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The Elvis Collection - Series Two
The River Group - 1992

Notes:  The three series of the 1992 River Group Elvis Collection together form
a 660-card set, but each of the three series is skip-numbered within the 1-to-660
range.  Relatively fewer copies of the third series were distributed, making that
set the difficult part of collecting all 660 or the "Top Ten Hits" inserts. The first
two series were also distributed together in Jumbo packs. Thanks to Ray Tucker
and Donald Green for the Top-Ten-Hits and Gold/ Platinum Records titles and
to Steve Kitsberg, Dave Christensen, and Anders Johan Pedersen for updates!

Regular Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.97 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 24 packs of 12 Series 1 + 12 Series 2 + 1 Gold & Platinum
Records card.
Common sets from Jumbo: approx. 1.30.

    No.    Card Text                                                  Subset

      3    It's 1954. Elvis and the then-called "Blue Moon Boys" (Sc  Elvis Early Days
      6    Here's the boy who would be King. Though no more than fou  Elvis Early Days
      8    Like many poor boys growing up in the south, Elvis saw gr  Elvis Early Days
     10    Back in 1955, it was still possible for fun-lovin' Elvis   Elvis Early Days
     15    On June 2, 1953, the graduating class of Humes High Schoo  Elvis Early Days
     18    Here's Elvis on an early date in 1947. Though he didn't y  Elvis Early Days
     22    Here's the Herald yearbook photo of the star of the Humes  Elvis Early Days
     32    On March 3, 1960, at his final army press conference befo  Elvis Army Days
     35    By 1958, being interviewed and receiving awards were noth  Elvis Army Days
     36    Some things never change. Every family with a boy in the   Elvis Army Days
     40    When Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977, this is one of  Elvis Army Days
     44    After his mother's untimely death in August of 1958, Elvi  Elvis Army Days
     46    Elvis clearly had the option of serving his army time in   Elvis Army Days
     47    Elvis had something in common with many of his fans. He w  Elvis Army Days
     73    The legend has always been that Colonel parker carefully   Elvis Army Days
     74    Let's call this one Presley's Back. At the end of his two  Elvis Army Days
     81    Near the end of Girl Happy, Elvis' character Rusty Wells   Elvis Movies: Girl Happy
     82    Girl Happy was Elvis' 17th film, and the first of three i  Elvis Movies: Girl Happy
     83    To be sure, Elvis was the main attraction in Girl Happy.   Elvis Movies: Girl Happy
     84    One of three Elvis movies released in 1965, Girl Happy is  Elvis Movies: Girl Happy
     85    In Girl Happy, Elvis pretty much strums his way from Chic  Elvis Movies: Girl Happy
     86    Live a Little, Love a Little was based on the novel Kiss   Elvis Movies: Live a Little, Love a Little
     87    The folks who came up with the movie poster slogans did s  Elvis Movies: Live a Little, Love a Little
     88    Live a Little, Love a Little was Elvis' 28th film. Elvis   Elvis Movies: Live a Little, Love a Little
     89    Elvis frequently turned his famly and friends into actors  Elvis Movies: Live a Little, Love a Little
    104    Stay Away, Joe was Elvis' 26th film, released less than f  Elvis Movies: Stay Away, Joe
    105    Stay Away, Joe was based on Dan Cushman's novel of the sa  Elvis Movies: Stay Away, Joe
    106    During his movie career, Elvis sang to some of Hollywood'  Elvis Movies: Stay Away, Joe
    107    Here's Elvis as Joe Lightcloud in Stay Away, Joe. He's ri  Elvis Movies: Stay Away, Joe
    108    Most of Elvis' films were shot in the comfort of Hollywoo  Elvis Movies: Stay Away, Joe
    114    The Trouble with Girls (And How to Get Into It) was Elvis  Elvis Movies: The Trouble with Girls
    115    Elvis' role as Walter Hale, the manager of a touring show  Elvis Movies: The Trouble with Girls
    116    The Trouble with Girls (And How to Get Into It) was Elvis  Elvis Movies: The Trouble with Girls
    117    In The Trouble with Girls (And How to Get Into It), the h  Elvis Movies: The Trouble with Girls
    118    Elvis was an avid football fan and frequent player. So he  Elvis Movies: The Trouble with Girls
