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Famous Discoveries and Adventures
   Leaf Cards - 1961

No.   Title

  1   Meeting of Stanley and Livingstone
  2   First Moon Rocket
  3   Marco Polo (1254-1324)
  4   Discovery and Conquest of Mexico
  5   Conquest of Everest
  6   Sir Francis Drake
  7   Captain Scott (1868-1912)
  8   First to the North Pole
  9   Douglas Mawson
 10   Across the South Australian Desert
 11   Burke and Wills
 12   Discovery of the Pacific
 13   Discovery of North America
 14   Lhasa, the "Forbidden City."
 15   The Vikings
 16   Migration to Oceania
 17   Discovery of the West Indies
 18   Search for a Southern Continent
 19   The "Golden Hind" in the Straits of Magellan
 20   Abel Tasman (1603-59)
 21   Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618)
 22   Discovery of the Victoria Falls
 23   Magellan (1470-1521)
 24   First Circumnavigation of the World
 25   The Maoris Land in New Zealand
 26   First European to Sight Japan
 27   Henry The Navigator
 28   Juan Fernandez
 29   Naming of the Americas
 30   Francisco Pizzaro (1478-1541)
 31   Naming of the River Amazon
 32   Opening of Trade with Russia
 33   First European in Australia
 34   Discovery of Bering Straits
 35   Exploration of Canada
 36   Mungo Park (1771-1806)
 37   4,000 Miles to the Pacific
 38   Evolution of Life
 39   Conquest of the North-East Passage
 40   First Attempt to Reach North Pole by Air
 41   Arctic Weather Bases
 42   First Solo Crossing by Air of the Atlantic
 43   Exploration of the Ocean
 44   The Great Hole of the Kalahari Desert
 45   The Mariner's Compass
 46   Discovery of the Universe
 47   Exploration of the Universe
 48   Einstein
 49   First Atlantic Crossing by Aeroplane
 50   Survey of the Moon

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