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Elvis: TV Guide Covers
Rittenhouse Archives - 2005

Note:  Distributed as a cello-wrapped factory set.

No.    Title/Description                              Magazine Date

TV1    The Plain Truth About Elvis Presley            September 8, 1956
TV2    Elvis Forever! (black and white)               August 16, 1997
TV3    Elvis Forever! (color with microphone)         August 16, 1997
TV4    Elvis Forever! (dancing)                       August 16, 1997
TV5    Elvis Forever! (head shot with grin)           August 16, 1997
TV6    Entertainer of the Century (guitar)            January 1, 2000
TV7    Entertainer of the Century (onstage sequins)   January 1, 2000
TV8    Elvis (dancing)                                January 13, 2001
TV9    Elvis (thoughtful, gold)                       January 13, 2001
TV10   Elvis (lei)                                    January 13, 2001
TV11   Elvis (black leather)                          January 13, 2001
TV12   Elvis Forever (portrait)                       August 17, 2002
TV13   Elvis Forever (dancing)                        August 17, 2002
TV14   Elvis Forever (pursed lips)                    August 17, 2002
TV15   Elvis Forever (portrait, inset)                August 17, 2002
TV16   The King!                                      July 4, 2004

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