    133    In the mid-50's, comedian Steve Allen was engaged in a fi  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    135    History is fascinating. Two people involved in the same i  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    137    "Well, you know, a couple of weeks ago on the Milton Berl  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    140    In 1956, after filming Love Me Tender, Elvis returned to   Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    141    Veteran showman Ed Sullivan had vowed never to have Elvis  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    146    Whenever Elvis stared into the lens of a television camer  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    152    Elvis and television. Television and Elvis. The two were   Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    153    All eyes are on Elvis (and many are on the CBS curtains b  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    154    Elvis was on a roll and the Colonel knew it. He had signe  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    156    The September 8-14 cover story of TV Guide promised "The   Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    158    When Elvis made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan S  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    159    "Ladies and gentlemen, in as much as he goes to the coast  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    160    When this photo was taken on March 17, 1956, Elvis had al  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    161    Elvis made his fifth appearance on Stage Show on March 17  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    162    Rock 'n roll was the natural enemy of Big Band music. One  Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    170    Walk into any home and you're likely to find a photo disp  Graceland Tour
    175    This stunning portrait of Vernon Elvis Presley hangs in t  Graceland Tour
    176    As you tour the living room at Graceland, you'll find man  Graceland Tour
    179    You're looking at one of the wildest corners in Graceland  Graceland Tour
    183    When you visit the Trophy Building at Graceland, you'll p  Graceland Tour
    185    Guns, Elvis loved them. Elvis collected them. And Elvis o  Graceland Tour
    190    This Trophy Building display case contains the original c  Graceland Tour
    197    Here are some of Elvis' posthumous awards, on display in   Graceland Tour
    198    Althought it was one of his heaviest outfits, Elvis did s  Graceland Tour
    199    Bill Belew designed this cape for Elvis to wear with his   Graceland Tour
    201    You're looking at Elvis' favorite saddle, handmade by his  Graceland Tour
    202    One of the fans' favorite costumes was Elvis' Chinese Dra  Graceland Tour
    203    On display in the Trophy Building at Graceland is the bel  Graceland Tour
    208    Welcome to the lounge area of the Racquetball Building be  Graceland Tour
    212    "Plan the tour!" "Release the album!" "Make the film!" Wh  Graceland Tour
    213    People who traveled with the King traveled in style. As y  Graceland Tour
    214    Here's a peek at Elvis' bedroom aboard the Lisa Marie. Gr  Graceland Tour
    218    Here's Elvis' 1975 Dino Ferrari 308 GT4 Coupe. He bought   Graceland Tour
    219    This 1960 Willys Jeep proves Elvis drove both a great veh  Graceland Tour
    220    This is Elvis' 1971 Stutz Blackhawk, made in Torino, Ital  Graceland Tour
    241    Many of Alfred Wertheimer's photos have become classics.   The Wertheimer Collection
    244    Ah, the power of television! By the time Elvis made his f  The Wertheimer Collection
    246    When Elvis Presley arrived in Richmond for his shows at t  The Wertheimer Collection
    248    On the train ride to Memphis in early July of 1956, Elvis  The Wertheimer Collection
    252    Let's get right to the point. In 1956, no one took better  The Wertheimer Collection
    255    Elvis loved the piano almost as much as he loved the guit  The Wertheimer Collection
    259    Playing for the home crowd is always a special thrill. Th  The Wertheimer Collection
    262    This is a photo of a photo from Elvis' family photo album  The Wertheimer Collection
    265    Elvis took fan magazines very seriously. Back in 1956, wh  The Wertheimer Collection
    272    After a nap at the Warwick Hotel on March 17, 1956, Elvis  The Wertheimer Collection
    278    On the trip back to Memphis after performing on The Steve  The Wertheimer Collection
    280    On June 30, 1956, Elvis checked into the Hotel Jefferson   The Wertheimer Collection
    282    On Saturday, June 30, 1956, Elvis did two grueling perfor  The Wertheimer Collection
    286    Somehow, it's an image we all associate with a particular  The Wertheimer Collection
    298    Comedian Norm Crosby is famed for his malapropisms. His m  Elvis with Personalities
    299    On December 5, 1956, Carl Perkins was doing some recordin  Elvis with Personalities
    300    Elvis and Brenda Lee had a warm professional friendship f  Elvis with Personalities
    303    If you are a fan of early rock 'n roll who lived it, or i  Elvis with Personalities
    304    1971. The King of Rock 'n Roll meets the King of Sausage.  Elvis with Personalities
    307    Two sons of Sun Records embrace backstage at an Grand Ole  Elvis with Personalities
    311    It's a mutual admiration society as Elvis and Bobby Darin  Elvis with Personalities
    314    Elvis poses with good friend Nick Adams on the set of Fol  Elvis with Personalities
    315    Elvis poses with Jackie Wilson, one of his favorite perfo  Elvis with Personalities
