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Farscape Season One
Rittenhouse - 2000

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.18 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Text or Title                                    Episode

  1    I got shot through a worm ...                    Title Triptych
  2    ... hole. Now I'm lost in some ...               Title Triptych
  3    ... distant part ...                             Title Triptych
  4    While testing a theory in his experimental spa   "Premiere"
  5    Moya's escaped prisoners, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, Ka   "Premiere"
  6    When Officer Sun tries to defend Crichton, Cra   "Premiere"
  7    When a Peacekeeper tracking beacon is activate   "I, E.T."
  8    As he searches for Clorium on the planet's sur   "I, E.T."
  9    Young Fostro helps Crichton free D'Argo and th   "I, E.T."
 10    Moya becomes infested by Draks - giant space c   "Exodus from Genesis"
 11    The Queen Drak channels herself through Zhaan    "Exodus from Genesis"
 12    The arrival of the PK commandos leads the Drak   "Exodus from Genesis"
 13    Rygel masquerades as a powerful sovereign (com   "Throne for a Loss"
 14    As Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo go to the surfac   "Throne for a Loss"
 15    As the gauntlet injects its last drops of stim   "Throne for a Loss"
 16    Responding to a ship in distress, Moya rescues   "Back & Back & Back to the Future"
 17    Matala's talents for seduction throw D'Argo of   "Back & Back & Back to the Future"
 18    When Matala attacks her with a Scorvian Neural   "Back & Back & Back to the Future"
 19    In a fit of Luxan Hyper-Rage, D'Argo leaves Mo   "Thank God It's Friday ... Again"
 20    As did D'Argo, Zhaan falls prey to the hypnoti   "Thank God It's Friday ... Again"
 21    On Moya, Aeryn discovers that Rygel himself wa   "Thank God It's Friday ... Again"
 22    While exploring the dead hulk of the legendary   "PK Tech Girl"
 23    While Crichton and Gilina work together (very    "PK Tech Girl"
 24    The Sheyangs grow impatient and attack, but th   "PK Tech Girl"
 25    While trying to find medicine for Rygel on a p   "That Old Black Magic"
 26    Zhaan trains with a local former priest Liko t   "That Old Black Magic"
 27    Working together, Zhaan and Liko manage to def   "That Old Black Magic"
 28    Namtar, a genetic scientist, has devised a met   "DNA Mad Scientist"
 29    While D'Argo, Zhaan and Rygel argue about whos   "DNA Mad Scientist"
 30    Crichton learns from Namtar's "assistant," Kor   "DNA Mad Scientist"
 31    While on a routine check of Moya, D'Argo accid   "They've Got a Secret"
 32    Upon analysis, Zhaan learns the strange partic   "They've Got a Secret"
 33    When D'Argo's memory is restored, Crichton hea   "They've Got a Secret"
 34    Crichton has modified his Farscape module with   "Till the Blood Runs Clear"
 35    Crichton and Aeryn pose as blood trackers in p   "Till the Blood Runs Clear"
 36    Meanwhile, while repelling another bounty hunt   "Till the Blood Runs Clear"
 37    A Delvian sect lures the crew of Moya to their   "Rhapsody in Blue"
 38    When Zhaan agrees to share with Tahleen her ab   "Rhapsody in Blue"
 39    Tahleen's mate, Lorana, rebels against the sec   "Rhapsody in Blue"
 40    After Crichton and Aeryn's transport pod becom   "The Flax"
 41    Staanz reveals that a Luxan ship is trapped in   "The Flax"
 42    With one space suit damaged, Crichton must be    "The Flax"
 43    Frustrated and in need of "some space," Cricht   "Jeremiah Crichton"
 44    Believing Crichton has designs on Lishala, Rok   "Jeremiah Crichton"
 45    Moya pinpoints the coordinates of the power-li   "Jeremiah Crichton"
 46    Upon emerging from StarBurst, Moya nearly coll   "Durka Returns"
 47    Chiana, awaiting her own mental cleansing, is    "Durka Returns"
 48    After Salis is killed, Durka takes command of    "Durka Returns"
 49    After Pilot discovers a wormhole resembling th   "A Human Reaction"
 50    Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel, having gone to invest   "A Human Reaction"
 51    Upon realizing that everything and everyone he   "A Human Reaction"
 52    While trying to prove that her pregnancy is no   "Through the Looking Glass"
 53    The crew splits up to investigate and soon fin   "Through the Looking Glass"
 54    After communicating with the creature, Crichto   "Through the Looking Glass"
 55    Moya encounters a damaged Peacekeeper vessel.    "A Bug's Life"
 56    Chiana and Rygel, letting their thieving natur   "A Bug's Life"
 57    Zhaan formulates an antibody that will identif   "A Bug's Life"
 58    While Aeryn's stab wound has healed, her parap   "Nerve"
 59    Upon arrival at the base, Crichton and Chiana    "Nerve"
 60    In search of wormhole technology, Scorpius pro   "Nerve"
 61    Although still weak from her ordeal, Aeryn hea   "A Hidden Memory"
 62    Gilina tampers with the Aurora Chair and when    "A Hidden Memory"
 63    Aeryn helps Crichton escape from his cell, and   "A Hidden Memory"
 64    Since Moya's baby is too young to survive Star   "Bone To Be Wild"
 65    On the surface of the asteroid, Crichton, D'Ar   "Bone To Be Wild"
 66    Zhaan disappears, Br'Nee tells Crichton she wa   "Bone To Be Wild"
 67    Rygen leaves Moya and arrives on Crais' Comman   "Family Ties"
 68    The crew of Moya plan an escape. Crichton and    "Family Ties"
 69    After arming the explosives in the transport p   "Family Ties"
 70    Checklist 1-38                                   Cast Triptych
 71    Checklist 39-72, FS, BTS                         Cast Triptych
 72    Checklist P, PM, Costume, Autograph              Cast Triptych


