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Fairy Tale Freaks
Burger King - 2001

Note:  These cards were distributed with Burger King Kid's Meals as a tie-in
to the movie "Shrek."  Thanks much to Mike Fitzpatrick for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Sobbin' Hood
  2   Peter Pancake
  3   Rumbleina
  4   Bumpty Dumpty
  5   GingerShred Man
  6   The Old Woman Who Didn't Have A Clue
  7   Cappucinocchio
  8   Glow White
  9   Snoring Beauty
 10   3 Brittle Pigs
 11   Goldie Rocks
 12   Puss in Suits
 13   Princess & the TV
 14   Rap-Unzel
 15   3 Grind Mice
 16   Jog Prince
 17   Jack vs. Hill
 18   Cindersmella
 19   Fumbles Pigskins
 20   Jack and the Mean Jock
 21   Hansel in Pretzel
 22   Thugly Duckling
 23   Little Rad Riding Hood

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