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The Elvis Collection - Series Three
The River Group - 1992

Notes:  The three series of the 1992 River Group Elvis Collection together form a 660-card 
set, but each of the three series is skip-numbered within the 1-to-660 range.  Relatively 
fewer copies of the third series were distributed, making that set the difficult part of 
collecting all 660 or the "Top Ten Hits" inserts. Extreme thanks to Ray Tucker for the 
original list, and to Steve Kitsberg, Dave Christensen, Keith Nicholson, and Anders 
Johan Pedersen for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.97 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Card Text                                                    Subset

      7    On elvis' 11th birthday, his mother Gladys brought him to    Elvis Early Days
      9    Here's the Future King of Rock' n Roll, decked out for a     Elvis Early Days
     11    Would rock performances be so energized and so visually s    Elvis Early Days
     17    Though Elvis never recorded in any foreign languages,he w    Elvis Early Days
     20    Dreams are a By-product of the teenage years. Some young     Elvis Early Days
     24    Check out the sharp-dressed Blue Moon Boys. That's what E    Elvis Early Days
     25    In April of 1953, Elvis Presley performed in a minstrel s    Elvis Early Days
     26    Gladys Love Smith was born on April 25, 1912 in Lee Count    Elvis Early Days
     28    They were poor, but very close and very proud. Elvis grew    Elvis Early Days
     29    A star is born. Elvis sang in public for the first time o    Elvis Early Days
     30    Each year,millions of students sit still for posed school    Elvis Early Days
     37    Presley's back! When Elvis was discharged from the Army i    Elvis Army Days
     39    Quick! Which Presley Classic does this picture bring to m    Elvis Army Days
     42    What's this? Elvis consorting with the enemy? Well, not t    Elvis Army Days
     53    Even though each moment of Private Presley's induction in    Elvis Army Days
     59    When Elvis got a few hours rest in the army,he gave some     Elvis Army Days
     61    The press documented every moment of Elvis' induction, al    Elvis Army Days
     64    Elvis enjoys a quiet moment back in the barracks followin    Elvis Army Days
     69    Elvis was in rare form at his final U.S. Army press confe    Elvis Army Days
     71    The volume of fan mail that Elvis received did not dimini    Elvis Army Days
     95    It Happened At The World's Fair, Elvis' 26th film, was a     Elvis Movies: It Happened At The World's Fair
     96    In It Happened At The World's Fair, Elvis swung and conne    Elvis Movies: It Happened At The World's Fair
     97    Exteriors for It Happened at the World's Fair were filmed    Elvis Movies: It Happened At The World's Fair
     98    Here's Elvis between scenes of It Happened At The World's    Elvis Movies: It Happened At The World's Fair
     99    In It Happened at the World's Fair Elvis' character Mike     Elvis Movies: It Happened At The World's Fair
    100    Viva Las Vegas, Elvis' 15th film was one of his most tune    Elvis Movies: Viva Las Vegas
    101    Viva Las Vagas takes Elvis (as Lucky Jackson) from the ra    Elvis Movies: Viva Las Vegas
    102    In the proud tradition of Hollywood's greatest movie musi    Elvis Movies: Viva Las Vegas
    103    Elvis showed off some pretty Fancy dance moves in Viva La    Elvis Movies: Viva Las Vegas
    119    Kissin' Cousins was Elvis' 14th film. It was shot over a     Elvis Movies: Kissin' Cousins
    120    Kissin' Cousins marked a first for Elvis. He played a dua    Elvis Movies: Kissin' Cousins
    121    There's plenty of great music in Kissin' Cousins, includi    Elvis Movies: Kissin' Cousins
    122    As usual, Elvis was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful wom    Elvis Movies: Kissin' Cousins
    123    Elvis had more fun with his hair in Kissin' Cousins than     Elvis Movies: Kissin' Cousins
    124    Double Trouble was Elvis' 24th film. It was shot in the s    Elvis Movies: Double Trouble
    125    Dig that crazy co-star! Elvis played entertainer Guy Lamb    Elvis Movies: Double Trouble
    126    Except for a handful of concerts in Canada, Elvis never p    Elvis Movies: Double Trouble
    127    Double Trouble was directed by one of Elvis' favorites -     Elvis Movies: Double Trouble
    128    Here's Elvis (as Guy Lambert) performing one of the eight    Elvis Movies: Double Trouble