    320    Thrills. Chills. And heights he'd never seen as the King   Elvis Personal Life
    322    When Elvis first started coming into money, he generously  Elvis Personal Life
    325    You hear a lot of talk these days about family values. We  Elvis Personal Life
    328    Here's Elvis shakin' a cue stick, rattlin' the balls, and  Elvis Personal Life
    329    Family man Elvis Presley spends some precious time with h  Elvis Personal Life
    331    Like a proud father holding his first baby, Elvis strikes  Elvis Personal Life
    332    As Elvis' popularity grew, he was away from home more and  Elvis Personal Life
    333    Elvis and Vernon share a moment on the set of Stay Away,   Elvis Personal Life
    337    Guns were a passion of Elvis' throughout his life. Here h  Elvis Personal Life
    339    Here's Elvis in the music room at Graceland, playing a fe  Elvis Personal Life
    340    Although he wasn't an avid swimmer, Elvis occasionally sp  Elvis Personal Life
    341    In recognition of his "constructive portrayal of a man of  Elvis Personal Life
    342    Cars were very important to Elvis. His fans knew that abo  Elvis Personal Life
    345    In 1960, RCA presented Elvis with an award to commemorate  Elvis Personal Life
    351    When Elvis Presley took the stage, he sent an electrical   Elvis Portraits
    353    Question to Elvis: When you hear rock 'n roll, does it ge  Elvis Portraits
    356    "I've known tragedy, losing my mother while I was in the   Elvis Portraits
    359    "I suppose you know I've got a lot of cards. People have   Elvis Portraits
    360    "You only pass through this life once. You don't come bac  Elvis Portraits
    361    Behind a six-string guitar... or behind the wheel of an e  Elvis Wheels
    362    It is the embodiment of the American dream: the journey f  Elvis Wheels
    366    In 1962, while in Seattle to film It Happened at the Worl  Elvis Wheels
    369    When the boulevard you're driving bears your name, and yo  Elvis Wheels
    376    It's certainly not your father's Oldsmobile! This custom   Elvis Wheels
    377    Elvis drove golf carts around Graceland (and on at least   Elvis Wheels
    380    You could not have asked for a more powerful climax to th  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    384    This is a scene from the comeback special that was consid  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    392    In one of the funniest moments on his '68 special, Elvis   Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    399    "Rock 'n roll music is basically gospel or rhythm and blu  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    406    From the moment he stared into the cameras and half-spoke  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    407    The best idea for the '68 special came from producer Stev  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    409    During the closing credits of the '68 special, Elvis is s  Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    411    In the early days, Elvis played every inch of his Memphis  Elvis S.R.O.
    414    Elvis was a natural performer right from the beginning. W  Elvis S.R.O.
    416    When Elvis came home to Tupelo in September of 1956, "Hou  Elvis S.R.O.
    419    Here's the King shaking things up on Elvis Presley Day in  Elvis S.R.O.
    421    Whenever fans attended an Elvis concert, there were screa  Elvis S.R.O.
    422    Whether you sat in the front row or back; whether you saw  Elvis S.R.O.
    423    Quick, name a 22-year old who was able to earn upwards of  Elvis S.R.O.
    424    How do you celebrate a bit hit record? If you're Elvis Pr  Elvis S.R.O.
    427    In 1957, in conjunction with the release of the film Jail  Elvis S.R.O.
    429    Elvis owned the pop charts in 1956. His four #1 singles s  Elvis S.R.O.
    431    Whenever ticket sales were announced for a 70's Elvis con  Elvis S.R.O.
    434    Elvis Presley's multi-city tours depended on many people   Elvis S.R.O.
    436    1973 was a busy year on the road for the King of Rock 'n   Elvis S.R.O.
    440    When Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977, he was about t  Elvis S.R.O.
    442    "The greatest guitar player anywhere." That's how Elvis f  Elvis in Vegas
    444    Elvis hadn't performed live in eight years. And he hadn't  Elvis in Vegas
    446    Las Vegas is a town that never stops celebrating. But whe  Elvis in Vegas
    450    In the early hours of February 19, 1973, Elvis was center  Elvis in Vegas
    459    In whichever country you watched the concert seen 'round   Elvis Aloha Special
    462    Elvis was very proud of his charitable work. Near the end  Elvis Aloha Special
    465    On Tuesday, January 9, 1973, Elvis flew to hawaii from Lo  Elvis Aloha Special
    468    Elvis put in an exhausting schedule for the Aloha from Ha  Elvis Aloha Special
    470    When Elvis took the stage for the Aloha from Hawaii speci  Elvis Aloha Special
