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Enduring Freedom
Topps - 2001

Note:  Stickers are usually considered part of the basic set.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 1.87 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 2.67 per box.

  No.    Title                                               Subset

    1    Enduring Freedom Picture Cards
    2    New York Harbor, Before Sept. 11, 2001              September 11, 2001
    3    An Attack On Freedom                                September 11, 2001
    4    Old Glory Drapes The Damaged Pentagon               September 11, 2001
    5    Bush Calls NYC Mayor Giuliani                       September 11, 2001
    6    Bush Embraces New York's Rescue Workers             To the Rescue
    7    New York's Bravest Toil, Undaunted                  To the Rescue
    8    Relief Volunteers At Giants Stadium                 To the Rescue
    9    Bush Comforts Giuliani And Pataki                   To the Rescue
   10    New York's Finest                                   To the Rescue
   11    Flowers Outside U.S. Embassy In Beijing             The World Supports America
   12    Israel's Foreign Minister Peres Pledges Friendship  The World Supports America
   13    Ottawa Rallies To Honor America                     The World Supports America
   14    Chirac Leads France In A Moment Of Silence          The World Supports America
   15    Britain's Tony Blair, A Staunch Ally                The World Supports America
   16    Arafat Gives Blood For Americans                    The World Supports America
   17    President Putin Addresses Russians                  The World Supports America
   18    NATO Stands Tall Alongside America                  The World Supports America
   19    Osama Bin Laden: The Suspected Ringleader           The Investigation
   20    German Police Hunt For Clues In Hamburg             The Investigation
   21    Investigators Comb Pennsylvania Site                The Investigation
   22    Police Search Suspect's Home In Florida             The Investigation
   23    Congressional Moment Of Silence                     America Unites
   24    Wall Street Reopens                                 America Unites
   25    Bush Rebukes Anti-Muslim Sentiment In U.S.          America Unites
   26    Former Presidents Unite At The Day Of Prayer        America Unites
   27    Bush And His Cabinet Gather At Camp David           America Unites
   28    The National Security Council Convenes              America Unites
   29    Bush Receives Update From Giuliani                  America Unites
   30    Director George Tenet Heads The CIA                 The Nation's Leaders
   31    Rangel, Schumer, Clinton Meet With Bush             The Nation's Leaders
   32    FBI Director Mueller Addresses The Media            The Nation's Leaders
   33    Secretary Of State Powell Meets The Press           The Nation's Leaders
   34    Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Makes A Point            The Nation's Leaders
   35    Concoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor         The Nation's Leaders
   36    Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs, Henry Shelton         The Nation's Leaders
   37    New York Governor George Pataki                     The Nation's Leaders
   38    Vice President Richard Cheney                       The Nation's Leaders
   39    President Bush Addresses Congress                   The Nation's Leaders
   40    Mayor Giuliani Gives The "Thumbs Up"                The Nation's Leaders
   41    Congressional Leaders Lott, Hastert, Daschle        The Nation's Leaders
   42    FEMA Director Allbaugh Meets With Bush              The Nation's Leaders
   43    U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft                 The Nation's Leaders
   44    U.S. Secretary Of Transportation, Norman Mineta     The Nation's Leaders
   45    U.S. Secretary Of Homeland Security Tom Ridge       The Nation's Leaders
   46    Bush Assures The Nation: "We Will Not Fail"         Defending Freedom
   47    President Bush Rallies The Troops                   Defending Freedom
   48    B-2 Spirit Bomber Prepares For Refueling            Defending Freedom
   49    F-16C Fighting Falcon Patrols The Skies             Defending Freedom
   50    F-16C Fighting Falcon Fires A Weapon                Defending Freedom
   51    F-15C Eagle - Fast, Maneuverable, Mighty            Defending Freedom
   52    F-15A Eagle Rolls And Launches A Missile            Defending Freedom
   53    Fighter Jets Refuel In Midair                       Defending Freedom
   54    B-1B Bomber Flies Long-Range Mission                Defending Freedom
   55    B-1B Lancer And F-15 Eagle, In Formation            Defending Freedom
   56    B-52 Bomber Flies A Low-Level Mission               Defending Freedom
   57    MC-130H Refueling Aircraft Drops Flares             Defending Freedom
   58    AC-130 Spectre - Versatile, Heavily Armed           Defending Freedom
   59    Air Force Special Ops Fly Pave Hawk Choppers        Defending Freedom
   60    Air Force's SOS MH-53J Pave Low IIIE                Defending Freedom
   61    F-16s Deliver Fierce Firepower                      Defending Freedom
   62    USS Winston Churchill - Courageous Namesake         Defending Freedom
   63    F/A-18C Hornet, Aboard USS Enterprise               Defending Freedom
   64    USS Carl Vinson, Stationed In The Persian Gulf      Defending Freedom
   65    Army Paratroopers Boarding An Aircraft              Defending Freedom
   66    Apache, Flown By The Army's Special Ops             Defending Freedom
   67    Army Special Ops - Troops At The Ready              Defending Freedom
   68    Air Force AWACS Plane - Eye In The Sky              Defending Freedom
   69    F-14A Tomcat Taxis Aboard USS Enterprise            Defending Freedom
   70    82nd Airborne Troops At Fort Bragg, N.C.            Defending Freedom
   71    Kiowa Warriors Support The 82nd Airborne            Defending Freedom
   72    Prepping Aircraft Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt     Defending Freedom
   73    USS Cole Returns To Action On The High Seas         Defending Freedom
   74    Sailors Aboard The USS Theodore Roosevelt           Defending Freedom
   75    USS George Washington Off The Coast Of New York     Defending Freedom
   76    Patriotic Farewell For USS Theodore Roosevelt       Defending Freedom
   77    Britain's HMS Cornwall Heads To Oman                Defending Freedom
   78    Readying Jets Aboard The USS Enterprise             Defending Freedom
   79    Hawkeye Radar Plane Takes Off                       Defending Freedom
   80    Navy F/A-18 Hornets In Formation                    Defending Freedom
   81    Air Operations On The USS Theodore Roosevelt        Defending Freedom
   82    Air Force F-16: Ready For Action                    Defending Freedom
   83    EA-6B Prowler: Good To Go                           Defending Freedom
   84    F-117 Stealth Fighter Climbs Skyward                Defending Freedom
   85    Marines Head Out For Overseas Duty                  Defending Freedom
   86    C-17 Transport Plane Takes Off                      Defending Freedom
   87    KC-135: Fueling Station In The Sky                  Defending Freedom
   88    Air Assault Soldier Rappels From A Chopper          Defending Freedom
   89    USS Kitty Hawk Leaves Japanese Waters               Defending Freedom
   90    Checklist


1 of 9   God Bless America
2 of 9   Home of the Brave
3 of 9   America the Beautiful
4 of 9   Proud, Brave and Strong
5 of 9   United We Stand
6 of 9   These Colors Don't Run
7 of 9   Don't Tread on Me
8 of 9   Old Glory
9 of 9   Let Freedom Ring

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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