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Femme Fatales
FPG - 1996

Notes:  I wish they had used a better understanding of French grammar
when they named this set.  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.37 per box if collation were perfect.

No.      Name                              Artist

     1   Red Cloak                         Larry Elmore
     2   Partisan                          Chris Achilleos
     3   Across the Sea                    Sanjulian
     4   The Ambushers                     Keith Parkinson
     5   Intentions                        Brom
     6   Bar Hopping                       Brom
     7   Winter                            Jeffrey Jones
     8   Next Day                          Jeffrey Jones
     9   Amazon                            Clyde Caldwell
    10   Chick in Chainmail                Larry Elmore
    11   Harem Guard                       Chris Achilleos
    12   Red Boots                         Larry Elmore
    13   Celtic Queen                      Chris Achilleos
    14   Armed and Dangerous               Clyde Caldwell
    15   First Lady                        Chris Achilleos
    16   Gone Shopping                     Brom
    17   Indoor Games 1                    Chris Achilleos
    18   Blazon                            Brom
    19   The Black Guerrilla               Chris Achilleos
    20   The Rose Sea                      Clyde Caldwell
    21   Salamandra                        Bernie Wrightson
    22   Standard Bearer                   Chris Achilleos
    23   Beauty and the Beast              Chris Achilleos
    24   Amazon                            Rowena
    25   Indoor Games 3                    Chris Achilleos
    26   The Second Season of the Witch    Clyde Caldwell
    27   The Lioness                       Mike Ploog
    28   The Beast                         Jeffrey Jones
    29   Inamorata                         Rowena
    30   Panthera                          Bernie Wrightson
    31   Sentry                            Mike Ploog
    32   Walking the Dog                   Rowena
    33   Kalea                             Keith Parkinson
    34   Head Huntress                     Joe  Jusko
    35   Indiscretion                      Jeffrey Jones
    36   Dian the Beautiful                Joe Jusko
    37   Lucy                              Brom
    38   The Young Dragon Trainer          Chris Achilleos
    39   Newt's Night Out                  Mike Ploog
    40   The Hoard of Chaos                Sanjulian
    41   Snow Beasts                       Joe Jusko
    42   Exterminatrix                     Bernie Wrightson
    43   Beyond Medusa                     Sanjulian
    44   Theo and Roger                    Bernie Wrightson
    45   Red Dream                         J. K. Potter
    46   Centaura                          Bernie Wrightson
    47   To Pick a Rose                    Clyde Caldwell
    48   Slither                           Clyde Caldwell
    49   Priestess of the Serpent God      Clyde Caldwell
    50   Farsighted                        Sanjulian
    51   Decisions                         Sanjulian
    52   Centaur 2001                      Larry Elmore
    53   El Beasto                         Brom
    54   Unwelcome                         Mike Ploog
    55   Crescent Moon                     Rowena
    56   Wine of Death                     Sanjulian
    57   Queen of Hearts                   Bernie Wrightson
    58   Scarlet Enchantress               Rowena
    59   The Muse                          Jeffrey Jones
    60   The Sorceress                     Rowena
    61   The Demon's Death                 Sanjulian
    62   Spell Bound                       Sanjulian
    63   Raw Pain Max                      J. K. Potter
    64   The Fredom  Gem                   Sanjulian
    65   Redhood                           Chris Achilleos
    66   The Blue Ones                     Jeffrey Jones
    67   Vexations                         Brom
    68   Vantage Point                     Joe Jusko
    69   Red Hand                          Brom
    70   Deep in Thought                   Sanjulian
    71   The Guardian Serpent              Rowena
    72   A Vast Indifference               Jeffrey Jones
    73   The Enigmatic Queen               Sanjulian
    74   Allure of Damnation               Brom
    75   First Frost                       Bernie Wrightson
    76   The Lion Tamer                    Chris Achilleos
    77   Theda                             Brom
    78   Paws and Claws                    Chris Achilleos
    79   Moon Li                           Brom
    80   Miss Muffit                       Brom
    81   Mind of the Magic                 Clyde Caldwell
    82   Thuvia, Maid of Mars              Joe Jusko
    83   Black Tears                       Chris Achilleos
    84   Desert Wings                      Keith Parkinson
    85   La Vigilante                      Chris Achilleos
    86   Amazona                           Chris Achilleos
    87   Early Snow                        Larry Elmore
    88   Obsession                         Jeffrey Jones
    89   The Angel of Passion              Chris Achilleos
    90   Fetch!                            Joe Jusko


Gold Metallic Cards

1 Gold   The Cobra Queen                   Sanjulian
2 Gold   Model 2000                        Chris Achilleos
3 Gold   The Worm Has Turned               Clyde Caldwell
4 Gold   The Demon Chariot                 Rowena
5 Gold   Clergy Ann                        Brom

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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