    134    When Elvis decided to perform the song during his Septemb    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    136    Elvis made his first of three appearances on The Ed Sulli    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    138    When did a melody from the Civil War climb to top of the     Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    139    Even before Elvis was finished with his July 1, 1956 appe    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    142    Here's Elvis getting made up for his debut appearance on     Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    143    Here's an ironic photo. It shows Ed Sullivan from the wai    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    144    For 23 years seasons, Ed Sullivan was "America's Showman.    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    145    When you're the King of Rock n' Roll, life is series of "    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    147    In 1992, RCA released a boxed-set of Elvis Presley materi    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    148    Stage Show was originally a summer replacement for The Ja    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    149    On March 17, 1956, Elvis sang Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede S    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    150    Let's eavesdrop on Elvis rehearsing the "Range Roundup" s    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    151    Elvis wore a lot of different clothes in 1956. One of the    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    155    There's at least on song Elvis sang which would never mak    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    157    There are plenty of stars in this photograph. First of al    Elvis Rockin' the Tube
    164    Here's the Tennessee register that stands in front of Gra    Graceland Tour
    165    One sure way of knowing that you've made it to Graceland     Graceland Tour
    166    There is nothing like a beautiful spring day ay Graceland    Graceland Tour
    168    Make way for the King! The front of this card was shot fr    Graceland Tour
    180    Welcome to one of the most famous (or at least most unusu    Graceland Tour
    181    There are plenty of places to relax in the peaceful and d    Graceland Tour
    186    As you tour the Trophy Building at Graceland, you'll find    Graceland Tour
    187    He was born Elvis Aaron Presley. As his fame grew, he was    Graceland Tour
    188    Behold some of the King's riches you'll find on the Grace    Graceland Tour
    194    The next stop on our Graceland tour is this display in th    Graceland Tour
    196    When it came to karate, Elvis had all the right moves as     Graceland Tour
    206    Memphis could never do enough fo its favorite son. That w    Graceland Tour
    210    When Elvis took to the sky in one of his airplanes, he wa    Graceland Tour
    216    Imagine you're the most famous man in America, sitting be    Graceland Tour
    223    You're looking at Elvis' Motorized Toys. The exhibit, fea    Graceland Tour
    224    Tour the Automobile Museum at Graceland and you'll find a    Graceland Tour
    225    In the '60s and '70s, the days of fun in the California s    Graceland Tour
    226    The Automobile Museum at Graceland is full of rare, expen    Graceland Tour
    227    While on winter vacations, Elvis enjoyed the speed and fr    Graceland Tour
    231    Elvis and his friends and family loved to commandeer golf    Graceland Tour
    232    Elvis was a one-man motorcycle gang. All of his favorite     Graceland Tour
    233    Motorcycles have held long held a public fascination. Mil    Graceland Tour
    234    Elvis was never a commercial spokesperson for Harley moto    Graceland Tour
    235    There are some pieces in the Automobile Museum at Gracela    Graceland Tour
    236    The Automobile Museum wasn't at Graceland when the King l    Graceland Tour
    257    Alfred Wertheimer on the subject of his 3,800 photographs    The Wertheimer Collection
    258    Friday morning, June 29, 1956. Rehearsal day for The Stev    The Wertheimer Collection
    260    It wasn't just Elvis that became famous in 1956. It was h    The Wertheimer Collection
    264    Elvis remained close to his mother Gladys throughout his     The Wertheimer Collection
    267    When Elvis showed up at RCA's recording studio in New Yor    The Wertheimer Collection
    268    Alfred Wertheimer witnessed many scenes like this one bet    The Wertheimer Collection
    274    July 4, 1956, Elvis came face to face with the hometown c    The Wertheimer Collection
    285    For his network television debut on Stage Show on January    The Wertheimer Collection
    288    Elvis was feeling playful during his March 17, 1956 appea    The Wertheimer Collection
    289    The train ride from New York to Memphis was long and bori    The Wertheimer Collection
    291    Everyone at the Stage Show was happy with Alfred Wertheim    The Wertheimer Collection
    293    Call this one "A hip dip in a cool pool." Actually, Elvis    The Wertheimer Collection
    294    Saturday, June 30, 1956. Elvis was in Richmond, Virginia     The Wertheimer Collection
    296    The access that Alfred Wertheimer had to Elvis in 1956 wa    The Wertheimer Collection
    297    All aboard the train to stardom! A rather pensive Elvis c    Elvis with Personalities
    301    You always remember you first one. Elvis had many beautif    Elvis with Personalities
