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The Elvis Collection - Series One
The River Group - 1992

Notes:  The three series of the 1992 River Group Elvis Collection together form a 660-card 
set, but each of the three series is skip-numbered within the 1-to-660 range.  Relatively 
fewer copies of the third series were distributed, making that set the difficult part of 
collecting all 660 or the "Top Ten Hits" inserts. The first two series were also distributed 
together in Jumbo packs. Thanks much to Ray Tucker, Donald Green,  Steve Kitsberg, 
Marty Maerten, Dave Christensen, Keith Nicholson, and Anders Johan Pedersen for 

Regular Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.97 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 24 packs of 12 Series 1 + 12 Series 2 + 1 Gold & Platinum
Records card.
Common sets from Jumbo: approx. 1.30.

   No.    Card Text                                                   Subset

     1    Take a look at the trio of musicians who changed the face   Elvis Early Days
     2    Here's where it all began for the future King of Rock 'n    Elvis Early Days
     4    About six years before he would become the King of Rock '   Elvis Early Days
     5    Starting in the late-1940's in Shreveport, Louisiana, the   Elvis Early Days
    12    On November 20, 1955, RCA Records bought out Elvis' contr   Elvis Early Days
    13    Perhaps no performer in history has had fans as loyal as    Elvis Early Days
    14    In the early days of Elvis' career, he and the band would   Elvis Early Days
    16    Elvis' keen sense of humor and desire to be a good sport    Elvis Early Days
    19    This photograph was taken in September of 1956, a few wee   Elvis Early Days
    21    Another essential component of the early Presley sound wa   Elvis Early Days
    23    The newspaper headline could easily have read: LOCAL BOY    Elvis Early Days
    27    On October 11, 1956, Elvis appeared at the Texas State Fa   Elvis Early Days
    31    On March 24, 1958, Elvis was sworn in as a private in the   Elvis Army Days
    33    Elvis raised the blood pressure of so many women around t   Elvis Army Days
    34    It was the most famous haircut in American military histo   Elvis Army Days
    38    Everybody's got to be someplace. For Private Elvis Presle   Elvis Army Days
    41    Sometime in 1956, Elvis won a dozen teddy bears playing s   Elvis Army Days
    43    How does a young recruit keep in touch with what's going    Elvis Army Days
    45    What were handsome, young American males wearing in the S   Elvis Army Days
    48    Elvis was a model soldier. He had to be. He knew what an    Elvis Army Days
    49    On June 10, 1958, while on leave after basic training, El   Elvis Army Days
    50    At the June 10, 1958 recording session in Nashville, Elvi   Elvis Army Days
    51    As the June 10, 1958 Nashville recording session progress   Elvis Army Days
    52    In November of 1958, Private Presley traveled with his un   Elvis Army Days
    54    Elvis in uniform was a real easy target. His fellow recru   Elvis Army Days
    55    Vernon Presley did not have an easy life. Money was scarc   Elvis Army Days
    56    Here's the man who could make millions of dollars with a    Elvis Army Days
    57    In August of 1959, a major announcement was brewing in th   Elvis Army Days
    58    Elvis loved cars -- lots of them. From his pink Cadillac    Elvis Army Days
    60    This is one fine photograph. The composition is superb. T   Elvis Army Days
    62    Taking a pay cut is never pleasant -- especially in show    Elvis Army Days
    63    As a civilian, he could have stayed in any suite in any h   Elvis Army Days
    65    Here's a great Elvis army story. In late '59, everyone co   Elvis Army Days
    66    All work and no play might have made Private Presley a du   Elvis Army Days
    67    When Elvis came back from Germany in March of 1960, ready   Elvis Army Days
    68    Elvis was at his self-reliant and self-sufficient best wh   Elvis Army Days
