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Famous Aircraft [Wings]
   American Chicle - 1929
Famous Aircraft [Wings]
   Canadian Chewing Gum Co. - 1929

Notes: These are package-design wrappers with images on the inside, with black-
and-white line art and descriptive text. They were issued separately iin the U.S. 
and bilingually in Canada. (Though it appears that the translations were not done 
by a native francophone.) American Card Catalog references are R186 and V250, 
respectively. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

   No.   Title (English)                                  Title (French)

     1   The First Airplane                               Le Premier Aeroplane
     2   The U.S. Army's First Airship                    Le Premier Dirigeuble de l'Armee Americaine
     3   The Curtiss "June Bug"                           Le "June Bug" de Curtiss
     4   The First Hydro-Aeroplane                        Le Premier Hydro-Airoplane
     5   Bieriot's English Channel Flight                 L'Envolee de Bieriot Au-dessus du Canal Anglais
     6   Santos-Dumont Airship                            Le Dirigeable "Santos-Dumont"
     7   The Transatlantic Flyer "America"                L'Hydroplane Transatlantique "America"
     8   The Famous "Jenny" Model                         Le Fameux Modele "Jenny"
     9   Army's First Airplane                            Le Premier Aeroplane de l'Armee
    10   The N.C. 4 Crosses The Atlantic                  Le N.C. 4 traverse l'Atlantique
    11   The R-34                                         Le R-34
    12   Four Continent Air Tour                          Autour de Quatre Continents par les Aire
    13   The Shenandoah                                   Le Shenandoah
    14   Charles A. Lindbergh                             Charles A. Lindbergh
    15   Commander Byrd's Ship for Transatlantic Flight   L'Avion du Commandant Byrd, lors de l'Envolue Transatlantique
    16   The Parman Plane                                 L'Avion Parman
    17   Winner Pulitzer Race - 1922                      Vainquerer de la Course Pulitzer - 1922
    18   From Spain to Brazil                             De l'Espagne du Brazil
    19   U.S. Aircraft Carrier, "Langley"                 Pasager-Airless "Langley" des Etats-Unis
    20   The Schneider Cup Winner - 1925                  Gagnant de le Coupe Schneider - 1925
    21   Dawn to Dusk Flight                              Envolee de l'Aurore au Creperesule
    22   Fastest Italian Speed Plane - 1927               Le Plus Rapide Avion de Vitesse Italien - 1927
    23   The Los Angeles                                  Le Los Angeles
    24   The Yellow Bird                                  "L'Oiseau Jaune"
    25   The Question Mark                                Le Point d'Interrogation
    26   First Non-Stop Flight to Hawaii                  Le Premiere Envolee Sans Arret à Hawaii
    27   Non-Stop from Coast to Coast                     Sans Arret d'une Côte a l'Autre
    28   The Navy Seaplane P.N. 12                        L'Hydro-Avion Naval P.N. 12
    29   The Chamberlin-Levine Flight                     l'Envolée Chamberlin-Levine
    30   The Dirigible "Norge"                            La Dirigeable "Norge"
    31   The Pencara Helicopter                           Le Pencara Helicopter
    32   Non-Stop Flight Over South Atlantic              Envolee Sans Arret Au-Dessus du Sud de l'Atlantique
    33   Miss Earhart in the "Friendship"                 Miss Earhart à bord du "Friendship"
    34   Altitude Record                                  Record d'Altitude
    35   Winner of Dole Air Derby                         Vainqueur du Concourse Dole Air Derby
    36   Ruth Elder's "American Girl"                     Le "American Girl" de Ruth Elder
    37   Autogiro                                         Autogiro
    38   Commander Byrd Over North Pole                   Le Commandant Byrd Survelant Le Pole Nord
    39   U.S. Aircraft-Carrier "Saratoga"                 Le Passager Aerion des Etats Unis "Saratoga"
    40   Wilkins Plane for Antarctic`                     L'Avion de Wilkins pour L'Antartique
    41   London to Australia                              De Londres a l'Australis
    42   Transpacific Plane "Southern Cross               Avion Transpacifique "Southern Cross"
    43   Commander Rodgers Flies to Hawaii                Le Commandant Rodgers se Rend a Hawaii
    44   High Flying                                      Vol a Haute Altitude
    45   Coast to Coast Record                            Record d'une Côte a l'Autre
    46   The Flight of the Bremen                         l'Envolue du Bremen
    47   Byrd at South Pole                               Byrd au Pole Sud
    48   The S-4 British Speed Plane                      L'Avion de Vitesse Anglais S04
    49   The St. Louis Robin                              Le "St. Louis Robin"
    50   Alcock-Brown Transatlantic Flight                Envolue Transatlantique Abcock-Brown

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