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Farscape Season Three
Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Note: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.70 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card Text                                         Episode

145    "My name is John Crichton ...                     Season Three Trading Cards
146    (I'm lost), an astronaut (shot through a wo ..    Season Three Trading Cards
147    rmhole)                                           Season Three Trading Cards
148    Crichton is on Tocot's operating table, unable    Season of Death
149    When D'Argo, Stark and Zhaan discover Crichton    Season of Death
150    When Zhaan discovers Aeryn's frozen body, the     Season of Death
151    While Moya's crew enjoys some R&R on a commerc    Suns and Lovers
152    While Zhaan continues to weaken, a mysterious     Suns and Lovers
153    To try to confine Borlik's signal, Crichton tr    Suns and Lovers
154    While en route to a planet that might heal Zha    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
155    While Moya's passengers hurry to seal off any     Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
156    Zhaan's vision of a serpent turns out to be a     Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
157    Grasping the ledge for dear life and under att    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Wheel
158    When Neeyala's invisible crewmember attacks, C    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Wheel
159    Moya pumps her adrenal secretions and Pilot st    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Wheel
160    At a Peacekeeper memorial, Moya's crew uses sp    Different Destinations
161    Stark locates the temporal tear and D'Argo thr    Different Destinations
162    The Veneks threaten a morning attack. Crichton    Different Destinations
163    Their transport pod damaged and unable to retu    Eat Me
164    Moya was not at her rendezvous location becaus    Eat Me
165    Crichton tries to help Rohvu's injured pilot,     Eat Me
166    In order to save Talyn, Chromextin must be acq    Thanks for Sharing
167    The Chromextin sale is denied and the visitors    Thanks for Sharing
168    When Crichton is injured in an explosion, the     Thanks for Sharing
169    While orbiting a planet, Talyn is devoured by     Green Eyed Monster
170    Crais plans to navigate through the budong's      Green Eyed Monster
171    Stark has a plan. By mixing ice and sezium fue    Green Eyed Monster
172    As Moya approaches an electromagnetic cluster,    Losing Time
173    Pilot, possessed by an entity named Talip, war    Losing Time
174    Eventually, Talip pulls the rider out of Chian    Losing Time
175    While Talyn recuperates on a jungle planet, th    Relativity
176    Back on Talyn, Xhalax uses a hidden blade to e    Relativity
177    Aeryn appeals for Talyn's life, but Xhalax is     Relativity
178    After another pilot returns liquified, officer    Incubator
179    On board Moya, Crichton continues his search f    Incubator
180    Scorpius reveals the secret of his birth. In a    Incubator
181    When Talyn maneuvers near a sun, he is compell    Meltdown
182    Sierjna tells Stark that Mu-Quillus has been u    Meltdown
183    Stark navigates Talyn closer to the sun until     Meltdown
184    When Crichton and the others return from a ple    Scratch 'n' Sniff
185    After learning the girls' whereabouts, D'Argo     Scratch 'n' Sniff
186    As a cover, Crichton, Raxil and D'Argo arrive     Scratch 'n' Sniff
187    The Ancients, who imparted their wormhole tech    Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands
188    While investigating on Dam-Ba-Da, Crichton, Cr    Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands
189    The Charrid dreadnought must be destroyed and     Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands
190    With Crichton possessed by the Scorpius neural    Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides
191    Before Jack can arm the weapon and launch it w    Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides
192    Crichton eventually forces Furlow to wreck her    Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides
193    On Moya, D'Argo is experimenting with the myst    Revenging Angel
194    D'Argo's ship is unresponsive, but when he utt    Revenging Angel
195    To communicate in ancient Luxan, D'Argo receiv    Revenging Angel
196    Grieving for Crichton, Aeryn lands on a planet    The Choice
197    When Stark and Crais locate Aeryn on the plane    The Choice
198    Xhalax storms into Aeryn's chamber and shoots     The Choice
199    Moya's crew believes Talyn's passengers may be    Fractures
200    Chiana believes she hears a pulse blast - but     Fractures
201    After the Scarran, Naj Gil, is shot with a pul    Fractures
202    In a diner on an almost desolate planet, Rygel    I-Yensch, You-Yensch
203    As insurance that the deal will be honored, Sc    I-Yensch, You-Yensch
204    At the diner, Rygel figures out that the robbe    I-Yensch, You-Yensch
205    Crichton, Crais, Aeryn, Jool and Chiana take a    Into the Lions Den: Lambs to the Slaughter
206    The officers take a particular dislike towards    Into the Lions Den: Lambs to the Slaughter
207    Crichton continues work with Scorpius' lead sc    Into the Lions Den: Lambs to the Slaughter
208    Under pressure from Scorpius to produce usable    Into the Lions Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
209    Crais explains that his deal with Scorpius is     Into the Lions Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
210    As his diversion, Crichton takes Scorpius for     Into the Lions Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
211    Moya has brought Talyn's remains to the Leviat    Dog with Two Bones
212    Moya refuses to leave. She believes Talyn has     Dog with Two Bones
213    After his vision of a wedding ending in a trag    Dog with Two Bones
214    Farscape Season 3 Base Cards Checklist            Cast Triptych (left)
215    Farscape Season 3 Bonus Cards Checklist           Cast Triptych (center)
216    Farscape Season 3 Bonus Cards Checklist           Cast Triptych (right)