    70    General Patton gave many press conferences during his day   Elvis Army Days
    72    Back on his first leave from his Fort Hood, Texas army du   Elvis Army Days
    75    Elvis was officially discharged from U.S. Army active dut   Elvis Army Days
    76    If you can only see one Elvis Presley movie, make it Jail   Elvis Movies: Jailhouse Rock
    77    This is a color publicity still from Jailhouse Rock, Elvi   Elvis Movies: Jailhouse Rock
    78    Dig that crazy acting! In Jailhouse Rock, Elvis played Vi   Elvis Movies: Jailhouse Rock
    79    Elvis was fascinated with every aspect of filmmaking. In    Elvis Movies: Jailhouse Rock
    80    One of Elvis' favorite film roles was that of Vince Evere   Elvis Movies: Jailhouse Rock
    90    Speedway was Elvis Presley's 27th motion picture. It had    Elvis Movies: Speedway
    91    This is a scene from the final production number that wra   Elvis Movies: Speedway
    92    Early on in Speedway, Elvis is hanging out in a club call   Elvis Movies: Speedway
    93    The plot of Speedway revolves around Elvis' problems with   Elvis Movies: Speedway
    94    The rule of thumb in Hollywood is really quite simple. If   Elvis Movies: Speedway
   109    Spinout was Elvis' 22nd motion picture. There was a sneak   Elvis Movies: Spinout
   110    We know that Elvis loved cars. He loved to buy them. He l   Elvis Movies: Spinout
   111    Spinout marked Elvis' tenth anniversary in motion picture   Elvis Movies: Spinout
   112    Elvis movies were traditionally ignored by the Oscars, bu   Elvis Movies: Spinout
   113    So what's in a name? It is not unusual for a motion pictu   Elvis Movies: Spinout
   129    Harum Scarum was Elvis' 19th motion picture. It premiered   Elvis Movies: Harum Scarum
   130    In Harum Scarum, Elvis is cast in the mold of Rudolph Val   Elvis Movies: Harum Scarum
   131    The opening sequence of Harum Scarum is a film within the   Elvis Movies: Harum Scarum
   132    Knowing Elvis' passion for basic, good old American food,   Elvis Movies: Harum Scarum
   163    Immediately after his death in 1977, fans began writing h   Graceland Tour
   167    If rock 'n roll can be said to have an address, it would    Graceland Tour
   169    This is the inside foyer at Graceland, looking to the lef   Graceland Tour
   171    Here's the formal dining room at Graceland, where Elvis a   Graceland Tour
   172    This shot was taken from inside the dining room at Gracel   Graceland Tour
   173    You are looking through the living room on the main floor   Graceland Tour
   174    Here's the living room at Graceland, with the furnishings   Graceland Tour
   177    After Elvis moved into Graceland in the spring of 1957, o   Graceland Tour
   178    Here it is -- the infamous "TV Room" at Graceland, lookin   Graceland Tour
   182    Elvis Presley's Trophy Building at Graceland is a separat   Graceland Tour
   184    There was the great California Gold Rush in 1849, followe   Graceland Tour
   189    If Elvis had ever run for political office, he would have   Graceland Tour
   191    If it's movie memorabilia you want, it's movie memorabili   Graceland Tour
   192    There are so many treasures located in the Trophy Buildin   Graceland Tour
   193    For a while, during the concert years of the 70's, fans w   Graceland Tour
   195    As the Elvis Presley concert tour show of the 70's evolve   Graceland Tour
   200    Fans will recognize this outfit as the one worn by the Ki   Graceland Tour
   204    The most emotional stop on our Graceland tour is clearly    Graceland Tour
   205    Seen in the foreground is Elvis' favorite horse, a palomi   Graceland Tour
   207    Gladys Presley was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemet   Graceland Tour
   209    In April of 1975, Elvis purchased a Convair 880 airplane    Graceland Tour
   211    How would you like to climb aboard the "Lisa Marie" for a   Graceland Tour
