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Exploitation of Women
Mother Productions - 1993

Notes: Distributed as a boxed factory set, cards are slightly oversized, 3-3/4" x 
2-3/4". The theme is to explore the sociological impacts of lurid, manipulative 
covers from men-oriented magazines of the 1960s, but of course much of its 
attraction will be to "pinup" fans. Cards do not have titles or numbers, so I 
have organized them alphabetically by magazine title and then by the card's 
descriptive text. Some people might call this set "Feminazi's" because one side 
of the box shows an example cover illustration with that title, but the true 
title and subtitle are "Exploitation of Women - 1960's Mens Magazine Covers."

    Card Text                                         Magazine

    It is hard to decipher the goings on in the il    Adventure
    The Adventure publication had the dubious dist    Adventure
    An interesting twist on this type of literatur    Escape To Adventure
    The illustration adorning many of the Man's Ac    Man's Action
    The Stanley publication Man's Adventure for Ja    Man's Adventure
    The Man's Best issue for January 1963 is a fin    Man's Best
    In this issue of Man's Daring, we are intentio    Man's Daring
    In this November issue of Man's Daring we have    Man's Daring
    Man's Daring seems to be the publication with     Man's Daring
    The issue of Man's Daring for July contains a     Man's Daring
    This publication lives up to its title, pushin    Man's Daring
    The book bonus of the "Harlots of Hurricane Is    Man's Epic
    Here in the illustration for the August editio    Man's Escape
    The Commie animals visually delineated in this    Man's Exploits
    While the actual art in the illustration for t    Man's Exploits
    Horror films, World War II films, moral upheav    Man's Story
    The cold war raged and the U.S. was caught up     Man's Story
    The contents of this issue of Man's Story give    Man's Story
    The lurid legends of the Nazi concentration ca    Man's Story
    The male psyche can be a terrible thing to dre    Man's Story
    This example of a latter cover from Man's Stor    Man's Story
    This issue of Man's Story does very little dif    Man's Story
    While this issue of Man's Story has nothing ne    Man's Story
    In the May issue of Man's True Danger, the ill    Man's True Danger
    The comely blonde adorning the centerfold teas    Man's True Danger
    The True Danger series seems to use women as o    Man's True Danger
    This is one of the most tantalizingly, ridicul    Man's True Danger
    An interesting illustration adorns this issue     Men Today
    Known for their expertise in all technologies,    Men Today
    Imagine the feeling of the reader as he looks     Men Today
    In the June issue of Men today we have a bit o    Men Today
    The February 1964 issue of Men Today does its     Men Today
    Possibly in a direct attack on Heffner's publi    New Man
    This cover of New Man's Peril serves as a wond    New Man's Peril
    Back in the early '60s the fascination with th    True Adventures
    It seems that the True Adventures series sport    True Adventures
    Breaking down the more Victorian sexual mores     Wildcat Adventures
    In the illustration on this May issue of Wildc    Wildcat Adventures
    At the height of the Marilyn Monroe craze, lea    World Of Men

    Exploitation of Women / Mother Productions
    Exploitation Series II Coming November 1993       Man's Story
    Mother Productions / To Order More Cards

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