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Everway Spherewalker
   FPG / Wizards of the Coast - 1996

Note: Everway cards are sometimes associated with the gaming system, but they 
really are fantasy artwork that can serve as an inspiration for building characters.
Thanks much to Sean Wright for the original list and to John Oder for the promo 
and chase information!

No.      Title

SW1/1    Basahn Upon The Waves
SW1/2    The Blue Merchant Kingdom
SW1/3    The Basahn
SW1/4    The Edge Of Light And Darkness
SW1/5    Worth's Sorrow
SW1/6    Dividing The Darkness
SW1/7    Starhorn
SW1/8    Pyramid Lizards
SW1/9    Golden Roses
SW1/10   Needledemons
SW1/11   Needledemon Surgery
SW1/12   The Cinnamon Plague
SW1/13   Angelhorn
SW1/14   The Skin Scribes
SW1/15   Spell-Eating
SW1/16   The Fires Of Misdirection
SW1/17   Soul Leeches
SW1/18   To Cage The Cockatrices
SW1/19   Seventy Seven Steps
SW1/20   Cutting Away The Lies
SW1/21   Chalice Blades
SW1/22   Flame Wolf
SW1/23   Fortune Deck
SW1/24   The Glorious Empire
SW1/25   Arrows Of The Sky
SW1/26   The Elephant Of The Earth
SW1/27   Earthtusks
SW1/28   The Winterwise
SW1/29   Shadow Children
SW1/30   Untamed Talents
SW1/31   The Dragonbane Sword
SW1/32   Under The Dragon
SW1/33   Destined Defender
SW1/34   The Conquerers Flame
SW1/35   Fear In The Shadows
SW1/36   The Lamps Of The Red Queen
SW1/37   The Price Of Shadows
SW1/38   Day of The Satyr
SW1/39   The Mirror Of Souls
SW1/40   The Fortunate Ones
SW1/41   Card Trick
SW1/42   Dragon Maddened
SW1/43   Lawless One
SW1/44   Golem Eggs
SW1/45   Unnatural Hatchings
SW1/46   Worship Of Anubis
SW1/47   Wind Monks
SW1/48   Weeping Tears Of Flame
SW1/49   The Dragon Rebellion #1
SW1/50   The Enemy
SW1/51   The Dragon Rebellion #2
SW1/52   The Dragon Rebellion #3
SW1/53   Seperated Sisters
SW1/54   A Strategy Of Spirits
SW1/55   Their Own Destiny
SW1/56   The Star Rose
SW1/57   The Sisters Of Night
SW1/58   Idol Of Marinoss
SW1/59   The Oracle Of The Weeping Dragon
SW1/60   Worship Of Brighid
SW1/61   The True Pearl
SW1/62   The Acient Tower
SW1/63   Eternal Life, Eternally Bound
SW1/64   Lonesome's Colour
SW1/65   Silver Mirrors
SW1/66   Worship Of Coyote
SW1/67   Order Of The Silver Nail
SW1/68   Warriers Of The Night
SW1/69   Worship Of Gaia
SW1/70   When Dragons Battle
SW1/71   The Intangling Art
SW1/72   The Uncovered City
SW1/73   Taken By The Sea
SW1/74   A Natural Rage
SW1/75   Worship Of Kuan-Yin
SW1/76   Worship Of Odin
SW1/77   Worship Of Ogun
SW1/78   Worship Of Qetzalcootl
SW1/79   Satyr
SW1/80   Unicorn Hunt
SW1/81   Feathers Of The Phoenix
SW1/82   In The Walker's Footsteps
SW1/83   White Walker
SW1/84   The Spring Born
SW1/85   Cleacuun
SW1/86   Theives of Essence
SW1/87   The Killing Shadow
SW1/88   Magic Hunger
SW1/89   Tiny Councelors
SW1/90   Honor And Soul

    Chase Cards

S1/R1 of 4   The Basahn God                      Janine Johnston
S1/R2 of 4   The Fall of the First City          Ian Miller
S1/R3 of 4   The Dragon Heart                    Alan Rabinowitz
S1/R4 of 4   The Inhuman and the Undead          Scott Kirschner

PROMO CARDS (Spherewalker Source)

P15   The Basahn                                 Al Davison
P16   The Mirror of Souls                        Joe Develasco
P17   Fortune Deck                               Janine Johnston
P18   Worth's Sorrow                             Dermot Power
P19   Eternal Life, Eternally Bound              Roger Raupp
P20   Bright Fires                               Doug Keith

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