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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Promo Set
   Warner Bros - 2016

   No.    Title

    P1    Newt Scamander - Magizoologist                    played by Eddie Redmayne
    P2    Porpentina Goldstein - Macusa Auror               played by Katherine Waterston
    P3    Jacob Kowalski - No-Maj                           played by Dan Fogler
    P4    Seraphina Picquery - President of Macusa          played by Carmen Ejogo
    P5    Queenie Goldstein - Leilimens                     played by Alison Sudol
    P6    Mary Lou Barebone - Leader of the Salemers        played by Samantha Morton
    P7    Credence Barebone - Second Salemers               played by Ezra Miller
    P8    Gnarlak - Goblin Gangster                         played by Ron Perlman
    P9    Percival Graves - Director of Magical Security    played by Colin Farrell

    --    (title card)

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