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Elvis Lives
Press Pass - 2006

Notes:  Thanks much to Mike Uptegrove, Peter Vermaele, and Keith 
Nicholson for updates!.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.02 per box if collation were perfect.
Blaster Box: 8 packs of 5 cards + 1 die-cut car.

  No.    Title / Card Text


    1    Sun Studios
    2    Louisiana Hayride
    3    RCA Studios
    4    Andy Griffith Show
    5    Overton Park Concert
    6    Tampa 1955
    7    Cadillacs
    8    On the Road
    9    Backstage in Vegas
   10    New Frontier Hotel
   11    Motorcycles
   12    Hound Dog
   13    Ed Sullivan Show
   14    "Love Me Tender"
   15    "Love Me Tender"
   16    Tupelo Homecoming
   17    1957 Tupelo
   18    Graceland
   19    Graceland
   20    Hawaii
   21    Army Recording


   22    Loving You (Record)
   23    "Loving You" (Movie)
   24    Jailhouse Rock (Record)
   25    "Jailhouse Rock" (Movie)
   26    King Creole (Record)
   27    "King Creole" (Movie)

60's / The Movies

   28    "GI Blues"
   29    "Flaming Star"
   30    "Blue Hawaii"
   31    "Follow That Dream"
   32    "Kid Galahad"
   33    "Girls! Girls! Girls!"
   34    "It Happened at the World's Fair"
   35    "Viva Las Vegas"
   36    "Roustabout"
   37    "Girl Happy"
   38    "Frankie & Johnny"
   39    "Spinout"
   40    "Easy Come, Easy Go"
   41    "Stay Away, Joe"
   42    "Speedway"
   43    "Charro!"
   44    "The Trouble With Girls"
   45    "Movies"

'68 Special

   46    Run-throughs and rehearsals were supervised by (Run-Throughs and Rehearsals)
   47    Filmed in June 1968, the show, directed by Bob (Production)
   48    A powerful representation of Elvis' own life,  (Opening Number)
   49    In addition to the rehearsals, script conferen (68 Special Portraits)
   50    Surprisingly, Elvis' only Grammy Awards were f (Gospel Taping)
   51    Undoubtedly the most memorable performance in  (The "Sit Down")
   52    The inspiration for the popular "sit-down" seq (Sit Down 2)
   53    Following the "sit-down" segment, the "stand-u (The "Stand Up")
   54    This still-shot from the "stand-up" show was u (Stand Up Rolling Stone Cover)
   55    All of Elvis' outfits for the show were design (Black Leather)
   56    Although Colonel Parker insisted that there be (Finale)
   57    The 1968 "comeback" special concluded with one (Finale)


   58    Elvis in "That's the Way It Is"
   59    Elvis at "MGM Studios"
   60    Elvis in "Jumpsuits"
   61    Elvis in "Las Vegas"
   62    Elvis in "Phoenix"
   63    Elvis in "Las Vegas"
   64    Elvis in "Scarves"
   65    Elvis in "Aloha from Hawaii"
   66    Elvis in "Aloha from Hawaii"
   67    Elvis in "Houston"
   68    Elvis the "Records"
   69    Elvis in "Huntsville"
   70    Elvis in "Concert"
   71    Elvis on "The Road"
   72    Elvis on "Tour"

The Wertheimer Collection

   73    "Elvis was being introduced on this variety sh (Dorsey Brothers Show)
   74    "Back at the Warwick Hotel in New York Elvis h (On the Phone)
   75    "I call this picture 'First Arrival.' He's pla (Steve Allen Show)
   76    "At the RCA Victor studio, he recorded three s (Recording Sessions)
   77    "Elvis is on the train heading south after the (Listening to Records)
   78    "This is the kind of personality Elvis was. He (Train Ride)
   79    "Here we are at the Hotel Jefferson in Richmon (On a Date)
   80    "Elvis' mom had just given him a pair of fresh (Elvis and Parents)
   81    "This takes place in the pool at 1034 Audubon  (Audubon Drive)
   82    "This is probably one of my most famous shots. (Elvis on Motorcycle)
   83    "This picture is called 'Starburst.' Elvis is  (Russwood Stadium)
   84    "This photograph took place on September 22 of (Army)

Blue Suede Art Collection

   85    "CC Rider"
   86    "Home for Christmas"
   87    "Comeback Sheet"
   88    "Glory Hallelujah"
   89    "Psychedelic Elvis"
   90    "U.S. Male" / Checklist


Presley Fashions Foil Cards (1:6 packs)

 1/12    Gold Lamé Suit
 2/12    Bill Belew White Suit ('68 Special - Finale)
 3/12    Black Leather Outfit ('68 Special)
 4/12    Bill Belew White Jumpsuit (Concho)
 5/12    Bill Belew Red Jumpsuit (Burning Love)
 6/12    Bill Belew Blue Jumpsuit (Powder Blue Nailhead)
 7/12    '71 Vegas White/Turquoise Jumpsuit
 8/12    '71 Vegas Black/Yellow Jumpsuit (Butterfly)
 9/12    Light Blue Jumpsuit (Tiffany)
10/12    American Eagle Jumpsuit
11/12    Cherokee Jumpsuit
12/12    Blue Phoenix Jumpsuit

Autographed Cards (1:144 packs)
   Cards shown with an "*" were also re-issued with the "Elvis Is" card set.

   -- *  James Burton: Guitar
   -- *  Yvonne Craig: "It Happened at the World's Fair"
   -- *  D. J. Fontana: Drums
   -- *  Scotty Moore: Lead Guitar
   -- *  Gordon Stoker: "The Jordanaires"
   -- *  Ray Walker: "The Jordanaires"
   --    Dual Auto: D. J. Fontana/Scotty Moore

      Artist Proof Edition Autographed Cards

  AW1    On the Phone / Alfred Wertheimer (# to 400)
  AW2    Motorcycle / Alfred Wertheimer (gold edition, # to 100)
  JP1    Home for X-Mas / Joe Petruccio (# to 400)
  JP2    CC Rider / Joe Petruccio (# to 400)

Elvis Memorabilia Elvis-Worn Items (1:240 packs)

 EWS1    Elvis Worn Shirt (navy/dots)
 EWS2    Elvis Worn Shirt (orange)
 EWS3    Elvis Worn Scarf (blue suit)
 EWS1    Elvis Worn Shirt (navy/dots; gold edition, # to 299)
 EWS2    Elvis Worn Shirt (orange; gold edition, # to 299)
 EWS3    Elvis Worn Scarf (blue suit; gold edition, # to 299)
 EWS1    Elvis Worn Shirt (navy/dots; platinum edition, # to 99)
 EWS2    Elvis Worn Shirt (orange; platinum edition, # to 99)
 EWS3    Elvis Worn Scarf (blue suit; platinum edition, # to 99)

Press Plate Proof Cards

1 of 1   (C,M,Y,K varieties, some or all cards)

Instant Win Cards

   --    18" x 24" framed Elvis gold records

Elvis Memorabilia Cut Signature Cards

  HC1    Elvis Presley (cut check; # to 2)
  HC2    Elvis Presley (cut photo; 1/1)

Die-Cut Cars (Blaster Boxes)

   --    (black)
   --    (light blue)
   --    (pink)
   --    (purple)
   --    (red)
   --    (yellow)


   --    Sessions - Jailhouse Rock (unnumbered)
   --    Sessions - Jailhouse Rock (Non-Sport Update, variant issue)
   --    (dealer sell sheet)

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©2006, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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