    474    The King happily greets fans and press during the making
    477    These 12 letters say it all: Elvis Presley
    479    Elvis takes a break during the filming of Flaming Star, h
    482    Ninety-nine concert performances. Six radio shows. Fourte
    489    Tampa, 1956. The King has just gotten his hands on a new
    491    Today, this shot is undoubtedly page one in the photo alb
    496    A man arrives in town via Cadillac limousine. He dones a
    497    It's safe to say that Elvis had the most loyal and enthus
    499    The King arises! Here's Colonel Parker's right-hand man,
    501    It was one of the greatest partnerships in rock 'n roll h
    502    From early childhood until the day he died, Elvis loved l
    505    Here's Elvis caught in the act. When you're Elvis Presley
    508    What his fans thought he'd do with a floral guitar we'll
    512    What's it like to be in the eye of a hurricane? The look
    515    Getting an Elvis Presley autograph was certainly a valuab
    516    From the first days of fan frenzy to the final tour in 19
    518    Here's Elvis getting a maintenance trim. It brings to min
    524    Look at this picture and try to guess one of Elvis' favor
    527    Elvis and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace share a triumphant mom
    531    Don't mess with the King! After developing an interest in
    534    Elvis was a good sport, and a good sportsman. He rode hor
    535    Call this shot "you ain't nothin' but a hound dog." Here'
    537    Spotlight on Elvis! Here he relaxes on the set of Loving
    540    Gates and walls and fences are funny things. They keep pe
    542    Elvis kneels alongside the man he called "Master Rhee." K
    544    Talk about the people's candidate! Fans everywhere demand
    545    On television and in movies, Elvis was mesmerizing. In co
    549    'Twas a singer whose suede shoes were blue The greatest r
    558    In March of 1957, Elvis' fame was such that he could no l
    559    This photo was taken in the backyard of the Presley house
    562    Elvis was known as a man of hits. But one particular hit
    563    It was one of his dreamier and most popular publicity pho
    564    Elvis was a man who gave. To his fans, he gave a special
    567    Call him the Dr. Doolittle of rock 'n roll. All throughou
    568    When it came to making records or performing in concert,
    572    We live in a time when pop stars routinely command millio
    576    The Presley family moved to 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis
    580    To say that Elvis was a man of diverse interests is an un
    582    Have Guitar, Will Travel could easily be the caption on t
    584    Whenever Elvis drove through the gates at Graceland, ther
    587    Simply stated, Elvis influenced every aspect of popular t
    591    February 25, 1961 -- a very full day in the life of the K
    593    The community of Bel Air is one of the most exclusive in
    597    When Elvis went in Florida in 1961 to film Follow That Dr
    600    Rebel or laborer becomes rock 'n roller. That was the plo
    601    Here's Elvis in a candid moment during a 1971 tour. Happi
    604    The music industry lays claim to many famous streets. The
    610    1957. The King wears his $10,000 gold lamé suit for the f
    612    On March 21, 1960, Elvis recorded "Stuck on You"/"Fame an
    614    He reigned as the King of Rock 'n Roll all over the world
    615    Mitch Miller was a major force in popular music during th
    618    Sometime in early 1956, Elvis gave a radio interview in T
    619    The life of a music superstar is a life on the road. Here
    622    Clothes were always very important to Elvis; he used his
    626    Elvis could earn a million dollars anywhere he worked. An
    628    Here's Elvis on the set of his 1961 motion picture Wild i
    630    And the bears just kept on coming! Elvis received them by
    633    Here's Elvis seeing eye-to-eye with Pam Ogles, his three-
    636    Even for New York City, it was an amazing sight. A 50-foo
    640    In 1956, not long after Elvis became an RCA recording art
    641    In April of 1960, Elvis went west to make G.I. Blues, his
    643    Induction day. Elvis showed up in a jacket he'd worn on T
    646    On the Paramount lot during the filming of Loving You in
    647    Fan magazines have printed thousands of stories, and no d
    649    Being the greatest entertainer in music history had many
    652    What's this? The King checking out the competition? Not r
    653    Throughout his life, Elvis accumulated a number of nickna
    655    Picking a pitchman for an ad campaign is tricky business.
    656    It was one of the most whirlwind projects in recording hi
    658    Elvis fans were a devoted group in 1957. They bought reco
    659    Right from the start of his career, Elvis had an almost u
    660    When Elvis was on tour, security was a top priority. So c

