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Exploding Kittens
   Exploding Kittens, LLC - 2015

Notes: This series was the highest-funded game in Kickstarter history. It was released in two 
versions, one "family friendly" and the other "not suitable for work" with more-adult text. 
Further information and scans are posted at the company website.


      Marked as "Agest 7 and Up," the box describes "A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions.
      And laser beams. And sometimes goats."

      Title                 Caption

      Beard Cat                                     (4 copies)
      Cattermelon                                   (4 copies)
      Hairy Potato Cat                              (4 copies)
      Rainbow-Ralphing Cat                          (4 copies)
      Tacocat                                       (4 copies)

      Exploding Kitten     (grenade and exploding house)
      Exploding Kitten     (ICBM launch and exploding weapons)
      Exploding Kitten     (TNT and exploding ship)
      Exploding Kitten     (warp core and exploding starship)

      Attack               Awaken the bear-o-dactyl
      Attack               Deploy the thousand-year back hair
      Attack               Fire the crab-a-pult
      Attack               Unleash the catterwocky
      Defuse               Via 3am flatulence
      Defuse               Via belly rubs
      Defuse               Via catnip sandwiches
      Defuse               Via laser pointer
      Defuse               Via participation in kitten yoga
      Defuse               Viua kitten therapy
      Favor                Ask for a back hair shampoo
      Favor                Get enslaved by party squirrels
      Favor                Rub peanut butter on your belly button and make some new friends
      Favor                Take your friends beard-sailing on your beard boat
      Nope                 A jackanope bounds into the room
      Nope                 A nope ninja delivers a wicked dragon kick
      Nope                 Feed your opponent a nope sandwioch with extra nopesauce
      Nope                 Nopestradmus speaks the truth
      Nope                 Win the Nopebell Peace Prize
      See the Future       Ask the all-seeing goat wizard
      See the Future       Deploy the special-ops bunnies
      See the Future       Feast upon a unicorn enchilada and gain its enchilada powers
      See the Future       Rub the belly of a pig-a-corn
      See the Future       Summon the mantis shrimp
      Shuffle              A plague of bat farts descends from the sky
      Shuffle              A transdimensional litter box materializes
      Shuffle              Abracrab Lincoln is elected president
      Shuffle              An electromagnetic pomeranian storm rolls in from the east
      Skip                 Commandeer a bunnyraptor
      Skip                 Crab walk with some crabs
      Skip                 Don a portable cheetah butt
      Skip                 Engage the hypergoat

      Exploding Kittens: The Rules (folded rulebook)
      Storage Box (red)
      First Edition Box (red; meows)


      Marked as "Ages 30 and Up?," the box describes "A card game for people who are into kittens 
       and explosions. And boob wizards. And sometimes butts."

      Title                Caption

      Bikini Cat                                    (4 copies)
      Cat's Schrödinger                             (4 copies)
      Momma Cat            (Overly-prolific)        (4 copies)
      Shy Bladder Cat                               (4 copies)
      Zombie Cat           (Ate-his-own-eyeball)    (4 copies)

      Exploding Kitten     (C4 and exploding buildings)
      Exploding Kitten     (exploding playground)
      Exploding Kitten     (face-hugger and emerging alien)
      Exploding Kitten     (scientist and exploding laboratory)

      Attack               Grow a magnificent squid arm and start slapping fat babies
      Attack               Release the torture bunnies
      Attack               Unleash some adorable penguin diarrhea
      Attack               Wbip out your rubber dick collection
      Defuse               Via crate
      Defuse               Via excessive ball-cleaning
      Defuse               Via mauling a baby
      Defuse               Via nature documentaries
      Defuse               Via porkback riding into the sunset together
      Defuse               Via spay/neuter
      Favor                "Baby robin" your best friend
      Favor                Donate your body to cat science
      Favor                Fall so deeply in love it gives you both crazy diarrhea
      Favor                Teach someone a new palindrome
      Nope                 Awaken the narnope
      Nope                 Deliver some niope on your jump rope
      Nope                 Feed your opponent some cantanope
      Nope                 Put on your necktie of nope. Holy smokes you look good.
      Nope                 The Pope of Nope has spoken
      See the Future       Attach a butterfly to your genitals and see where it takes you in life
      See the Future       Crawl inside a goat butt and see many wondrous things
      See the Future       Discover a boob wizard living in your boobs. Listen to the secrets he tells.
      See the Future       Drink an entire bottle of bald eagle tears
      See the Future       Weave an infinity boner and live forever, for it the most sacred of boners.
      Shuffle              A kraken emerges and he's super upset
      Shuffle              An asparagus bum dragon appears
      Shuffle              Discover you have a toilet werewolf
      Shuffle              Smoke some crack with a baby owl
      Skip                 Evade dirty sasquatch underpants
      Skip                 Go base jumping using a pair of old lady boobs
      Skip                 Play a game of whale aboner tetherball
      Skip                 Sail away on your penis balloon. Be free, little buddy.

      Exploding Kittens: The Rules (folded rulebook)
      Storage Box (black)

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