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   Topps - 1959

Notes: Cards were also sold loose in Topps Variety Packs. Card backs feature "Tell Us Fabian" 
questions and answers. American Card Catalog reference is R710-5. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                            Question

  1   Making a Record                  Did you always want a show business career?
  2   Fabian's School Friends          Where were you born?
  3   Deep in Thought                  How did you feel on the first Dick Clark show?
  4   Shopping for Shirts              Would you like to be in a Broadway show?
  5   "Hey Lump of Sugar"              Have you changed because of your success?
  6   The First Movie Role             Does eating at a restaurant bother you?
  7   Most Popular Boy under the Sun   Do you recommend part time jobs for teenagers?
  8   Thinking of the Future           What big thrill have you had lately?
  9   Fabian Off to School             Did you ever play varsity football in high school?
 10   Fabian Flashes a Smile           What is your favorite food?
 11   Fabian at Play                   What is your favorite hobby?
 12   Fabian in the Movies             Have you ever thought of getting a crew cut?
 13   Fabian Performs                  Which city impressed you most?
 14   The Tiger Boy                    What do you like to do on dates?
 15   Stretching Out on Movie Set      Has success gone to your head?
 16   A Royal Reception                Doesn't your career interfere with your schoolwork?
 17   Hard Worker                      Have you ever been in a fight?
 18   The Fabulous Fabian              Do you like travelling?
 19   Star of Stage & Screen           Are you embarrassed when teenagers get into trouble?
 20   Time Out for Shopping            ?
 21   Heading for a Trip               Would you rather appear on TV or perform in person?
 22   Just a Man and His Horse         How much fan mail do you receive?
 23   Hound Dog Man                    What are your chances of going to college?
 24   Fabian Talks to Fans             Are you a serious person?
 25   First Aid for Fabian             Would you rather appear in the East or West?
 26   Recording Session                Would you advise teenagers to go into Show Business?
 27   Star of Chancellor Records       What is your real name?
 28   Time To Think                    Do you object to girls screaming when you sing?
 29   Relaxing on Long Trip            Have you ever been elected to school office?
 30   Physical Checkup!                What are your pet gripes?
 31   Musical Get Together             Do you play an instrument?
 32   Nature Boy                       Do you intend to get a car?
 33   Memorizing His Lines             Do you always wear bright clothes?
 34   Fabian the Swordsman             Is money very important to you?
 35   Fabian the Actor                 Have all your records been hits?
 36   Seeing Double                    Would you like to meet Elvis?
 37   Warm Welcome                     How much sleep do you get each night?
 38   Packing for a Tour               What kind of songs do you like to sing?
 39   In the Drivers Seat              What is your usual morning routine?
 40   Fabian the Favorite              What is your biggest wish?
 41   Tiger and Tiger Boy              What kind of a girl do you like best?
 42   The Famous Smile                 Are you nervous when you appear in person?
 43   Old Fashioned Barn Dance         Would you rather be an actor or a singer?
 44   Not Too Close, Please            How did you like making a movie?
 45   America's No. 1 Teenager         Do you mind getting advice from people?
 46   A Well Earned Rest               Which TV shows do you like best?
 47   Quick Nap                        Who are your favorite movie stars?
 48   Lights, Action, Camera!          Who are your favorite singers?
 49   Playing Back a Record            Who has been the greatest help to you?
 50   Terrific Teenager                Has your fame interfered with your private life?
 51   Belting Out a Song               What does your family think of your career?
 52   Fabian at School                 Do you have trouble working with other people?
 53   A New Hit in the Making          Do you go out on dates often?
 54   Studying a New Song              Can you read music?
 55   Blackboard Assignment            Facts on Fabulous Fabian

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