   215    The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum is located on Elvis P   Graceland Tour
   217    Cars weren't Elvis' only passion. He also loved motorcycl   Graceland Tour
   221    Elvis loved to give away luxury automobiles. Friends, tru   Graceland Tour
   222    Because homes and businesses surround Graceland, Elvis ne   Graceland Tour
   228    Smack in the middle of the Elvis Presley Automobile Museu   Graceland Tour
   229    Elvis loved Stutz Blackhawk automobiles. They were custom   Graceland Tour
   230    This custom-painted pink Cadillac could very well be the    Graceland Tour
   237    Welcome to the gift shop in the Elvis Presley Automobile    Graceland Tour
   238    At the Mosque Theater in Richmond, Virginia this June nig   The Wertheimer Collection
   239    Elvis in an arena was electrifying. Elvis on a concert st   The Wertheimer Collection
   240    Following a rehearsal for his March 17, 1956 Stage Show a   The Wertheimer Collection
   242    It's the Warwick Hotel, not the Heartbreak, that Elvis st   The Wertheimer Collection
   243    One of the most important people in the career of Elvis P   The Wertheimer Collection
   245    The real beauty of Alfred Wertheimer's pictures is that t   The Wertheimer Collection
   247    Backstage at the Steve Allen Show, prior to Elvis' Sunday   The Wertheimer Collection
   249    Saturday, June 30, 1956. Railey's Appliance Center presen   The Wertheimer Collection
   250    By the time of his appearance on The Steve Allen Show on    The Wertheimer Collection
   251    Ena route back to Memphis after his Steve Allen Show appe   The Wertheimer Collection
   253    When Elvis finished his March 17, 1956 performance on Sta   The Wertheimer Collection
   254    Elvis isn't in this photo, but it's all about him. It was   The Wertheimer Collection
   256    While changing trains en route to Memphis, Elvis had an h   The Wertheimer Collection
   261    At the end of his RCA session in New York on July 2, 1956   The Wertheimer Collection
   263    Why is this man laughing? It could be because he was head   The Wertheimer Collection
   266    July 4, 1956. After a long train trip from New York, Elvi   The Wertheimer Collection
   269    Elvis' nationwide popularity was a direct result of the e   The Wertheimer Collection
   270    "Really, believe me, I'm Elvis Presley." Those are words    The Wertheimer Collection
   271    #1 songs are cultural landmarks. Once a favorite #1 song    The Wertheimer Collection
   273    The place: Elvis' home at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis.    The Wertheimer Collection
   275    July 4, 1956 was a time for fun at 1034 Audubon Drive in    The Wertheimer Collection
   276    Here's a peek at Elvis' room at his home at 1034 Audubon    The Wertheimer Collection
   277    One of the first photos Alfred Wertheimer ever took of yo   The Wertheimer Collection
   279    Is this a picture of Elvis Presley practicing the new han   The Wertheimer Collection
   281    Can you guess what Elvis is doing in this picture? Accord   The Wertheimer Collection
   283    When Alfred Wertheimer was hired by RCA to photograph the   The Wertheimer Collection
   284    The session that Alfred Wertheimer photographed on July 2   The Wertheimer Collection
   287    Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and...Elvis? That's rig   The Wertheimer Collection
   290    During the time that Alfred Wertheimer photographed Elvis   The Wertheimer Collection
   292    With success came luxuries for the poor boy from Tupelo.    The Wertheimer Collection
   295    Here's Tumbleweed Presley in the "Range Roundup" sketch o   The Wertheimer Collection
   302    Everybody knows the formal portrait of Elvis and Presiden   Elvis with Personalities
   305    In the 1950's, you couldn't find two bigger personalities   Elvis with Personalities
   312    On December 21, 1970, Elvis showed up unannounced at the    Elvis with Personalities
   316    Gladys Love Smith married Vernon Elvis Presley on June 17   Elvis Personal Life
