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The Family Guy - Season One
   Inkworks - 2005

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.26 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                          Episode

Meet the Griffins

    1    The Family Guy
    2    Peter Griffin
    3    Lois Griffin
    4    Meg Griffin
    5    Chris Griffin
    6    Brian Griffin
    7    Stewie Griffin
    8    Old-Fashioned Values
    9    Lucky is a Family Guy

Meet The Neighbors

   10    Glen Quagmire
   11    Cleveland
   12    Loretta
   13    Joe Swanson
   14    Bonnie Swanson
   15    Kevin Swanson
   16    Tom Tucker
   17    Diane Simmons
   18    Mr. Weed

Welcome To Quahog

   19    Home Sweet Home
   20    Happy-Go-Lucky Toys, Inc.
   21    Quahog Institute of Cosmetic Surgery
   22    Quahog Airport
   23    James Woods Regional High School
   24    Stop 'N Shop
   25    Quahog DMV
   26    Quahog Hospital
   27    Quahog Jail

Episode Cards

   28    Raising the Bar                Death Has a Shadow
   29    Rip-Off                        Death Has a Shadow
   30    Super Return                   Death Has a Shadow
   31    Cable's Out                    I Never Met the Dead Man
   32    Must See TV                    I Never Met the Dead Man
   33    Damned Broccoli                I Never Met the Dead Man
   34    The Fight                      Chitty Chitty Death Bang
   35    Circus at the Griffins         Chitty Chitty Death Bang
   36    Cult Buddies                   Chitty Chitty Death Bang
   37    Hitting a Girl                 Mind over Murder
   38    House Arrest                   Mind over Murder
   39    Time Machine                   Mind over Murder
   40    New Neighbors                  A Hero Sits Next Door
   41    A Crapple Wins the Game        A Hero Sits Next Door
   42    Fake Hero                      A Hero Sits Next Door
   43    Scouts a Drag                  The Son Also Draws
   44    Bets Are Off                   The Son Also Draws
   45    Vision Quest                   The Son Also Draws
   46    Dog Show                       Brian: Portrait of a Dog
   47    Going Solo                     Brian: Portrait of a Dog
   48    Dog Day In Court               Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Damn You, Vile Woman!

   49    Vile Woman
   50    Gun Sandwich
   51    Victory
   52    Silence
   53    Wax Idiotic
   54    Between the Sheets

Brian POV

   55    Observing Peter
   56    Correcting Bad Behavior
   57    Marital Advice
   58    Supporting a Friend
   59    Thoughts on New York
   60    Thoughts on Stewie
   61    Thoughts on Other Dogs
   62    Brian and Peter
   63    Mixin' it up

Remember When I...

   64    ...tried to give up candy?
   65    ...tried to do the laundry?
   66    ...tried to change Stewie?
   67    ...hit that deer?
   68    ...found you?
   69 drunk on the Communion wine?

All Right

   70    Soccer Moms
   71    This Place is Dead

   72    Checklist


The Griffin Family Photos Puzzle (1:11 packs)

 FP 1    Disco Family
 FP 2    Family Sing Along
 FP 3    Watching TV With The Family
 FP 4    Family Bonding
 FP 5    TV Family
 FP 6    Family Origins
 FP 7    Lois Loves Her Family
 FP 8    Cheering for Family
 FP 9    Family Love

Bad Dog Cards (1:17 packs)

 BD 1    Foul Mouth
 BD 2    Bar Hound
 BD 3    Horn Dog
 BD 4    Butt Head
 BD 5    The Sauce
 BD 6    Dirty Dawg

Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)

 SK1     Tone Rodriguez (526 drawn)
 SK2     John Czop (300)
 SK3     Andrew Meisner (506)
 SK4     Chris Moreno (549)
 SK5     Mark Dos Santos (534)
 SK6     Jeff Zugale (550)
 SK7     Joel Gomez (550)
 SK8     Nar (496)
 SK9     Billy Martinez (505)
 SK10    Becky Grutzik (501)
 SK11    Matt Wendt (501)
 SK12    Rich Koslowski (509)
 SK13    Roland Paris (271)
 SK14    Greg Colton (42)

Autograph Cards

  A1     Seth McFarlane / Stewie Griffin (by redemption)
  A2     Alex Borstein / Voice of Lois Griffin
  A3     Erik Estrada / The Friendly Officer (by redemption)
  A4     Mike Henry / Voice of Cleveland
  A5     Lori Alan / Voice of Dianne Simmons
  A6     Wally Wingert / Voice of Pawtucket Patriot
 AR-1    Congratulations (autograph redemption card)

Stewie's Library of World Domination Box Loader Cards

 BL 1    Soldier Magazine
 BL 2    Machiavelli: The Prince
 BL 3    Sun Tsu "The Art of War"

Case Loader Card

 CL 1    The Peter Principle

The Griffin Family Photos Uncut Sheet (sold separately; numbered to 99)

   --    (uncut sheet of FP-1 through FP-9)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    Season One - Family Guy (binder)


 P-1     (family in rectangle; general distribution and NSU)
 P-2     (family in oval; Non-Sport Update)
 P-3     put me through to the pentagon?... (trade shows)
 P-UK    That is freekin' sweet! (U.K./Cards Inc.)
 P-i     excuse me... ( exclusive)
FCBD-1   Free Comic Book Day Card (May 2005)
 --      Season One - Family Guy (dealer sell sheet)

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