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Extreme Studios Promo Series
Cards Illustrated - 1994

Notes: Cards were distributed randomly in groups of three in Cards Illustrated, #3. 
Card #10 was sent only to selected dealers. Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the 
list and to Todd Jordan for adding to the lore! 

No.   Title                      Artist(s)			

  1   Cybrid                     Anthony Winn, Jonathan Sibal			
  2   Cybrid                     Cedric Nocon, Mario Alquiza						
  3   Meta Force                 Jeff Matsuda, Norm Rapmund	
  4   Code 9                     Chap Yaep, Norm Rapmund							
  5   Law'n Order                Marat Mychaels				
  6   L.A.N.C.E.R.S.             Richard Horie, Danny Miki
  7   Black Flag                 Dan Fraga						
  8   Risk                       Chuck Jones, Norm Rapmund							
  9   Extreme Studios            (Checklist)

 10   Black and White            Art Thibert			

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