   318    On January 8, 1935, Elvis was born in this "shotgun shack   Elvis Personal Life
   327    On September 27, 1957, Elvis made a return visit to his h   Elvis Personal Life
   334    Elvis' favorite sport, as a spectator or participant, was   Elvis Personal Life
   336    Even something as relatively easy as riding the bumper ca   Elvis Personal Life
   338    On August 12, 1958, Elvis was granted an emergency leave    Elvis Personal Life
   346    "I like the business I'm in. I like to entertain people.    Elvis Portraits
   350    "...I came out on stage and I was scared stiff. My first    Elvis Portraits
   352    When Elvis was asked if the other soldiers gave him a rou   Elvis Portraits
   355    "I have people say to me all the time, why don't you do a   Elvis Portraits
   358    "You see, country music was always a part of the influenc   Elvis Portraits
   363    In Spinout, Elvis' character Mike McCoy charms Bernard an   Elvis Wheels
   365    Sometimes Elvis' movies imitated his life. In the Santa F   Elvis Wheels
   368    To many people, Elvis Presley represented the American dr   Elvis Wheels
   370    As Elvis' career was soaring to new heights in the mid-50   Elvis Wheels
   372    As you can see, not all of Elvis' wheels were big wheels.   Elvis Wheels
   375    Elvis was used to the excitement of live performances, bu   Elvis Wheels
   379    In the opening of Elvis Presley's '68 television special,   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   381    The centerpiece of Elvis' '68 television special was an i   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   382    The climax of the comeback special was completely mesmeri   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   385    In another nod to his fabled past, Elvis is seen in one s   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   386    Elvis never strayed too far from his blues and gospel roo   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   388    In one dazzling piece of TV magic during the '68 special,   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   391    This is a scene from one of the big production numbers on   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   396    Elvis worked hard on his '68 special, perhaps harder than   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   397    In the longest production number of the '68 special, Elvi   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   398    Elvis rehearsed, rehearsed, and then rehearsed some more    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   401    In January of 1968, Colonel Tom Parker announced that Elv   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   403    The heart of the '68 special had always been the live per   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   404    During the "in concert" portion of Elvis' '68 special, he   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   405    In the key sequence of his '68 television special, the Ki   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   410    Take a good look at the picture on the front of this card   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
   425    Here is the King clad in a studded jumpsuit complete with   Elvis S.R.O.
   428    Elvis on stage was more than a concert, more than a perfo   Elvis S.R.O.
   432    Elvis set attendance records across the U.S. -- many of w   Elvis S.R.O.
   437    Elvis' early 70's concerts were often as notable for what   Elvis S.R.O.
   438    Here is Elvis in his "American Eagle" jumpsuit. From the    Elvis S.R.O.
   441    Another stunning testament to Elvis' popularity came in t   Elvis S.R.O.
   443    Elvis truly cared about every Las Vegas appearance. Each    Elvis in Vegas
   445    Elvis first appeared at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Veg   Elvis in Vegas
   447    The name on the guitar says Elvis Presley, but he was bil   Elvis in Vegas
