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Esquire Playing Cards
Esquire U.K. - 2000

Notes:  These cards were inserted in the U.K. edition of Esquire magazine.
Each card is available in each of the four suits, and feature images taken
from Esquire covers.  Many thanks to Genny Carr for the checklist!

Card    Personality

Ace     Anna Kournikova
  2     Damon Albarn
  3     Penelope Cruz
  4     Jenny Mc Carthy
  5     Brad Pitt
  6     Sarah Michelle Gellar
  7     David Beckham
  8     Johnny Depp
  9     Gwyneth Paltrow
 10     Jude Law
Jack    George Clooney
Queen   Cameron Diaz
King    Samuel L. Jackson
Joker   Vinnie Jones

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