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Essence of Fairyland - 2010

Notes:  Predominantly sold as a set of 50 cards plus one sketch, limited to no more 
than 1000 sets. NIK sketches were inserted as "JAM" items in 1:100 sets. Card 10 
was misnumbered as a second #30. Further information and scans are found at the 
Sadlittles web archive.

No.    Title                   Subtitle                           Artist

 --    Essence of FairyLand    [cover card]

  1    Emerenta                Glistens                           Lauren M. Ohlendorf
  2    Meliantha               Honey Sweet Flower                 Manny Mederos
  3    Arachnis                Fairy Hunter                       Doug Riggsby
  4    Kheelan                 Warrior                            Nestor Celario
  5    Starstone               Treasurer                          Kurt Ruskin
  6    Ginger                  Santa's Christmas Cooking Fairy    Cassie James
  7    Araxia                  Of The River                       Ingrid Hardy
  8    La Free Verte           The Green Fairy                    Soni Alcorn Hender
  9    Glykera                 The Sweet                          Lauren M. Ohlendorf
(30)   Melissa                 Nymph                              Scott Zirkel
 11    Alina                   The Noble                          Darla Ecklund
 12    Winglet                 Bat Fairy                          Lancer X
 13    Eolande                 Violet Flower                      Hanie Mohd
 14    Eloiny                  Precious                           Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 15    Deva                    The Divine                         Gilbert YoungRoland
 16    Carita                  Moonlit Beauty                     Bill Donley III
 17    Xylia                   Of The Forest                      Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 18    Felicitae               Happy One                          Chad Cicconi
 19    Drake                   Dragon                             Lynne Anderson
 20    Sour Apple              Rotten                             Michael Duron
 21    Ambrosine               The Immortal                       Manny Mederos
 22    Maurelle                Dark & Elfin                       Juan Fontanez
 23    Zanna                   Lily                               Kristin Allen
 24    Brynhildr               Armored Warrior Woman              Axebone
 25    Ariella                 Ethereal & Airy                    Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 26    Pop                     The Bubblegum Fairy                Doug Riggsby
 27    Brucie                  Spirit Of The Forest               Sherry Leak
 28    Jarita                  Fiercly Protective                 Kathryn Layno
 29    Surfr                   Ragnarok Warrior                   Mel Uran
 30    Ember                   Flame Keeper                       Nick "Nik" Neocleous
 31    Jinx                    Spell                              Jeremy Treece
 32    Alalia                  Not Talkative                      Ian Walker
 33    Nothurna                Night Watcher                      J(ay)
 34    Autumn                  Festive                            Dane Ault
 35    Cerylia                 A Sea Bird                         Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 36    Fey                     Fairy                              Bob Adauto
 37    Naida                   Water Nymph                        Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 38    Zuleika                 The Fair                           Laura Inglis
 39    Loxy                    Loving                             Mark Spears
 40    Estrellita              Little Star                        Lauren M. Ohlendorf
 41    King Oberon             King Of The Fairies                Nathan Ohlendorf
 42    Breewyna                Butterfly Fairy                    Mark Slater
 43    Nixie                   Water Sprite                       Scott Barnett
 44    Xylia                   Of The Forest                      Alain Norte
 45    Sorcha                  Dark Princess                      Lauren M. Ohlendorf

 S1    Saturday Night Fairy                                       Ted Dastick Jr.
 S2    Fairy the 13th                                             Ted Dastick Jr.
 S3    Fairy                                                      Ted Dastick Jr.
 S4    Nosfairyatu                                                Ted Dastick Jr.
 S5    The Godfairy                                               Ted Dastick Jr.


Sketch Cards

 --    Bob Adauto
 --    Soni Alcorn-Hender
 --    Kristin Allen
 --    Lynne Anderson
 --    Dane Ault
 --    Scott Barnett
 --    Eden Bautista
 --    Buckingham
 --    Nestor Celario
 --    Darren Chandler
 --    Chad Cicconi
 --    Bill Donley III
 --    Michael "Locoduck" Duron
 --    Darla Ecklund
 --    Juan Fontanez
 --    Jason Godwin
 --    Laura Inglis
 --    J(ay)
 --    Cassie James
 --    Jayson Kretzer
 --    Sherry Leak
 --    Andrew MacLean
 --    Manny Mederos
 --    Steven Miller
 --    Hanie Mohd
 --    Rich Molinelli
 --    Nick "NIK" Neocleous
 --    Todd Norcott
 --    Alain Norte
 --    Lauren "L-MO" Ohlendorf
 --    Michael "Axebone" Potter
 --    Doug Riggsby
 --    Kurt Ruskin
 --    CK Russell
 --    Lance Sawyer
 --    Mark Slater
 --    Mark Spears
 --    Jeremy Treece
 --    Sanna U
 --    Melissa "Mel" Uran
 --    Ian Walker
 --    Gilbert YoungRoland
 --    Scott Zirkel

Multiple-Purchase Incentive Sketch Cards

 --    Ted Dastick Jr.
 --    Kathryn Layno Lewis
 --    Nathan Ohlendorf / Michael "Axebone" Potter

Donation Sketch Cards (sold separately)

 --    Marylynn                                                   Axebone

Charity Sketch Cards

 --    Amber Shelton


 P1    Alysia
 --    Justin Vandemark [sketch]

Preview Set (limited to 750)

PS1    Chryseis                The Golden                         Lauren M. Ohlendorf
PS2    Winter Fairy            With a Chill to Excite             Cassie James
PS3    Pepper                  Peppermint                         Nathan Ohlendorf
PS4    Tita                    Safe                               Lance Sawyer
PS5    Sorcha                  Dark Princess                      Nestor Celario
 --    (sketch card)

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©2010, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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