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Femforce II: Friends of Femforce
AC Comics - 1993

Notes: Set was issued as two varieties of factory set in plastic snap box: 
a regular version, with "orchid" color paper cover sheet, and a signed and 
numbered version limited to 1000 copies. The header announces "Soon to 
Be a Major Motion Picture!" but I think I missed it.

No.   Title

15    Garganta (double-decker card, folded)
16    Dragonfly
17    She-Cat
18    Tara
19    Miss Victory
20    Miss Masque
21    Rio Rita
22    Rayda
23    Rocketman
24    Paragon
25    Catman & Kitten
26    The Avenger
27    Reddevil
28    Black Venus

--    Femforce II Trading Cards (orchid header sheet)

Special Signed and Numbered Set (# to 1000)

--    Femforce II Trading Cards (gold header sheet; signed by Gorby and Hunt)

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