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Environmental Technologies
U.S. Department of Energy: Environmental Management
  Office of Technology Development
  Center for Environmental Management - 199?

Note:  "This packet showcases 24 different environmental technologies for radioactive
and hazardous waste remediation that are available for transfer".  The technologies
are identified as having already been transferred to industry, implemented, available for
transfer, or commercially available. Call the Center for Environmental Management
at 1-800-736-3282 if you think you have a need!

No.   Technology

--    (Header Card)
 1    Rapid Geophysical Surveyor (RGS)
 2    Dynamic Underground Stripping
 3    Cross Borehole Electromagnetic Imaging
 4    Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) for Subsurface Imaging
 5    Hybrid Directional and Horizontal Boring
 6    HaloShif
 7    Heavy Weight Cone Penetrometer
 8    Long Range Alpha Detector (LRAD)
 9    Magnetometer Towed Array
10    Minimum Additive Waste Stabilization (MAWS)
11    ResonantSonic Drilling
13    Six-Phase Soil Heating
14    Unsaturated Flow Apparatus (UFA)
15    Waste Acid Detoxification and Reclamation
16    Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors
17    Rapid Transuranic Monitoring Laboratory (RTML)
18    Biocube
19    Expedited Site Characterization
20    Methane Enhanced Bioremediation
21    Optimization of Sampling Strategies
22    Thermal Enhanced Vapor Extraction System
23    Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging
24    In Situ Vitrification

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