marriage Hurt Your Career?
 42   Radio Broadcast                       Has Success Changed You Much?
 43   Recording Session                     How Do Folks Feel About Your Fame?
 44   Elvis' Special Shirt                  What Do You Do on a Typical Date?
 45   Preparing to go on Stage              Do You Think School Helped You?
 46   America's Top Singer                  Do You Enjoy Singing?

 47   Clint and Cathy Reno
 48   Farm Chores
 49   New Member of the Family
 50   Hard Work
 51   Happy Homecoming
 52   Porch Performance
 53   "I Want an Honest Answer"
 54   Heading for the Fair
 55   Singing Up a Storm
 56   Bad News
 57   "I'm Goin' to Vance
 58   Rescue Ride
 59   Clint's Plan
 60   "Don't Try to Stop Me"
 61   Fighting Mad
 62   Two Against One
 63   Setting the Trap
 64   "Let Him Have It, Clint"
 65   Clint Takes Aim
 66   "Go Back to Vance"

PROMO CARDS (salesman sample set; 3-card advertising panel on backs)

--    Pickin' Out a Tune
--    Recording Session
--    Ready to Run

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