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Environmental Action Cards
Mundus Amicus - 1992

Notes: The set subtitle is "Highlighting Endangered Species." The set title is not printed 
on the cards, which can make identification difficult. Revenues benefitted the American 
Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums.

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 6.48 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                    Species                         Status

 01   Jaguar                                   Panthera onca                   Endangered
 02   Galapagos Tortoise                       Testudo elephantopus            Endangered
 03   Black Rhinoceros                         Diceros bicomis                 Endangered
 04   Chesapeake Bay Area                                                      Threatened
 05   Siberian Tiger                           Panthera tigris altaica         Endangered
 06   White-Naped Crane                        Grus vipeo                      Endangered
 07   Leopard Cat                              Prionailrus bengalensis         Endangered
 08   Mugger Crocodile                         Crocodylus palustris            Endangered
 09   Wattled Crane                            Bugeranus carunculatus          Endangered
 10   Grevy's Zebra                            Equus grevyi                    Endangered
 11   Brown Pelican                            Pelecanus occidentalis          Endangered
 12   Wildlife Conservation International
 13   Indian Elephant                          Elephus maximus                 Endangered
 14   South American Condor                    Vultur gryphus                  Endangered
 15   Proboscis Monkey                         Nasalis larvatus                Endangered
 16   Bald Ibis                                Georonticus calvus              Endangered
 17   White Handed Gibbon                      Hylobates lur                   Endangered
 18   Bronx Zoo
 19   Hartmann's Mountain Zebra                Equus zebra hartmannae          Endangered
 20   Komodo Dragon                            Varanus komodoensis             Endangered
 21   Tuatara                                  Sphenodon punctatus             Endangered
 22   Banded Iguana                            Brachylophus fasciatus          Endangered
 23   Pygmy Chimpanzee                         Pan paniscus                    Endangered
 24   Koala                                    Phascolarctos cinareus          Threatened
 25   Asiatic Lion                             Panthera leo                    Endangered
 26   Bactrian Camel                           Camelus bactrianus              Endangered
 27   Tropical Rain Forest                                                     Endangered
 28   Gelada Baboon                            Theropithecus gelada            Endangered
 29   Babirusa                                 Babyrousa babyrussa             Endangered
 30   Milwaukee County Zoo
 31   African Elephant                         Loxodonta africana              Endangered
 32   Malayan Tapir                            Tapir indicus                   Endangered
 33   Giant Panda                              Ailuropeda melanoleuca          Endangered
 34   Indian Gavial                            Gavialis gangeticus             Endangered
 35   Sumatran Orangutan                       Pongo pygmaeus sumatra          Endangered
 36   Cotton Topped Tamarin                    Saguinus oedipus                Endangered
 37   Chinese Monal                            Lophophorus ihuysii             Endangered
 38   Przewalski's Horse                       Equus przewalskii               Endangered
 39   Black Footed Cat                         Felis nigripes                  Endangered
 40   Cheetah                                  Acinonyx jubatus                Endangered
 41   Radiated Tortoise                        Testudo radiata                 Endangered
 42   San Diego Zoo
 43   Snow Leopard                             Panthera Uncia                  Endangered
 44   Pheasant Pigeon                          Otidiphaps nobilis              Endangered
 45   Kodiak Bear                              Ursus arctos middendorffi       Endangered
 46   White Cheeked Gibbon                     Hylobates concolor leucogenys   Endangered
 47   Sumatran Tiger                           Panthera tigris sumatrae        Endangered
 48   Piping Plover                            Charadrius melodus              Endangered
 49   Rothschild's Starling                    Leucopsar rothschildi           Endangered
 50   Symbols and Checklist

 --   Rain Forests / Wetlands (pack insert)

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