    306    In October of 1957, Elvis popped backstage for a little c    Elvis with Personalities
    308    Elvis greatly admired other talented performers. He was p    Elvis with Personalities
    309    "And away we go...." Jackie Gleason was one of the bigges    Elvis with Personalities
    310    One was a rock 'n rolling rebel, the other a clean-cut po    Elvis with Personalities
    313    Elvis and co-star Jennifer Holden jump for joy during the    Elvis with Personalities
    317    Just a typical American family with a boy in the army. Ha    Elvis Personal Life
    319    Motorcycles have always been synonymous with freedom, reb    Elvis Personal Life
    321    If there's a form of tranportation that Elvis didn't like    Elvis Personal Life
    323    When this photo was taken in 1960, Elvis had just been di    Elvis Personal Life
    324    Elvis loved television, and television certainly loved El    Elvis Personal Life
    326    Guns! Guns! Guns! wan't the title of one of Elvis' movies    Elvis Personal Life
    330    Elvis spent the Christmas holidays at home on Audubon Dri    Elvis Personal Life
    335    When we say that Elvis was loved by fans of all ages, we'    Elvis Personal Life
    343    After Gladys Presley's death in August of 1958, Vernon de    Elvis Personal Life
    344    As Elvis' star rose in 1956, demands on his time increase    Elvis Personal Life
    347    An etching modeled after this handsome pottait was used o    Elvis Portraits
    348    "I have a great ambition to play football. I've always ha    Elvis Portraits
    349    Elvis on the tricks of the trade: "I had a German-made Me    Elvis Portraits
    354    An interviewer once asked Elvis what he thought of the pe    Elvis Portraits
    357    "When I was a boy, I used to sit on the curb and watch th    Elvis Portraits
    364    A handsome man and a stunning car make an unbeatable comb    Elvis Wheels
    367    It's classic '70s Elvis. The jogging suit, the shades, th    Elvis Wheels
    371    If you visit Graceland today, you'll be driven through th    Elvis Wheels
    373    Elvis was a Harley man. He bought them, he rode them, he     Elvis Wheels
    374    Here's the King on what he referred to as "the Cadillac o    Elvis Wheels
    378    In late August of 1975, Elvis entered Baptist Memorial Ho    Elvis Wheels
    383    In January of 1968, the National Broadcasting Company ann    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    387    For 20 years, the only available soundtrack album for the    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    389    "We don't have our full band here tonight, but we'd like     Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    390    Television viewers were in for a rare treat on the evenin    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    393    During the in-concert segment of the '68 special, Elvis r    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    394    Let's face it. By 1968, Elvis was in a rut. Two or three     Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    395    Believe it or not, Elvis was quite nervous about his retu    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    400    Television had always been kind to the King of Rock 'n Ro    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    402    There was some wondweful dancing in the '68 special, and     Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    408    Colonel Parker was determined to include at least one Chr    Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    412    Elvis could shake it with the best of them. For years, so    Elvis S.R.O.
    413    Elvis lived in the glare of the spotlight for over 23 yea    Elvis S.R.O.
    415    September 26, 1956. Elvis had already done over 100 live     Elvis S.R.O.
    417    If the '60s were the "movie years" for Elvis, then the '7    Elvis S.R.O.
    418    Fans reach out to their King during Elvis' Aloha from Haw    Elvis S.R.O.
    420    Elvis certainly enjoyed himself in concert. It was the on    Elvis S.R.O.
    426    Elvis was completely uninhibited about audience contact d    Elvis S.R.O.
    430    On March 3, 1974, Elvis did two shows at the Houston Astr    Elvis S.R.O.
    433    Road Manager Joe Esposito inventories Elvis' wardrobe. Be    Elvis S.R.O.
    435    The famous prediction about Elvis becoming a millionaire     Elvis S.R.O.
    439    Very early in his career, Elvis did anything he could to     Elvis S.R.O.
    448    Elvis returned to the International Hotel in Las Vegas fo    Elvis in Vegas
    451    Timing is everything. The problem with Elvis' debut in La    Elvis in Vegas
    453    Talk to fans who went to a lot of Elvis concerts and they    Elvis in Vegas
    455    No concert performer ever gave his audience more than the    Elvis in Vegas
    456    Here's Elvis during his triumphant 1969 run at the Intern    Elvis in Vegas
    458    While much of the world saw the Aloha special live on Jan    Elvis Aloha Special
