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Farscape: Through the Wormhole
Rittenhouse Archives - 2004

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards.  12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.47 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Card Text / Title                                        Character / Episode

   1    John Crichton, a second-generation astronaut,            John Crichton
   2    The variety of alien races and the diversity o           John Crichton
   3    John's relationship with Aeryn was perhaps the           John Crichton
   4    If trying to live in the Uncharted Territories           John Crichton
   5    The Scorpius clone's presence continued to inc           John Crichton
   6    As his time in the Uncharted Territories incre           John Crichton
   7    The Crichton on Moya was rightfully jealous of           John Crichton
   8    For John Crichton, life finally seemed to be g           John Crichton
   9    "I've got... a strange life here, Dad. It's di           John Crichton
  10    As part of the fontline Pleisar Regiment of th           Aeryn Sun
  11    After being "irreversibly contaminated" and os           Aeryn Sun
  12    Aeryn saw the Peacekeepers through the eyes of           Aeryn Sun
  13    Of all of the relationships she has experience           Aeryn Sun
  14    Having been killed by the man she loved and th           Aeryn Sun
  15    Aeryn donnd her old Peacekeeper armor, resolve           Aeryn Sun
  16    When Aeryn and Crichton's paths crossed again,           Aeryn Sun
  17    When Aeryn learned the true reason behind Cric           Aeryn Sun
  18    "How strange... it took almost losing him to m           Aeryn Sun
  19    Huge and powerful, the Luxan Warrior Ka D'Argo           Ka D'Argo
  20    D'Argo's hatred for the Peacekeepers ran deepe           Ka D'Argo
  21    With his freedom from the Peacekeepers won and           Ka D'Argo
  22    For D'Argo, life seemed to be going his way. H           Ka D'Argo
  23    D'Argo found peace in something that only a wa           Ka D'Argo
  24    Still on the hunt for his brother-in-law, Mact           Ka D'Argo
  25    Freed from the shackles of his past, D'Argo ha           Ka D'Argo
  26    Ka D'Argo's dreams were always simple, to lay            Ka D'Argo
  27    "Jothee is my blood, my child. All I have left           Ka D'Argo
  28    A Nebari runaway, Chiaa is happiest when she h           Chiana
  29    Chiana's talents for subterfuge proved to be u           Chiana
  30    Chiana's admiration for Crichton softened her            Chiana
  31    Chiana's relationship with D'Argo took a turn            Chiana
  32    After her encounter with the energy rider, Chi           Chiana
  33    Chiana helped bring Talyn, Moya's child, into            Chiana
  34    Chiana's playful nature, and her luck, hasn't            Chiana
  35    Chiana finally decided to settle down with her           Chiana
  36    "Don't tell me how to lie. It's one of the bes           Chiana
  37    The product of a Scarran breeding program to p           Scorpius
  38    Being a half-breed, Scorpius maintained the ph           Scorpius
  39    Through the use of the Aurora Chair, Scorpius            Scorpius
  40    When Peacekeeper High Command questioned Scorp           Scorpius
  41    With the Scarrans now set on a destructive pat           Scorpius
  42    "Entropy will claim the universe before I bow            Scorpius
  43    Desprate for the wormhole knowledge in Crichto           Harvey
  44    Originally Harvey was unhappy, suicidal and un           Harvey
  45    Harvey, ever loyal to Scorpius, could prevent            Harvey
  46    An 812-year-old 10th level Delvian Pa'u, Pa'u            Zhaan
  47    Delvians are flora, not fauna, and therefore Z           Zhaan
  48    Being older, wiser and more accepting of the w           Zhaan
  49    Zhaan was never mindlessly cruel, but she did            Zhaan
  50    In a selfless act, Zhaan spent almost all of h           Zhaan
  51    "For the longest time I feared physical demise           Zhaan
  52    The Sixteenth Rygel in a line of Hynerian Domi           Rygel
  53    With an ornery temper, a tendency to fart heli           Rygel
  54    Hundreds of cycles in captivity helped Rygel t           Rygel
  55    An independent entity, Pilot operated symbioti           Pilot
  56    When Pilot was young, the Elders of his world            Pilot
  57    A member of the Banik slave race, Stark has th           Stark
  58    On board Moya, Stark found a kindred soul in Z           Stark
  59    Captain Bialar Crais was born in a Sebacean fa           Crais
  60    His hunt for his brother's killer, John Cricht           Crais
  61    Feisty with an acid sharp tongue, Sikozu belie           Sikozu
  62    While she shared the crew's distrust for Peace           Sikozu
  63    Jool, a strikingly beautiful young woman with            Jool
  64    When at ease, Jool could charm the scales off            Jool
  65    Originally Crais' second-in-command, Milko Bra           Braca
  66    When Grayza decommissioned Scorpius' command,            Braca
  67    Born and bread on a Command Carrier, Commandan           Grayza
  68    Half Sebacean, Half Luxan, Jothee was the son            Jothee
  69    Utu Noranti Pralatong was a 290-cycle-old Tras           Noranti
  70    (A45-A70, DA1-DA2)                                       Checklist Triptych
  71    (SPA1-9, CW1-CW9, PW1-PW18, A35-A44)                     Checklist Triptych
  72    (Base cards, Q1.1-Q1.22)                                 Checklist Triptych


