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Endangered Species
United States Postal Service - 1996

Notes:  Issued as a cello-wrapped set, commemorating a series of U.S.
stamps on the subject. Card fronts have a space to attach the stamp
with a glued stamp mount.

   Title                                          Classification

   Endangered Species Souvenir Stamp Saver Cards  (Title Card)
   Wyoming toad                                   Bufo hemiophyrys baxteri
   Piping plover                                  Charadrius melodus
   Thick-billed parrot                            Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha
   Ocelot                                         Felis pardalis
   San Francisco garter snake                     Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia
   Black-footed ferret                            Mustela nigripes
   Schaus swallowtail butterfly                   Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus
   Brown pelican                                  Pelecanus occidentalis
   Gila trout                                     Oncorhynchus gilae
   Hawaiian monk seal                             Monachus schauinslandi
   California condor                              Gymnogyps californianus
   Woodland caribou                               Rangifer tarandus caribou
   Florida manatee                                Trichechus manatus
   Florida panther                                Felis concolor coryi
   American crocodile                             Crocodylus acutus

   Hey Stampers!                                  (Instruction Card)
   (Stamp mounts)

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