    461    Here's Elvis arriving at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hote    Elvis Aloha Special
    463    Contrary to the usual quick getaway after a concert, Elvi    Elvis Aloha Special
    466    The Aloha from Hawaii special was a total triumph. But ju    Elvis Aloha Special
    469    After his trademark concert closer, "Can't Help Falling i    Elvis Aloha Special
    481    For the most part, Elvis was not a smoker. He was often k
    485    Elvis knew exactly whay was at stake with the '68 special
    486    Like many Americans, it was his favorite holiday. The Kin
    487    What is Elvis thinking about? Well,maybe he's thinking ab
    488    Elvis dominated the music business in the '50s in the sam
    490    Elvis relaxes on the location of his fourth film, King Cr
    493    An Elvis Presley autograph is a cherished keepsake. And t
    494    Elvis did wonders for the image of the guitar. He made it
    500    "Well, should I buy this place or not?" That just may be
    504    It is a collector's item to die for: an origanal copy of
    506    Once Elvis got out of the army, his return to Hollywood w
    507    Loving You was the King's second movie and first starring
    509    When Elvis' career started flying, so did he. His hectic
    510    Elvis had many friends in and out of show business commun
    513    Elvis and his cousin Billy Smith share a playful moment d
    517    Elvis fancied himself a horseman. Riding relaxed him. It
    519    His songs rose up the charts with a bullet, and when the
    522    You've seen him on Harleys, and in Cadillacs and Continen
    526    Let's update this photo. On the day it was taken in 1961,
    529    Today, merchandise tied to your favorite rock singer or g
    532    This is Elvis on the set of his final dramatic motion pic
    536    One of the most distinctive elements of Elvis' early musi
    539    The King holds court at yet another impromptu post-perfor
    541    On your next trip to Graceland, set aside a few extra min
    543    Here's another reason why Elvis Presley and "Hound Dog" a
    546    Elvis always exhibited good maners and good humor at his
    547    No doubt about it. Elvis was a two-fisted entertainer. He
    548    This beautiful shot of the King was taken on the 1960 day
    550    During a break in filming of his 1961 motion picture Wild
    551    Elvis had a thing for Cadillacs. They were his favorite k
    560    Elvis didn't invent fan hysteria, but ge sure raised the
    561    Right from the start, Elvis was bigger than life. When he
    565    Elvis returned to Tupelo in September, 1957 to perform a
    566    Elvis never lost his amazement or his amusement about the
    569    This photo brings to mind two of the most famous phone ca
    570    Elvis plays with an oversized replica of Nipper the Dog,
    573    Questions? Questions? Questions? Answers. Answers. Answer
    575    Nobody moved like Elvis. He used every inch of his body t
    577    What Elvis wanted more than anything in Hollywood was a c
    579    He was used to basking in the glow of an appreciative aud
    581    When Elvis walked up to the paymaster's window in the U.S
    583    "What? Can it be? You really mean it?!" "Yes, it's him! I
    585    How hot was Elvis in 1956? Consider this. Five # 1 single
    588    Shortly after returning from the army, Elvis did two conc
    589    Hail the conquering hero! On Monday, March 7, 1960, Elvis
    594    In 1957, Elvis and pal George Klein were "dragging Main"
    595    There's no doubt that as a home, Graceland fulfilled all
    602    Watching an artist at the moment of creation is a special
    605    Elvis' love of football is well documented; he even had t
    606    This between the-scenes card game took place on the set o
    611    Let's look at the record(s). Elvis had no less than 149 s
    616    The boy from Memphis had a dream. He wanted to be in the
    621    New York has the glamour of the Broadway stage. And film
    623    Did Elvis tell a little fib at his first post-army press
    625    Here's Elvis at Graceland, waving from one of his prized
    629    Elvis' success was astonishing. You could look it up. The
    632    Elvis had a way with the ladies-of all ages! Here's the K
    634    Elvis was a fan magnet. He couldn't help it. That's just
    635    Elvis charms some fans outside Russwood Park in Memphis,
    637    Crowds came to Graceland from all over the world. They ca
    638    Elvis is the undisputed King of Rock' n Roll. But he was
    639    Elvis loved to wear rings. But they presented a two-fold
    642    When Elvis returned to Tupelo in 1956 (and again in 1957)
    645    Elvis' effect on his female fans is legendary. He charmed
    648    Elvis gazes Heavenward. It's actually something he did qu
    650    What's wrong with this picture? First, We'll tell you the
    651    Elvis was a great audience for other performers. He knew
    654    While stationed in West Germany during his army days, Elv


