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Famous Airplane Pictures (Type 1)
   H. J. Heinz - 1935
Famous Airplane Pictures (Type 2)
   H. J. Heinz - 1935

Notes: These sets feature the same planes, but the title markings can be subtly 
different, making for two checklists. Type 1 cards are ACC reference number P277-1 
and feature a colored band that partially spans the card-front bottom, with the card 
number and title in white script. Type 2 cards (reference number P277-2) have 
solid color bands that cover the bottom of card fronts, with number/title/number. 
Type 1 card backs state "Save These Famous Airplane Pictures in a Big Free 
Album, while Type 2 backs state "Get the Big Free Album - Save These Famous 
Airplane Pictures."

No.   Title (Type 1)                        Title (Type 2)

  1   Roscoe Turner's Original "57" Racer   Roscoe Turner's "57" Racer
  2   Boeing 247 Transport                  Boeing 247 Transport
  3   Sikorsky Flying Boat S 42
  4   Kinner Monoplane R-5                  Kinner Monoplane R-5
  5   Aeronca C-3                           Aeronca C-3
  6   Douglas Amphibion                     Douglas Amphibion
  7   Stinson Model                         Stinson Model A
  8   Stearman Model 80                     Stearman Model 80
  9   Beechcraft                            Beechcraft
 10   Lockheed Electra                      Lockheed Electra
 11   Northrop Delta                        Northrop Delta
 12   Waco Model D                          Waco Model D
 13   Great Lakes Sport-Trainer             Great Lakes Sport-Trainer
 14   Kellet Autogiro K-4                   Kellet Autogiro K-4
 15   Pitcairn Autogiro Pa-19               Pitcairn Autogiro PA-19
 16   Vought Corsair                        Vought Corsair
 17   Fairchild 24                          Fairchild 24
 18   Curtiss-Wright Condor Transport       Curtiss-Wright Condor Transport
 19   Douglas DC-2 Transport                Douglas DC-2 Transport
 20   General Aviation GA-43 Transport      General Aviation GA-43 Transport
 21   Vultee Transport Monoplane            Vultee Transport Monoplane
 22   Bellanca Aircruiser                   Bellanca Aircruiser
 23   Amphibion Privateer P-3-B             Amphibion Privateer P-3-B
 24   The "YB" Martin Bomber                The "YB" Martin Bomber
 25   Consolidated (Navy Patrol)            Consolidated (Navy Patrol)

--    (card album)

--    Roscoe Turner's Original "57" Racer [oversized card, by redemption]

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