Farscape Stars Cards (1:4 packs)

FS1    John Crichton
FS2    Aeryn Sun
FS3    Ka D'Argo
FS4    Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
FS5    Dominar Rygel XVI
FS6    Chiana
FS7    Captain Bialar Crais
FS8    Scorpius
FS9    Pilot

Behind-the-Scenes Cards (1:6 packs)

BTS1   Rockne S. O'Bannon on The Genesis of Farscape
BTS2   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Moya (Part 1)
BTS3   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Moya (Part 2)
BTS4   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Ben Browder
BTS5   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Aeryn Sun
BTS6   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Farscape's Animatronics
BTS7   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Plot Development
BTS8   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Scorpius and Chiana
BTS9   Rockne S. O'Bannon on Crais

Season Two Preview Cards (1:8 packs)

 P1    John Crichton
 P2    Aeryn Sun
 P3    Ka D'Argo
 P4    Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
 P5    Chiana
 P6    Rygel
 P7    Pilot
 P8    Bialar Crais
 P9    Scorpius

Motion Card (1:36 packs)

PM1    Farscape in Motion

"From the Archives" Costume Cards (1:36 packs)

 C1    Crichton
 C2    Aeryn Sun
 C3    Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
 C4    Ka D'Argo
 C5    Rygel XVI
 C6    Crais
 C7    Chiana (Case bonus, also listed below)

Autograph Cards (1:72 packs)

 A1    Ben Crowder as John Crichton
 A2    Anthony Simcoe as Ka D'Argo
 A3    Gigi Edgley as Chiana
 A4    Brian Henson as Series Producer
 A5    Rockne S. O'Bannon (Album bonus, also listed below)

Case Topper

 C7    Chiana (Exclusive costume card)

Card Album

 --    (Binder)
 --    (12 nine-pocket sheets)
 A5    Rockne S. O'Bannon (Exclusive autograph)
 P2    Aeryn Sun (Exclusive promo)

Uncut Sheet (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 100)

 --    (72-card sheet, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)


 P1    (dealers, NSU)
 P2    (binder exclusive; see above)
 --    (main cast; unnumbered)
DVD1   (Cards Inc., U.K., DVD insert)
 TV1   Zhaan (with action figure)

©2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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