Top Ten Hits Cards (Dufex, 1:18 packs)

 4 of 40   The Wonder of You
 9 of 40   Love Me
10 of 40   (Marie's the Name) His Lastest Flame
14 of 40   A Big Hunk o' Love
19 of 40   I Got Stung
21 of 40   (Such an) Easy Question
22 of 40   I'm Yours
26 of 40   I Feel So Bad
30 of 40   One Night
31 of 40   Hound Dog
36 of 40   Bossa Nova Baby
40 of 40   Burning Love

Card Album

  --       (binder)

Factory set (All 3 series, 660 cards + 1 gold-foil card)

  --       The Elvis Collection (purple box with silhouette and signature)

Tribute Box (issued 1993)
  The following cards are repeated in the Series 1 and Series 2 checklists.

  --       (six Series 1 packs)
  --       (seven Series 2 packs)
  --       (seven Series 3 packs)
  --       First Day Cover
  --       (one 5"x7" Elvis the King card)

Elvis The King (5" x 7"; non-foil; 1 per Tribute Box)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

Elvis The King Boxed Set (5" x 7"; foil; sold separately)

  #1       Elvis' First Movie "Love Me Tender"
  #2       Elvis' First #1 Pop Single "Heartbreak Hotel"
  #3       Elvis' First National TV Appearance "Stage Show"
  #4       Elvis' First Gold Album "Elvis Presley"
  #5       Elvis' First TV Special "Elvis (The '86 Special)"

PROMO CARDS (All 3 Series)

  1/10   Army Days
  2/10   #1 Hits
  3/10   '68 Comeback Special
  4/10   Movies
  5/10   Wheels
  6/10   #1 Hits
  7/10   '68 Comeback Special
  8/10   Graceland Tour
  9/10   Army Days
 10/10   Movies

    --     (4-up panel, 4/10, 7/10, 1/10, and 2/10)
    --     (4-up panel, 3/10, 8/10, 6/10, and 5/10)
    --     (Dufex promos, blank back)
    --     (dealer window sticker)

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