"Special Offer" Pack Inserts

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           Order the First Day Cover/Commemorative Medallion Set!
           Order This Limited Edition Elvis Watch! (red band at top)


Top Ten Hits Cards (Dufex, 1:18 packs)

 2 of 40   (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
 6 of 40   Don't Be Cruel
 7 of 40   Jailhouse Rock
12 of 40   Crying in the Chapel
13 of 40   Surrender
15 of 40   I Beg of You
18 of 40   Good Luck Charm
20 of 40   Don't
24 of 40   Suspicious Minds
25 of 40   In the Ghetto
28 of 40   Hard Headed Woman
29 of 40   Don't Cry Daddy
33 of 40   Stuck on You
35 of 40   (You're the) Devil in Disguise
37 of 40   Return to Sender
39 of 40   She's Not You

Limited Edition Gold & Platinum Records (1:Jumbo Pack)
  This same list is repeated in the Elvis Series 1 checklist.

    No.    Title - Issue Date - Status

 1 of 50   Elvis Presley - October, 1956 - Gold
 2 of 50   Elvis - October, 1956 - Gold
 3 of 50   Loving You - July, 1957 - Gold
 4 of 50   Elvis, NBC TV Special - Noveber, 1968 - Gold
 5 of 50   Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4 - February, 1968 - Gold
 6 of 50   From Elvis in Memphis - June, 1969 - Gold
 7 of 50   On Stage, February 1970 - June, 1970 - Gold
 8 of 50   Elvis, That's the Way It Is - Decenber, 1970 - Gold
 9 of 50   You'll Never Walk Alone - March, 1971 - Gold
10 of 50   Elvis Sings Burning Love and Hits From His Movies, Vol. 2 - November, 1972 - Gold
11 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 1 - January, 1974 - Gold
12 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 2 - January, 1976 - Gold
13 of 50   Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 3 - December, 1978 - Gold
14 of 50   Memories of Christmas - August, 1982 - Gold
15 of 50   The Number One Hits - June, 1987 - Gold
16 of 50   Elvis' Christmas Album - November, 1957 - Double Platinum
17 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 1 - April, 1958 - Quintuple Platinum
18 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 2 - December, 1959 - Platinum
19 of 50   Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3 - September, 1963 - Platinum
20 of 50   Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits - August, 1970 - Platinum
21 of 50   Elvis' Christmas Album - November, 1970 - Platinum
22 of 50   Pure Gold - June, 1975 - Double Platinum
23 of 50   Moody Blue - July, 1977 - Double Platinum
24 of 50   Heartbreak Hotel & I Was the One - January, 1956 - Platinum
25 of 50   I Want You, I Need You, I Love You & My Baby Left Me - May, 1956 - Platinum
26 of 50   Hound Dog & Don't Be Cruel - October, 1956 - Triple Platinum
27 of 50   Love Me Tender & Any Way You Want Me - October, 1956 - Double Platinum
28 of 50   Too Much & Playing for Keeps - January, 1957 - Platinum
29 of 50   All Shook Up & That's When Your Heartaches Begin - March, 1957 - Double Platinum
30 of 50   Teddy Bear & Loving You - June, 1957 - Platinum
31 of 50   Jailhouse Rock & Treat Me Nice - September, 1957 - Double Platinum