The Quotable Farscape: Season 1 (1:5 packs)

Q1.1    Premiere
Q1.2    I, E.T.
Q1.3    Exodus from Genesis
Q1.4    Throne for a Loss
Q1.5    Back and Back and Back to the Future
Q1.6    Thank God It's Friday, Again
Q1.7    PK Tech Girl
Q1.8    That Old Black Magic
Q1.9    DNA Mad Scientist
Q1.10   They've Got a Secret
Q1.11   'Till the Blood Runs Clear
Q1.12   Rhapsody in Blue
Q1.13   The Flax
Q1.14   Jeremiah Crichton
Q1.15   Durka Returns
Q1.16   A Human Reaction
Q1.17   Through the Looking Glass
Q1.18   A Bug's Life
Q1.19   Nerve
Q1.20   The Hidden Memory
Q1.21   Bone to be Wild
Q1.22   Family Ties

Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars (1:5 packs)

PW1     A pre-emptive strike against the Scarran armad
PW2     After Moya's crew convinces the Eidelons, inha
PW3     All that John really wants to do is settle dow
PW4     The arrival of Scorpius and Sikozu aboard a Pe
PW5     With Scorpius, Sikozu and two Eidelons on boar
PW6     On Arnessk, the crew makes contact with their
PW7     The crew abandons ship, with D'Argo and Chiana
PW8     Outside the Decimator, the Scarrans have detec
PW9     The peace talks are interrupted when Ahkna, th
PW10    D'Argo and Chiana, having been rescued by Joth
PW11    Among the chaos and debris and with the others
PW12    With Moya unable to Starburst a second time, t
PW13    Unlocking the knowledge was only the first ste
PW14    A far calmer Stark finally comes to terms with
PW15    Aeryn's screams indicate something is wrong wi
PW16    En route to Moya, the group is pinned down by
PW17    Back on Moya, Crichton is surprised to find wh
PW18    The weapon's use has been costly. As John slip

Sean Pence ArtiFEX Cards (1:13 packs)

SPA1    John Crichton
SPA2    Aeryn Sun
SPA3    Ka D'Argo
SPA4    Chiana
SPA5    Zhaan
SPA6    Rygel
SPA7    Pilot
SPA8    Noranti
SPA9    Sikozu

Crichton's Women (1:40 packs)

  W1    Aeryn Sun
  W2    Chiana                                                   Crichton's Women
  W3    Gilina Renaez                                            Crichton's Women
  W4    Princess Katralla                                        Crichton's Women
  W5    Alex O'Connor                                            Crichton's Women
  W6    Zhaan                                                    Crichton's Women
  W7    Grayza                                                   Crichton's Women
  W8    Karen Shaw                                               Crichton's Women
  W9    Jenavian Charto                                          Crichton's Women

