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Faces of Death
Mother Productions - 1994

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set. Cards are slightly oversized
(3-3/4" x 2-3/4").

Card Text

  This was a dead chinese man that was dug up by accident.
  Coffin manufactured by the Montague Furnishing Company Li
  Young girl in final last resting place.
  Palermo Sicily. This photo taken in 1902 shows a differen
  Execution in Mexico.
  "Ravine of Death" Dead Mans Hole.
  Necktie party in Mexico.
  Burial Tombs Five layer burials Ancient buried city locat
  Bone yard in El Paso, Texas.
  Mummy in Montezuma Castle Museum Camp Verde, Arizona.
  The garrotte, Mexical method of executing criminals.
  "Hanging High" Swaying in the wind.
  Remains of a trouble maker burned in the street. Onlooker
  English children watch, wide-eyed, in a trench while the
  Relatives claim their own, the unclaimed get buried.
  Execution by be-heading with a sword.
  More than 700 bodies of women and children were piled up
  "Living Dead" Starved slave laborers from Buchenwald Pris
  A human dump of unburied corpses by the Nazi death factor
  The famous coroner chot of "Bugsy" Sigel after his demise
  A human bond fire of over 500 dead soldiers burning. Mexi
  "Living Dead" A Union soldier after being ... [sitting]
  "Living Dead" A Union soldier after being ... [standing]
  A condemned man, noose around his neck seconds before he
  A religious fanatic kept a community the size of a small
  Harvey Glatman took pictures of bound and  ... trial.
  Harvey Glatman took pictures of bound and ... pictures.
  The gas chamber at San Quentin Prison. The chamber was he
  Ma Barker and son. J. Edgar Hoover called her a "mean vic
  Three men died in the Alcatraz Mutiny. All the prisoners
  Guillotine, the credit of this invention was mistakenly g
  The heads of twin brothers executed in France in 1909 are
  The last public execution in the U.S., the hanging of a 2
  The electrocution of Willie Mae Bragg on October 11, 1940
  The gas chambers of San Quentin Prison. The last man to b
  These Mexicans bodies were exhumed when the next of kin c
  The burning ghat in Calcutta.
  The children were killed by Viet Cong gurrillas during a
  Summary justice that shocked world opinion. Police Chief
  A young Buddhist priest set himself ablaze in central Sai
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