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Evil Ernie
   Krome Productions - 1993

Notes:  Also distributed as a 56-card factory set.  Many thanks to James
Ogden and Marcia Fanchin and Caitlin Clear for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 chromium cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.86 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text or Featured Artist

  1   Severely abused as a child, Ernest Fairc
  2   Little is known about the ravishing Lady
  3   Once he was an ordinary happy face butto
  4   When Ernest Fairchild was brought to Dr.
  5   Once Mary Young was Ernest Fairchild's b
  6   As a young child, Ernest Fairchild was s
  7   In his teens, Ernie Fairchild became kno
  8   This is artist Steven Hughes' first conc
  9   During the destruction of Washington D.C
 10   Born in the Louisiana bayou, Crush bears
 11   Little is known about Cremator, except t
 12   Ernest Fairchild was taken to Dr. Leonar
 13   The depths of Ernie Fairchild's abuse we
 14   During the course of the dream probe, Er
 15   Then Ernie Fairchild met Lady Death. She
 16   Dr. Mary Young, once Ernest Fairchild's
 17   Moments before the Neurotech treatment b
 18   As Dr. Young hits the button that will e
 19   The Neurotech device explodes and kills
 20   Nurse goodwill loved Ernest Fairchild li
 21   Out of nowhere, Evil Ernie returns from
 22   As Evil Ernie massacres the institution'
 23   Everyong Evil Ernie kills wakes up with
 24   Since Evil Ernie desires Megadeath, he h
 25   Lady Death tantalizes Evil Ernie into ki
 26   Evil Ernie overhears that Mary Young pla
 27   In a wild dream that foreshadows events
 28   Continuing Evil's Washington D.C. takeov
 29   Lady Death is pleased that Evil Ernie is
 30   Dr. Price, armed and dangerous, kicks so
 31   Hey, how could an Evil Ernie trading car
 32   Confronting Evil Ernie during the "Murde
 33   Evil Ernie attacks the police. Creator B
 34   After a hard day of murder, mayhem and C
 35   Dr. Young shoots Evil Ernie point blank
 36   Evil Ernie endorses his motorcycle of ch
 37   As each and every person on earth dies,
 38   Did you know? Evil Ernie's weapon of cho
 39   Evil Ernie leaps to rip Dr. Young to shr
 40   Evil Ernie #1 cover by Eric Mache
 41   Evil Ernie #2 cover by Eric Mache
 42   Evil Ernie #3 cover
 43   Evil Ernie's Special Edition #1 cover
 44   Evil Ernie Graphic Novel cover #1
 45   Cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
 46   Cover by Chris Bachalo
 47   Cover by Mark McKenna and Tom Morgan
 48   The Resurrection by Pulido and Hughes
 49   Evil Ernie #0 cover by Greg Capullo
 50   Image by Steven Hughes
 51   Jim Balent art
 52   Tom Smith and George Perez
 53   Erniebo by Joel Thomas
 54   The creators at Chaos! Comics like super
 55   This pinup of the deadly duo was inspire
 56   This pinup was commissioned for a friend
 57   This image foreshadows a devastating eve
 58   As Brian Pulido & Steven Hughes were pre
 59   Even the diva of death has her tender mo
 60   Inspired by taking the Presidency from D
 61   If Evil Ernie doesn't have a knife or gu
 62   Evil Ernie by Roman Morales III
 63   Lady Death by Roman Morales III
 64   Evil Ernie pinup by Paul Pelletier
 65   Lady Death by Mark Morales
 66   Evil Ernie pinup by Jason Jensen
 67   Lady Death by Kevin Taylor
 68   Grinning at you straight out of Cyber-Ch
 69   Evil Ernie faces the U.S. Army backed by
 70   Rising from the ashes of Youth Gone Wild
 71   Evil Ernie rejuvenates himself with bloo
 72   Lady Death, dressed in her spider motif
 73   Mere moments before Lady Death seduces E
 74   Evil Ernie is rejuvenated by Lady Death
 75   Now fully resurrected in his graveyard l
 76   Lady Death aides Evil Ernie in his attem
 77   With the action at a fevered pitch, Evil
 78   Evil Ernie's plan works. Dr. Price shoot
 79   Evil Ernie is proud of himself, having k
 80   Mary and Judy Young bombard Evil Ernie w
 81   Bigger and badder than ever, Evil Ernie
 82   Evil Ernie is quite strong for an undead
 83   Lady Death checks in to see how Evil Ern
 84   Evil Ernie masterminds an elaborate ruse
 85   Lady Death observes Evil Ernie in action
 86   As Evil Ernie nears the President's loca
 87   Dr. Price and Mary Young are resourceful
 88   Make no mistake about it, Lady Death is
 89   Evil Ernie demonstrates one of his freak
 90   She's the unrelenting mistress of macabr
 91   Price and Mary never stop trying to unde
 92   Evil Ernie on his way to the White House
 93   Coming in 1994 - Killzone
 94   Coming in late 1994 - The Lynch Mob
 95   Coming in 1994 - The Crawler
 96   Talent Search art by Mike Holliman
 97   Talent Search art by Jason Jensen
 98   Steven Hughes hailing from Boston, Mass.
 99   Brian Pulido, hailing from Los Angeles,
100   Evil Ernie Check List


Krome Cards (1:18 packs)

  1   Evil Ernie (bloody hand reaching out, green fumes from head)
  2   Lady Death (body shot with blue-tint hair as background)
  3   Evil Ernie (spewing green)
  4   Lady Death (tasting blood from sword)
  5   Evil Ernie (ammo belt with moon in background)

Signed Krome Cards (2:case; 1500 total signed)

  1   Evil Ernie (bloody hand reaching out, green fumes from head)
  2   Lady Death (body shot with blue-tint hair as background)
  3   Evil Ernie (spewing green)
  4   Lady Death (tasting blood from sword)
  5   Evil Ernie (ammo belt with moon in background)

Signed and Numbered Krome Card (1:case)

 --   (signed and numbered)

Commemorative Boxed Set (sold separately)

 --   (55 chromium cards)
 --   (Necrochrome card)


---      (Evil Ernie and Lady Death; unnumbered; art by Steven Hughes)
---      (Same as above; signed by Brian Pulido; numbered to 700)
1 of 2   Evil Ernie
1 of 2   Evil Ernie (signed by Brian Pullido)
2 of 2   Lady Death

      Wizard Magazine Christmas Chromium (not specifically associated with card set)

 --      Christmas Eve in Brooklyn by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
 --      Christmas Eve in Brooklyn by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti (gold)

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