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Legends of the West
   Frank Garo - 1979

Notes:  Cards are white with brown text and line drawings.  I am not sure whether
the cards were originally distributed as a factory set, but the publisher's website 
stated the print run was limited to 4,000 sets.

No.   Title

  1   Butch Cassidy
  2   Sundance Kid
  3   Sitting Bull
  4   Bat Masterson
  5   Billy the Kid
  6   Black Bart
  7   Calamity Jane
  8   Kid Curry
  9   John "Doc" Holliday
 10   Wild Bill Hickok
 11   George Armstrong Custer
 12   Buffalo Bill
 13   Kit Carson
 14   Chief Joseph
 15   Wyatt Earp
 16   Ben Thompson
 17   Judge Roy Bean
 18   John Wesley Hardin
 19   Pat Garrett
 20   Geronimo
 21   Frank James
 22   Cole Younger
 23   Sam Bass
 24   Tom Horn
 25   Jesse James

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