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Farscape in Motion Premiere Edition
Rittenhouse - 2001

Note:  Additional information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.
Thanks much to James Rutledge and Guy Robbins for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards + packet of 3 Archives cards, 1 sound card.
Common sets: approx. 1.17 per box if collation were perfect (expect a
complete set).

No.    Character(s)            Episode

  1    John Crichton           "Throne for a Loss"
  2    John Crichton           "Back and Back and Back to the Future"
  3    John Crichton           "Jeremiah Crichton"
  4    John Crichton           "Look at the Princess, Part I: A Kiss Is But a Kiss"
  5    John Crichton           "Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think"
  6    John Crichton           "My Three Crichtons"
  7    John Crichton           "Won't Get Fooled Again"
  8    John Crichton           "A Clockwork Nebari"
  9    John Crichton           "A Clockwork Nebari"
 10    Aeryn Sun               "Throne for a Loss"
 11    Aeryn Sun               "Back and Back and Back to the Future"
 12    Aeryn Sun               "The Hidden Memory"
 13    Aeryn Sun               "The Way We Weren't"
 14    Aeryn Sun               "Look at the Princess Part II: The Maltese Crichtons"
 15    Aeryn Sun               "Beware of Dog"
 16    Aeryn Sun               "Won't Get Fooled Again"
 17    Aeryn Sun               "The Locket"
 18    Aeryn Sun               "Die Me Dichotomy"
 19    Ka D'Argo               "Premiere"
 20    Ka D'Argo               "That Old Black Magic"
 21    Ka D'Argo               "They've Got a Secret"
 22    Ka D'Argo               "Til the Blood Runs Clear"
 23    Ka D'Argo               "The Hidden Memory"
 24    Ka D'Argo               "Vitas Mortis"
 25    Ka D'Argo               "Vitas Mortis"
 26    Ka D'Argo               "Picture, If You Will..."
 27    Ka D'Argo               "Die Me Dichotomy"
 28    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "That Old Black Magic"
 29    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "DNA Mad Scientist"
 30    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Bone to Be Wild"
 31    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Reunion"
 32    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Mind the Baby"
 33    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Taking the Stone"
 34    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Home on the Remains"
 35    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "The Locket"
 36    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        "Liars, Guns and Money, Part I: A Not So Simple Plan"
 37    Chiana                  "Durka Returns"
 38    Chiana                  "Nerve"
 39    Chiana                  "Reunion"
 40    Chiana                  "Taking the Stone"
 41    Chiana                  "A Clockwork Nebari"
 42    Chiana                  "Die Me Dichotomy"
 43    Captain Bialar Crais    "Premiere"
 44    Captain Bialar Crais    "That Old Black Magic"
 45    Captain Bialar Crais    "That Old Black Magic"
 46    Captain Bialar Crais    "The Hidden Memory"
 47    Captain Bialar Crais    "Family Ties"
 48    Captain Bialar Crais    "The Way We Weren't"
 49    Scorpius                "Nerve"
 50    Scorpius                "Family Ties"
 51    Scorpius                "Family Ties"
 52    Scorpius                "Mind the Baby"
 53    Scorpius                "Look at the Princess, Part I: A Kiss Is But a Kiss"
 54    Scorpius                "Liars, Guns and Money, Part II: With Friends Like These ..."
 55    Rygel XVI               "Thank God It's Friday"
 56    Rygel XVI               "The Flax"
 57    Rygel XVI               "Jeremiah Crichton"
 58    Pilot                   "Thank God It's Friday ... Again"
 59    Pilot                   "The Way We Weren't"
 60    Pilot                   "Won't Get Fooled Again"


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Cards (1:2 packs)

