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Elvis: The Platinum Collection
   Inkworks - 1999

Notes:  Thanks much to David Bryant for the chase card listings, and to 
Anthony Cote for updates! Further information and scans are  posted at the 
Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.76 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Series One: The '50s
  2   The King of Rock and Roll
  3   Rise of a Legend
  4   Family Portrait
  5   What's In a Name?
  6   Dreaming in Tupelo
  7   The need for Song
  8   Just a Kid in the Courts
  9   Crossroads
 10   A New Sound
 11   Bring on Bill and Scotty
 12   Elvis Is Ready...
 13   Next Stop, Rock and Roll
 14   At the Piano
 15   Center of a Storm
 16   Style To Spare
 17   Time Out for a New Hit
 18   Back in the Studio
 19   Shake, Rattle and Rock
 20   Blue Moon Boys
 21   The DJ Who Launched Elvis
 22   Atomic Singing Sensation
 23   So This Is New York
 24   Elvis and the Jordanaires
 25   The Devil In Disguise?
 26   A New Frontier
 27   Viva Las Vegas, '56
 28   Good Rockin' Tonight
 29   The Hillbilly Cat
 30   A Hit on the Hayride
 31   The Elvis Phenomenon
 32   Win One for the Nipper
 33   Rehearsing for Big Ed
 34   More than a Music Man
 35   "The Cat Can Sing"
 36   Convert in Canada, '57
 37   Ready, Teddy
 38   Girls, Girls, Girls
 39   The South Rises Again
 40   Always Time for His Fans
 41   Breaking All Barriers
 42   Autographs Unlimited
 43   Sincerely, Elvis
 44   Panting for Their Idol
 45   A Singer's Best Friend
 46   First Train to Memphis
 47   Heartbreak Hotel
 48   A Breather in Biloxi
 49   The King and His Chariot
 50   A New Cycle
 51   Honored in Louisiana
 52   The House of Presley
 53   The Graceland Gates
 54   Guitarathon
 55   Elvis Presley, Movie Star
 56   On the Reno Set
 57   Of Paramount Importance
 58   "Deke Rivers" on Guitar
 59   Hot Wheels
 60   Return to Sender, with Love
 61   Lights! Camera! Elvis!
 62   Go Directly to Jail
 63   King Creole Rocks
 64   A Brother Betrayed
 65   Young Man with a Song
 66   The Rage of Clint Reno
 67   Deke Rivers in Concert
 68   Rock 'Em and Sock 'Em
 69   On the Road to Stardom
 70   Enter Vince Everett
 71   Don't Be Cruel
 72   Promoting King Creole
 73   Hair Today...
 74   Operation Elvis
 75   The Passing of Gladys Presley
 76   Don't Stop the Music
 77   On the Road Again
 78   Welcoming "Der Elvis"
 79   Family Man
 80   Elvis Does Europe
 81   The Perfect Furlough
 82   A Man in Uniform
 83   Elvis... Dead or Alive?
 84   Mom and Me
 85   G.I. Blues, for Real
 86   Soldier Boy and Beyond
 87   Sure-Shot Hotshot
 88   Beautiful Dreamer
 89   The Evolution of Elvis
 90   Checklist


Platinum Record Smasher Cards (1:11 packs)

 R1   Elvis Presley
 R2   Elvis
 R3   Loving You
 R4   Elvis' Christmas Album
 R5   Elvis' Golden Records
 R6   King Creole
 R7   For LP Fans Only
 R8   A Date with Elvis
 R9   Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2

"Return to Sender" Mini-Postcards (1:17 packs)

PC1   Greetings from Tupelo, Miss.
PC2   Greetings from Graceland, Memphis, Tenn.
PC3   Greetings from New York City
PC4   Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada
PC5   Greetings from Hollywood, California
PC6   Greetings from West Germany

Platinum Works (Die-Cut) Card (1:108 packs)

SP1   Elvis Presley

Elvis Gold (Foil) Signature Card (numbered to 1411)


Card Album

--    Blue Suede (Binder)


P1   (Elvis with guitar; dealer promo)
P2   (Elvis sign; NSU)
P3   (Yellow kerchief; 1999 San Diego Comic Con)
--   It's Now or Never!  (Dealer Sell Sheet, double-sided)

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