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Fantazy Cards
Calfun, Inc. - 1992

Note:  A few words about the set because it doesn't seem to be very widespread. It features
swimsuit-clad human females together with fast cars, monster trucks, and the like. There
is no nudity.  The two checklist cards and the bonus cards are listed as cards 98-100 in
the printed checklist, but there are no numbers printed on the cards.  Thanks much to
Steve Lillard for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Model                              Caption

  1   Suzie                              The Wanderer!
  2   Sue                                Stars And Stripes Forever!
  3   Kimberly and Susan                 Surfing's Their Turf!
  4   Lisa, Susanna and Kim              Speed Seekers!
  5   Sandra                             Not Just Any Beach Bum!
  6   Terry                              Patiently Awaits You!
  7   Tiffany                            Hart To Top Her!
  8   Kimmy                              Above The Law!
  9   Rhama                              On The Right Course!
 10   Haley                              Go To The Head Of The Class!
 11   Sandy                              She Knws The Mechanics!
 12   Billee                             Boy-OH-Boy!
 13   Sandee                             Home-Run Queen!
 14   Tina                               Who Can Tow Her Line?
 15   Rammie                             Be There For Lift-Off!
 16   Suzette                            A Real Sweetie-Pie!
 17   Hal                                Can She Be Your Gal?
 18   Ramona and Harley                  East-Coast Cousins!
 19   Betina                             Likes A Man "Overboard"!
 20   Ali                                A Wonder On Wheels!
 21   Hali                               At The Top Of The News!
 22   Sue Ann                            A Daring Dynamo!
 23   Tiffy                              The Texas Star!
 24   Karen                              Wild About Life!
 25   Holly, Debbie and Cathy            The Bikini Squad!
 26   Hala                               Causes Quite A Racket!
 27   Sue-Ellen                          Shops Till She Drops!
 28   Bobby-Sue                          Just What The Doctor Ordered!
 29   Trina                              Rocks-Around-The-Clock!
 30   Suzanna                            Can You Blow Her Cover?
 31   Chris                              Hold On... Adrenaline's Accelerating!
 32   Diana                              Not "All Work and No Play"!
 33   Alli                               Getting Down To Business!
 34   Gina                               Lays It All Out For You!
 35   Candy                              Corners The Market!
 36   Jewel                              At The Top Of The Charts!
 37   Susie                              She'll Get Your Vote!
 38   Alexia                             Gives You The Gold Rush!
 39   Lesley                             The Best Sport Around!
 40   Chrissie                           Get Access To Her Program!
 41   Heidi                              A Real Hair-Raiser!
 42   Pam                                The Best Medicine!
 43   Rhonda                             Riding On Success!
 44   Marley                             A Rare Breed!
 45   Billee-Joe                         Fourth-Of-July Frenzy!
 46   Shelly                             She's Got A Sideline!
 47   Billie                             She'll Humour You!
 48   Melissa                            A Marvel On Wheels!
 49   Lee                                In A Class Of Her Own!
 50   Alexis                             Sweet In The Saddle!
 51   Hillary                            Your Port Of Call!
 52   Mallory                            Ready, Aim... Fire!
 53   Neena                              Looking For An In-Mate?
 54   Rhina                              Fit... And Fatal!
 55   Suz                                Come Fly With Her!
 56   Ali                                Music To Your Ears!
 57   Stephanie                          The Girl With Nine Lives!
 58   Susannah                           What A Work Of Art!
 59   Renata                             She Has The Picture!
 60   Cassandra                          Woman At Work!
 61   Dana                               Taking A Little Time-Out
 62   Hannah                             She's Got the Byline!
 63   Katina                             She's Red-Hot!
 64   Martina                            Lay Your Bets On Her!
 65   Tina-Lou                           Changing The Pattern!
 66   Linda                              Second Time Around?
 67   Linnie                             The Early Bird!
 68   Sandee                             Moder-Day Dr. Doolittle!
 69   Tanya                              You Can "Crusher" Anytime!
 70   Tonya and Renee                    Not Afraid Of "Monsters"!
 71   Tannie, Kristy, Rena and Jennifer  4 Cheers!
 72   Ashley                             The Big Wheel!
 73   Kai                                Contributes What She Can!
 74   Kimberlee                          A Different Breed!
 75   Suzzie                             Star-Spangled Stunner!
 76   Susie-May                          Best-Selling Bombshell!
 77   Dina                               Fabulous Miss Fix-It!
 78   Kim Ann                            A Backyard Beauty!
 79   Renny                              On The Road Again!
 80   Natalie                            Likes 1st Class "Mails"
 81   Tonia                              Ouch! She's Burning Up!
 82   Onya                               At The "Quick" Of It!
 83   Jenna                              Miracle On Wheels!
 84   Toni                               Drives 'Em Crazy!
 85   Tina-Lou                           She Has Reservations!
 86   Tonny                              She's In the Buff!
 87   Kay                                A Mover And A Shaker!
 88   Jen                                This Scorpion Won't Sting!
 89   Kim Ann                            Bank On Her!
 90   Suza                               Over-Night... Success!
 91   Hali                               Corvette Crazy!
 92   Jennie                             Likes 'Em Short and Sweet!
 93   Sissie and Berl                    Better Safe Than Sorry!
 94   Justine                            Personality, Plus...
 95   Sally                              Pulls The Right Strings!
 96   Toya                               The Shape Of Things To Come!
 97   Sal                                Thanks For Listening In!
 --   Checklist Card 1
 --   Checklist Card 2
 --   Bonus Card

©2000, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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