 U1    Bekhesh                 Throne for a Loss
 U2    Captain Selko Durka     Durka Returns
 U3    Gilina Ranaez           Nerve
 U4    Lorana                  Rhapsody in Blue
 U5    Maldis                  That Old Black Magic
 U6    Matala                  Back and Back and Back to the Future
 U7    M'Lee                   Bone to Be Wild
 U8    Natira                  Liars, Guns and Money, Part III: Plan B
 U9    Niem                    The Hidden Memory
U10    Rorf and Rorg           Til the Blood Runs Clear
U11    Grath                   Won't Get Fooled Again
U12    Teurac                  PK Tech Girl
U13    Staanz                  The Flax
U14    Stark                   The Hidden Memory
U15    Tahleen                 Rhapsody in Blue
U16    Traltixx                Crackers Don't Matter
U17    Varla                   A Clockwork Nebari
U18    Volmae                  Thank God It's Friday... Again

Ships in Motion Cards (1:3 Packs)

 S1    Moya                    That Old Black Magic
 S2    Moya                    Premiere
 S3    Moya                    Through the Looking Glass
 S4    Talyn                   The Hidden Memory
 S5    Talyn                   The Ugly Truth
 S6    Farscape One            Til the Blood Runs Clear
 S7    Crais' Command Carrier  Premiere
 S8    Transport Pod           The Flax
 S9    Peacekeeper Prowler     Die Me Dichotomy

Close Encounters Cards (1:6 Packs)

 C1    Crichton & Gilina       PK Tech Girl
 C2    Crichton & Alex         Rhapsody in Blue
 C3    Crichton & Lishala      Jeremiah Crichton
 C4    Crichton & Aeryn        A Human Reaction
 C5    Crichton & Chiana       Family Ties
 C6    Chiana & D'Argo
 C7    Crichton & Matala       Back and Back and Back to the Future
 C8    Natira & Scorpius       A Not So Simple Plan
 C9    Crichton & Aeryn        Die Me Dichotomy

Portraits In Motion Cards (1:8 Packs)

 P1    John Crichton
 P2    Aeryn Sun               Thank God It's Friday Again
 P3    Ka D'Argo               Thank God It's Friday Again
 P4    P'au Zotoh Zhaan        The Flax
 P5    Chianna                 Through the Looking Glass
 P6    Rygel                   They've Got a Secret
 P7    Pilot
 P8    Crais                   Family Ties
 P9    Scorpius                Won't Get Fooled Again

Archive Collection Cards (3:box, numbered to 999)

AC1    John Crichton
AC2    Aeryn Sun
AC3    Ka D'Argo
AC4    P'au Zotoh Zhaan
AC5    Chiana
AC6    Rygel XIV
AC7    Pilot
AC8    Moya
AC9    Captain Crais
AC10   Scorpius
AC11   Stark
AC12   Talyn

Archive Collection Gold Cards (numbered 1-500, approx. 1:27 boxes)

WC1    Aeryn Sun
WC2    P'au Zotoh Zhaan
WC3    Chiana

Sound in Motion Cards (1:box)

 S1    Crichton [& Aeryn]      "Throne for a Loss"
 S2    Crichton                "Premiere"
 S3    Crichton and Chiana     "Look at the Princess"
 S4    Rygel                   "PK Tech Girl"
 S5    Crichton and D'Argo     "Look at the Princess"
 S6    Crichton                "Crackers Don't Matter"

From the Archives Costume Cards (1:box, in packs)

C8     John Crichton
C9     Aeryn Sun
C10    Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
C11    Chiana [furry shoulder straps; very scarce]
C12    John Crichton

Autograph Card (Case Topper)

 A6    Claudia Black

Card Album (1000 made)

 --    (Binder)
 --    (Twelve 9-pocket pages)
BS1    Aeryn Sun (Sound in Motion Card, Album Special)
 --    (Checklist / Promo Card, Album Special)

Uncut Sheet Set (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 25)

 --    (Five 21-card sheets: base and bonus cards, numbered and signed by
          Steve Charendoff)


P-1    John Crichton (dealers)
 --    February 2001 (Dealer sell sheet, 8" x 10"; first printing)
 --    April 2001 (Dealer sell sheet, 8" x 10"; second printing)

©2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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