   449    Elvis never was one to tell a string of jokes during his    Elvis in Vegas
   452    When Elvis stepped out from behind the curtain to perform   Elvis in Vegas
   454    An inscription at the Las Vegas Hilton reads: "Memories o   Elvis in Vegas
   457    Here's Elvis at a late 1972 press conference in the Las V   Elvis Aloha Special
   460    The first song Elvis performs in the Aloha from Hawaii sp   Elvis Aloha Special
   464    Elvis does it all on the Aloha from Hawaii special. There   Elvis Aloha Special
   467    Elvis' '68 Comeback Special centered around pared down pe   Elvis Aloha Special
   471    You could call this photo from the Aloha from Hawail spec   Elvis Aloha Special
   472    Elvis became interested in the martial arts while station
   473    Early in his career, Elvis took off for some rest and rel
   475    Make way for the King! Getting to or away from a performa
   476    "His Master's Voice" Nipper the dog, cocking his ear and
   478    Here's young Elvis, posing in a manner that suggests the
   480    This is the famous gold lamé tuxedo that Colonel Parker o
   483    Hot on the heels of his debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in
   484    Elvis relaxed wherever, whenever and however he could. He
   492    This is a photograph from one of the two recording sessio
   495    Many people have heroes that they try to be like. Just th
   498    Elvis loved to fool around in the studio. It was a great
   503    On March 14 and 15, 1956, Elvis appeared for three live s
   511    While on a two-week furlough from the U.S. Army in June o
   514    Elvis never abandoned his deeply felt musical roots. His
   520    On February 21, 1956, Elvis appeared at the Florida Theat
   521    Here's Elvis warming up with The Jordanaires, prior to a
   523    Despite the fact that Elvis was an international star, wi
   525    Of the thousands of live shows and concerts Elvis did dur
   528    This is Elvis in the studio during the recording session
   530    How fitting that Elvis has been honored with his own U.S.
   533    Elvis received countless awards during his long and disti
   538    During the filming of his 1966 movie, Easy Come, Easy Go,
   552    Elvis had a very special relationship with our 50th state
   553    In December of 1960, an editorial in the Los Angeles Hera
   554    Elvis was a true hero in the state of Hawaii. On March 25
   555    Here is Elvis sitting on the edge of the stage at his 196
   556    The convert that Elvis gave in Block Arena near Pearl Har
   557    Colonel Parker's inspiration to have Elvis do a benefit c
   571    Here's Elvis at the keyboard, rehearsing for one of his E
   574    Elvis always made time for his legions of fans. Here we s
   578    Elvis' love affair with Hawaii began before it even becam
   586    Here is Elvis relaxing in the Presley family home at 1034
   590    The date: June 9, 1972 - The time: 4:00 p.m. - The place:
   592    The funniest moment at Elvis' New York City press confere
   596    When Elvis' army days were finally behind him, it was tim
   598    Governor Buford Ellington of Tennessee declared February
   599    On November 20, 1955, Elvis signed his historic recording
   603    Stars depend on their fans, and vice versa. It is, after
   607    Elvis' talent and charisma were like fan magnets. It was
   608    On Tuesday, March 8, 1960, three days after his discharge
   609    Here is Elvis at the beginning of his career with a lifel
   613    In February of 1970, Elvis flew to Houston, Texas for a s
   617    We have become used to the frenzy and hysteria that accom
   620    In March of 1960, Elvis finally came home to Graceland af
   624    Every recording star is helped at the beginning of his or
   627    This is a true case of life imitating art -- The Jordanai
   631    The controversy surrounding Elvis in the early days was v
   644    So you think Michael Jackson is the only music superstar
   657    As soon as Elvis started making big money, he begain givi