Behind-the-scenes with David Kemper Cards (1:5 packs)

BTS23  "Bringing Aeryn back from the dead was left in    Season of Death
BTS24  "Justin Monjo read 'The Perfect Storm' and ann    Suns and Lovers
BTS25  "The idea of Moya merging with another ship ex    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
BTS26  "This was the most difficult and important scr    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Wheel
BTS27  "Partway into this episode, Australian writer     Different Destinations
BTS28  "Matt Ford's arrival as a writer gave us a bre    Eat Me
BTS29  "We wanted the opportunity to have both Cricht    Thanks for Sharing
BTS30  "Ben Brosder's first produced script as a writ    Green Eyed Monster
BTS31  "This one almost killed Justin Monjo. The twis    Losing Time
BTS32  "Farscape's creator, Rockne S. O'Bannon, retur    Relativity
BTS33  "Ricky Manning had wanted to write a 'Scorpius    Incubator
BTS34  "Matt Ford came in one Monday morning with thi    Meltdown
BTS35  "Aware that the next two episodes were going t    Scratch 'n' Sniff
BTS36  "The death of one of our Crichtons was suppose    Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands
BTS37  "Ben Browder and Claudia Black. Though this ep    Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides
BTS38  "Director Andrew Prowse and I worked on this o    Revenging Angel
BTS39  "Justin Monjo's excellent script, Rowan Woods'    The Choice
BTS40  "I remember sitting in my living room across f    Fractures
BTS41  "From the beginning of the year, I knew our cr    I-Yensch, You-Yensch
BTS42  "There is so much packed into this one hour th    Into the Lions Den: Lambs to the Slaughter
BTS43  "Farscape's creator Rockne S. O'Bannon writing    Into the Lions Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
BTS44  "I knew that the season's 'physical' end had a    Dog with Two Bones

The Quotable Farscape Cards (1:5 packs)

Q23    "I hate the cold." - D'Argo .. "Freeze or fry?    Season of Death
Q24    "Where do they get these stories? Let's set th    Suns and Lovers
Q25    "If he masters wormhole technology, what will     Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
Q26    "Everything I have seen so far is despicable."    Self-Inflicted Wounds: Wait for the Wheel
Q27    "You know, if we did change things, it is poss    Different Destinations
Q28    "Why me?" - D'Argo .. "We're going to make bab    Eat Me
Q29    "I want an apology" - Crichton .. "I want the     Thanks for Sharing
Q30    "Whose stupid idea was this Anyway?" - Crichto    Green Eyed Monster
Q31    "We don't understand the R2-D2 crap. We're goi    Losing Time
Q32    "If you're what the retrieval squad wants, bro    Relativity
Q33    "In faithful service, I quickly advanced in ra    Incubator
Q34    "Stop what you are doing." - Mu-Quillus .. "Is    Meltdown
Q35    "Oh God. There were girls, right? Feathered ch    Scratch 'n' Sniff
Q36    "My, grandma, what big teeth you have." - Cric    Infinite Possibilities: Daedalus Demands
Q37    "Furlow, is it always about the money?" - Cric    Infinite Possibilities: Icarus Abides
Q38    "I don't want to be like you. I don't want to     Revenging Angel
Q39    "How can I help you if I'm cuffed?" - Crais ..    The Choice
Q40    "Since she arrived, sweet Orrhn has been atop     Fractures
Q41    "Sorry I had to shoot you, but you know how it    I-Yensch, You-Yensch
Q42    "Have you decided on a plan?" - Aeryn .. "Plan    Into the Lions Den: Lambs to the Slaughter
Q43    "Looks like our partnership is over." - Cricht    Into the Lions Den: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Q44    "Tonight, you are the second luckiest man on E    Dog with Two Bones

