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Endgame Collectors Cards Series
   HarperCollins - 2014

Notes: These cards promote the book series, beginning with Endgame: The Calling. 
They were distributed in packs at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and possibly other 

Value   Title                    Character

 18     Aksumite                 Hilal Ibn Isa Al-Sali
 17     Cahokian                 Sarah Alopay
 18     Christopher Vanderkamp   Christopher Vanderkamp
 13     Donghu                   Baitsakkhan
 17     Harrapan                 Shari Chopra
 18     Koori                    Alice Ulapala
 19     La Tène                  Aisling Kopp
 16     Minoan                   Marcus Lokias Megalos
 17     Mu                       Chiyoko Takeda
 16     Nabataean                Maccabee Adlai
 19     Olmec                    Jago Tlaloc
 17     Shang                    An Liu
 16     Sumerian                 Kala Mozami

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