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs; Limited to 300-500 unless noted)

 A35    Carmen Duncan as Leslie Crichton                         n/a
 A36    Justin Monjo (Writer/Co-Executive Producer)              n/a
 A37    Alyssa-Jane Cook as Gilina Renaez                        PK Tech Girl
 A38    Claudia Black as Officer Aeryn Sun (Very Limited)        n/a
 A39    Bianca Chiminello as Jenavian Charto (Binder Exclusive)  Look at the Princess
 A40    Rhys Muldoon as Staanz                                   The Flax
 A41    Nick Tate as R. Wilson Monroe                            A Constellation of Doubt
 A42    Felix Williamson as Prince Clayvor                       Look at the Princess
 A43    Marta Dusseldorp as Officer Yal Henta                    Into the Lion's Den
 A44    Rachel Gordon as Lo'Laan                                 Mental as Anything
 A45    Tina Bursil as Empress Novia                             Look at the Princess
 A46    Matt Day as Councilor Tyno                               Look at the Princess
 A47    Claudia Karvan as Natira                                 Liars, Guns and Money
 A48    Natalie Mendoza as Lishala                               Jeremiah Crichton
 A49    Imogen Annesley as Niem (Peacekeeper Barbie)             Nerve
 A50    Mark Mitchell as Mu-Quillus                              Meltdown
 A51    Victoria Longley as Pathfinder Neeyala                   Self-Inflicted Wounds
 A52    Barry Otto as Dr. Tumii                                  Coup By Clam
 A53    Jeremy Sims as Rorf                                      Til the Blood Runs Clear
 A54    Angie Milliken as Volmae                                 Thank God It's Friday...Again
 A55    Jamie Croft as Young John Crichton                       Kansas
 A56    Darlene Vogel as Lorana                                  Rhapsody in Blue
 A57    Lisa Hensley as Matala                                   Back and Back and Back to the Future
 A58    Susan Lyons as Sierjna                                   Meltdown
 A59    Anthony Hayes as Molnon                                  Taking the Stone
 A60    Felicity Price as Princess Katralla                      Look at the Princess
 A61    Alex Dimitriades as Lt. Velorek                          The Way We Weren't
 A62    Alyson Standen as Ennixx                                 The Locket
 A63    Chris Haywood as Kyvan                                   Picture If You Will
 A64    Anna-Lise Phillips as Young Nilaam                       Vitas Mortis
 A65    David Franklin as Captain Braca                          n/a
 A66    Gigi Edgley as Chiana                                    n/a
 A67    Anthony Simcoe as Ka D'Argo                              n/a
 A68    Wayne Pygram as Scorpius (Very Limited)                  n/a
 A69    Raelee Hill as Sikozu                                    n/a
 A70    Paul Goddard as Stark                                    n/a

 DA1    Claudia Black / Ben Browder (Dual; Very Limited)
 DA2    Wayne Pygram / Ben Browder (incentive card, also below)
 DA3    Paul Goddard / Virginia Hey (Dual)

Case-Topper Autograph Sketch Card

  --    Wayne Pygram (Scorpius self-portrait)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    Farscape Through the Wormhole (binder)
  --    (Twelve 9-pocket pages)
 A39    Bianca Chiminello (exclusive autograph, also above)      Look At The Princess
  P3    (exclusive promo, also listed below)

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Autograph Card

 DA2    Wayne Pygram as Harvey and Ben Browder as John Crichton

Archive Boxes (master set of all cards found in packs)

  --    (marked on outside)
  --    (not marked on outside)

EXPANSION SET (issued 2005; numbered to 333)

 A71    Francesca Buller as Scarran War Minister Ahkna
  --    (seven ArtiFEX cards; art by Sean pence)


 CP1    (D'Argo; conventions)
  P1    (Crichton; general distribution)
  P2    (Aeryn; Non-Sport Update)
  P3    (Chiana; album exclusive)
  --    (Aeryn and Crichton; dealer sell sheet)

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