Family Ties Cards (1:20 Packs)

 F1    John Crichton
 F2    Aeryn Sun
 F3    Chiana
 F4    Moya
 F5    D'Argo
 F6    Bialar Crais

Revenging Angel Animation Cels (1:20 packs)

R1     John Crichton
R2     John Crichton
R3     John Crichton
R4     D'Argo
R5     D'Argo
R6     D'Argo
R7     John Crichton & D'Argo
R8     John Crichton & D'Argo
R9     John Crichton & D'Argo
R10    Scorpius
R11    Aeryn Sun
R12    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R13    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R14    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R15    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R16    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R17    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton
R18    Aeryn Sun & John Crichton

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

A13    Paul Goddard as Stark
A14    Tammy MacIntosh as Jool
A15    Jonathan Hardy as The Voice of Rygel (binder only, also listed below)
A16    Matt Newton as Jothee
A17    Linda Cropper as Xhalax Sun
A18    Magda Szubanski as Furlow
A19    Evan Sheaves as Young Scorpius
A20    Francesca Buller as Raxil
A21    Andrew Prowse -- Director

"From The Archives" Costume Cards (1:240 packs)

C14    Scorpius/Harvey [black/white, green/white]
C15    Xhalax Sun

SketchaFEX Cards (1:40 packs)

 --    John Czop (Chiana, 500)
 --    John Czop (Zhaan, 500)
 --    John Czop (Scorpius, 200)
 --    John Czop (Jool, 500)
 --    John Czop (DRD, 500)
 --    Warren Martineck (Caveman Crichton, 400)
 --    Warren Martineck (Rygel, 400)
 --    Warren Martineck (Scorpius, 400)
 --    Warren Martineck (Scarran, 400)
 --    Pablo Raimondi (Rygel, 600)
 --    Pablo Raimondi (D'Argo, 600)
 --    Pablo Raimondi (Scorpius, 600)
 --    Pablo Raimondi (DRD, 600)

       By Kubert School Artists

 --    (Scarrans, 276)
          Miscovic (numbered to 50)
          Joe Panico 
 --    (Vocarian Blood Tracker, 364)
          Joe Panico
          Jon Wheat
 --    (Brainiac-Crichton, 369)
          Joe Panico
          Chris Prievo
          Jon Wheat
 --    (Stark, 419)
          Rob Clark Jr.
          Joe Panico
          Chris Prievo
          Eric Strong 
 --    (Pilot, 372)
          J. Davis
          Ed Herrera
          Joe Panico
          Chris Prievo
          Eric Strong

Case Topper Autograph Card

 ZA1   Virginia Hey as P'au Zotoh Zhaan - In Memorium

Card Album

 --    Season Three Trading Cards (Binder)
 --    (9-pocket pages)
 A15   Jonathan Hardy as The Voice of Rygel (exclusive auto)
 P2    (exclusive promo card)

Progressive Proof Set  (Sold separately; limited to 50 sets)
  Includes 5 cards for each of the 72 base cards, with the black; cyan;
  magenta; and yellow proofs and finished card.

Uncut Sheets  (Sold separately)

  --    (72-card panel of base set, signed and numbered to 50)
  --    (4-card panel, C14/C15 and C16/C17 [Season 4], limited to 15)


 P1    Summer 2002 (General distribution)
 --    Summer 2002 (dealer sell sheet)

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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