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Top Ten Hits Cards (Dufex, 1:36 packs)

 1 of 40  Are You Lonesome Tonight
 3 of 40  Can't Help Falling in Love
 5 of 40  Love Me Tender
 8 of 40  Heartbreak Hotel
11 of 40  Little Sister
16 of 40  I Need Your Love Tonight
17 of 40  It's Now or Never
23 of 40  Too Much
27 of 40  (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
32 of 40  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
34 of 40  All Shook Up
38 of 40  Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

Limited Edition Gold & Platinum Records (1:Jumbo Pack)
  This same list is repeated in the Elvis Series 2 checklist.

    No.    Title - Issue Date - Status

 1 of 50   Elvis Presley - October, 1956 - Gold
 2 of 50   Elvis - October, 1956 - Gold
 3 of 50   Loving You - July, 1957 - Gold
 4 of 50   Elvis, NBC TV Special - Noveber, 1968 - Gold
 5 of 50   Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4 - February, 1968 - Gold
 6 of 50   From Elvis in Memphis - June, 1969 - Gold
 7 of 50   On Stage, February 1970 - June, 1970 - Gold
 8 of 50   Elvis, That's the Way It Is - Decenber, 1970 - Gold
 9 of 50   You'll Never Walk Alone - March, 1971 - Gold
10 of 50   Elvis Sings Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Vol. 2 - November, 1972 - Gold
11 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 1 - January, 1974 - Gold
12 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 2 - January, 1976 - Gold
13 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 3 - December, 1978 - Gold
14 of 50   Memories of Christmas - August, 1982 - Gold
15 of 50   The Number One Hits - June, 1987 - Gold
16 of 50   Elvis' Christmas Album - November, 1957 - Double Platinum
17 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 1 - April, 1958 - Quintuple Platinum
18 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 2 - December, 1959 - Platinum
19 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3 - September, 1963 - Platinum
20 of 50   Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits - August, 1970 - Platinum
21 of 50   Elvis' Christmas Album - November, 1970 - Platinum
22 of 50   Pure Gold - June, 1975 - Double Platinum
23 of 50   Moody Blue - July, 1977 - Double Platinum
24 of 50   Heartbreak Hotel & I Was the One - January, 1956 - Platinum
25 of 50   I Want You, I Need You, I Love You & My Baby Left Me - May, 1956 - Platinum
26 of 50   Hound Dog & Don't Be Cruel - October, 1956 - Triple Platinum
27 of 50   Love Me Tender & Any Way You Want Me - October, 1956 - Double Platinum
28 of 50   Too Much & Playing for Keeps - January, 1957 - Platinum
29 of 50   All Shook Up & That's When Your Heartaches Begin - March, 1957 - Double Platinum
30 of 50   Teddy Bear & Loving You - June, 1957 - Platinum
31 of 50   Jailhouse Rock & Treat Me Nice - September, 1957 - Double Platinum
32 of 50   Wear My Ring Around Your Neck & Doncha' Think It's Time - April, 1958 - Platinum
33 of 50   Hard Headed Woman & Don't Ask Me Why - June, 1958 - Platinum
34 of 50   Stuck On You & Fame and Fortune - March, 1960 - Platinum
35 of 50   Can't Help Falling In Love & Rock-a-Hula Baby - December, 1961 - Platinum
36 of 50   Return to Sender & Where Do You Come From - October, 1962 - Platinum
37 of 50   Big Hunk o' Love & My Wish Came True - July, 1959 - Gold
38 of 50   Surrender & Lonely Man - February, 1961 - Gold
39 of 50   (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame & Little Sister - August, 1961 - Gold
40 of 50   She's Not You & Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - July, 1962 - Gold
41 of 50   (You're the) Devil in Disguise & Please Don't Drag That String Around - June, 1963 - Gold
42 of 50   Kissin' Cousins & It Hurts Me - January, 1964 - Gold
43 of 50   Viva Las Vegas & What'd I Say - April, 1964 - Gold
44 of 50   Ain't That Loving You, Baby & Ask Me - September, 1964 - Gold
45 of 50   I'm Yours & Long Lonely Highway - August, 1965 - Gold
46 of 50   Blue Christmas & Santa Claus is Back in Town - November, 1957 - Gold
47 of 50   Frankie And Johnny & Please Don't Stop Loving Me - March, 1966 - Gold
48 of 50   If I Can Dream & Edge of Reality - November, 1968 - Gold
49 of 50   You Don't Have to Say You Love Me & Patch It Up - October, 1970 - Gold
50 of 50   My Way & America - November, 1977 - Gold

Wrapper Mail-In Offers

          The Elvis Collection Checklist
          The Quotable Elvis (25-card Set)
          Elvis' Greatest Platinum and Gold Recordings (50-card set, no gold foil)
          The Elvis Collection Album

Card Album

  --       (binder)

Factory set (All 3 series, 660 cards + 1 gold-foil card)

  --       The Elvis Collection (purple box with silhouette and signature)

Tribute Box (issued 1993)
  The following cards are repeated in the Series 2 and Series 3 checklists.

  --       (six Series 1 packs)
  --       (seven Series 2 packs)
  --       (seven Series 3 packs)
  --       First Day Cover
  --       (one 5"x7" Elvis the King card)

Elvis The King (5" x 7"; non-foil; 1 per Tribute Box)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

Elvis The King Boxed Set (5" x 7"; foil; sold separately)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

PROMO CARDS (All 3 Series)

  1/10   Army Days
  2/10   #1 Hits
  3/10   '68 Comeback Special
  4/10   Movies
  5/10   Wheels
  6/10   #1 Hits
  7/10   '68 Comeback Special
  8/10   Graceland Tour
  9/10   Army Days
 10/10   Movies

    --    (4-up panel, 4/10, 7/10, 1/10, and 2/10)
    --    (4-up panel, 3/10, 8/10, 6/10, and 5/10)
    --    (Dufex promos, blank back)

    --     (dealer window sticker)
    --    Series One (poster, approximately 33" x 22")

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