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50 Years of Fantastic Four
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2011

Notes: This set was distributed as one of the 9-case-purchase incentives for 
the Marvel Universe 2011 series. Card-front art is by Dale Eaglesham.

No.    Scene

FA1    (gallery with names)
FA2    (lounging with phone and book)
FA3    (lounging with guitar)
FA4    (suited over blue 4)
FA5    (costumes light)
FA6    (into action)
FA7    (Thing in foreground)
FA8    (standing in line)
FA9    (gallery of portrait coins)

 --    Fantastic Four Commemorative Set (white mailer pack; # to 150)

Sketch Cards (1:set)

 --    Melike Acar
 --    Renae De Liz
 --    Charles Hall

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