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Famous Monsters Series
   Rosan Printing - 1963

Note: Films from American International Pictures are featured. Card backs 
show one of a group of merchandise offers, and there are many variant 
combinations of fronts and backs.

No.   Title

  1   Konga
  2   The Red Planet
  3   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
  4   Amazing Colossal Man
  5   Invasion of Saucerman
  6   Konga
  7   Night of the Blood Beast
  8   The Undead
  9   Goliath and the Dragon
 10   The Blood of Dracula
 11   War of the Colossal Beast
 12   The Blood of Dracula
 13   Konga
 14   Terror from Year 5,000
 15   Return of Saucerman
 16   Headless Ghost
 17   Goliath and the Barbarians
 18   Konga
 19   Goliath and the Dragon
 20   Circus of Horrors
 21   Educated Skeleton
 22   The Melting Head
 23   The Head Shrinker
 24   The Giant Lizzard
 25   Teenage Frankenstein
 26   Cruel Terror
 27   How to Make Monster
 28   Creation of Frankenstein
 29   Goliath and the Dragon
 30   The Blood of Dracula
 31   The Voo Doo Man
 32   The Devil's Curse
 33   Invasion of Saucerman
 34   How To Make a Monster
 35   The Claw
 36   The Werewolf and Frankenstein
 37   Teenage Werewolf
 38   Werewolf Meets Teenage Frankenstein
 39   Invasion of Saucerman
 40   Coffin of Terror
 41   The She Creature
 42   The Hook
 43   Unknown Terror
 44   Horrors of the Black Museum
 45   Circus of Horrors
 46   The Iron Mask
 47   I Was a Teen-Age Frankenstein
 48   The Iron Mask
 49   The Snake Pit
 50   Reptilicus
 51   Circus of Horrors
 52   The Sea Monster
 53   Dracula's Daughter
 54   The Ghost
 55   The Colossal Beast
 56   Konga
 57   The Corrugated Brute
 58   Invasion of Creatures
 59   Star Creatures
 60   The Yelloe Serpant
 61   The Devil's Doll
 62   The Beastly Horror
 63   Haunted Fear
 64   Horrors from the Black Museum

Card-Back Merchandise Offers

 --   A Complete Set of 5 Different Monster Rings
 --   Dracula Rubber Bat
 --   Frankenstein Rubber Mask
 --   Giant 6-feet Tall Dracula Full-Color Pin-Up
 --   Giant 6-feet Tall Frankenstein Full-Color Pin-Up
 --   Horrible Herman Frightening Asiatic Insect
 --   How to Have a Spook Show in Your Own Home
 --   Human Skull
 --   Lagoon Monster Rubber Mask
 --   Monster Foot
 --   Monster Hand
 --   Monsters Yearbook
 --   Send for Famous Monsters Yearbook
 --   Send Your Screen Thrills Illustrated
 --   Shock Monster Rubber Mask
 --   Space-Movie Magazine
 --   Teenage Werewolf Rubber Mask

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