32 of 50   Wear My Ring Around Your Neck & Doncha' Think It's Time - April, 1958 - Platinum
33 of 50   Hard Headed Woman & Don't Ask Me Why - June, 1958 - Platinum
34 of 50   Stuck On You & Fame and Fortune - March, 1960 - Platinum
35 of 50   Can't Help Falling In Love & Rock-a-Hula Baby - December, 1961 - Platinum
36 of 50   Return to Sender & Where Do You Come From - October, 1962 - Platinum
37 of 50   Big Hunk o' Love & My Wish Came True - July, 1959 - Gold
38 of 50   Surrender & Lonely Man - February, 1961 - Gold
39 of 50   (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame & Little Sister - August, 1961 - Gold
40 of 50   She's Not You & Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - July, 1962 - Gold
41 of 50   (You're the) Devil in Disguise & Please Don't Drag That String Around - June, 1963 - Gold
42 of 50   Kissin' Cousins & It Hurts Me - January, 1964 - Gold
43 of 50   Viva Las Vegas & What'd I Say - April, 1964 - Gold
44 of 50   Ain't That Loving You, Baby & Ask Me - September, 1964 - Gold
45 of 50   I'm Yours & Long Lonely Highway - August, 1965 - Gold
46 of 50   Blue Christmas & Santa Claus is Back in Town - November, 1957 - Gold
47 of 50   Frankie And Johnny & Please Don't Stop Loving Me - March, 1966 - Gold
48 of 50   If I Can Dream & Edge of Reality - November, 1968 - Gold
49 of 50   You Don't Have to Say You Love Me & Patch It Up - October, 1970 - Gold
50 of 50   My Way & America - November, 1977 - Gold

Wrapper Mail-In Offers

           The Elvis Collection Checklist
           The Quotable Elvis (25-card Set)
           Elvis' Greatest Platinum and Gold Recordings (50-card set, no gold foil)
           Elvis 5" x 7" Postcard Set (25-card Set)
           The Elvis Collection Album

Uncut Dufex Sheet

  --       (48-card panel, 3 sets of Series 2 Dufex)

Card Album

  --       (binder)

Factory set (All 3 series, 660 cards + 1 gold-foil card)

  --       The Elvis Collection (purple box with silhouette and signature)

Tribute Box (issued 1993)
  The following cards are repeated in the Series 1 and Series 3 checklists.

  --       (six Series 1 packs)
  --       (seven Series 2 packs)
  --       (seven Series 3 packs)
  --       First Day Cover
  --       (one 5"x7" Elvis the King card)

Elvis The King (5" x 7"; non-foil; 1 per Tribute Box)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

Elvis The King Boxed Set (5" x 7"; foil; sold separately)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

PROMO CARDS (All 3 Series)

  1/10   Army Days
  2/10   #1 Hits
  3/10   '68 Comeback Special
  4/10   Movies
  5/10   Wheels
  6/10   #1 Hits
  7/10   '68 Comeback Special
  8/10   Graceland Tour
  9/10   Army Days
 10/10   Movies

    --     (4-up panel, 4/10, 7/10, 1/10, and 2/10)
    --     (4-up panel, 3/10, 8/10, 6/10, and 5/10)
    --     (Dufex promos, blank back)

    --     (dealer window sticker)
    --     All New Series Two (poster, approximately 22" x 33")

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