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F.D. (Fire Department)  [1982 Series]
K. F. Byrnes Ent. - 1982

Note:  Four 22-card sets were issued from 1981 to 1986.  The 1982 set
sports blue borders.

No.   Title

  1   Chemical Drums Explode
  2   Junk Adds to Hazards
  3   Taking a Breather - Literally
  4   Attacking the Base of the Fire
  5   L.A. Fireboat in Action
  6   Philadelphia F.D. in Control
  7   It Started with a Small Spark
  8   Multi Level Residence in Flames
  9   Protecting Nearby Buildings
 10   Attacking Up Close
 11   Raging Inferno
 12   Firefighters - 1982
 13   Urban Volcano
 14   On a Dangerous Narrow Ledge
 15   Attacking at Treetop Level
 16   Old Reliable Ground Ladder
 17   Roof Fire - Fully Involved
 18   Hard to Reach Brushfire
 19   A High Pressure Job
 20   Deluge Guns Converge
 21   Specialized Equipment in Action
 22   Fireground Command Post

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