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Famous Comic Characters
   James O. Welch Co. - 1953
Famous Comic Characters
   Sugar Daddy - 1953

Notes: Cards do not show a series title; the one used here is found on the display-box 
ad card. Two different sets are seen. The first (American Card Catalog reference R757-1) 
is 1-1/2" x 2-3/4" and has fill-in-the-blank boxes instead of titles, inviting the owner to 
identify the character. Card backs feature"Sugar Daddy sings The silliest things" with 
lyrics and a win-a-prize offer.The second (ACC reference R757-2) measures 1-1/2" x 
3-3/16" with the addition of a cut-off coupon for a mail-in beanie offer and the rest of 
the backs advertise this offer. Collectors prefer cards with the coupon intact.

Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                 Comic Series

  1   Denny Dimwit          Winnie Winkle
  2   Herby                 Smitty
  3   Pat Ryan              Terry and the Pirates
  4   Smilin' Jack          Smilin' Jack
  5   Harold Teen           Harold Teen
  6   Mamie                 Moon Mullins
  7   Nina                  Gasoline Alley
  8   Pa Smith              Smitty
  9   Lord Plushbottom      Moon Mullins
 10   Tilda                 The Gumps
 11   Charles C. Charles    Terry and the Pirates
 12   Pop Jenks             Harold Teen
 13   Uncle Bim             The Gumps
 14   Shadow                Harold Teen
 15   Moon Mullins          Moon Mullins
 16   Smitty                Smitty
 17   Spray O'Hara          Terry and the Pirates
 18   Andy Gump             The Gumps
 19   Ma Smith              Smitty
 20   The Head              Smilin' Jack
 21   Punjab                Little Orphan Annie
 22   Lillums               Harold Teen
 23   Terry Lee             Terry and the Pirates
 24   Willie Mullins        Moon Mullins
 25   Daddy Warbucks        Little Orphan Annie
 26   Winnie Winkle         Winnie Winkle
 27   Chester Gump          The Gumps
 28   Chipper               Gasoline Alley
 29   The Dragon Lady       Terry and the Pirates
 30   Mr. Bibbs             Winnie Winkle
 31   Annie                 Little Orphan Annie
 32   Skeezix               Gasoline Alley
 33   Min Gump              The Gumps
 34   Perry Winkle          Winnie Winkle
 35   Uncle Walt            Gasoline Alley
 36   Sandy                 Little Orphan Annie
 37   kayo                  Moon Mullins
 38   Mr. Bailey            Smitty
 39   Chopstick Cholly      Terry and the Pirates
 40   Downwind Jackson      Smilin' Jack
 41   Tiny Tim              Tiny Tim
 42   Aunt Blossom          Gasoline Alley
 43   Lady Plushbottom      Moon Mullins
 44   Pa Winkle             Winnie Winkle
 45   Wilmer Bobble         Gasoline Alley
 46   Little Chief          Smitty
 47   Ma Winkle             Winnie Winkle
 48   Mr. Am                Little Orphan Annie
 49   Pop Avery             Gasoline Alley
 50   Gramps                Harold Teen

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