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Film Funnies (no names)
   Gum Inc. - 1935
Film Funnies (with names)
   Gum Inc. - 1935

Notes: The main release featired caricatures of unnamed movie stars. The variants with 
names may not have been released to the public, because of then-current concern over 
trademarking of actor images versus exclusions for works of parody. Visually, it is clear 
that the "with names" version was produced first and names were edited out for the 
no-names release. Original shows © 1935 while the edited cards are marked © Hal 

Cards show a color illustration with a question, with multiple-choice answers on card 
backs. Completing all 24 correctly would entitle the holder to a mail-in prize contest. 
American Card Catalog references are R48-1 (no names) and R48-2 (with names). Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Question (No Names)                                                   Name

  1   I just swallowed a dime and three pennies - can't you tell?           W. C. Fields
  2   Is it true you're working for the government?                         Oliver Hardy
  3   Is your nose the biggest thing in pictures?                           Jimmy Durante
  4   Hey cowboy! What's going on here?                                     Jackie Cooper
  5   Stop reaching! Haven't you got a tongue?                              Chico Marx
  6   You should count up to one hundred before hitting the other fellow!   Jimmy Cagney
  7   Quiet, or I'll make you eat every word you say!                       Polly Moran
  8   Will you call me a taxi?                                              Bob Woolsey
  9   What's the matter why can't you see?                                  Joe E. Brown
 10   Your majesty, if you eat any more chicken you'll burst!               Charles Laughton
 11   Don't you think sheep are the dumbest animals?                        Myrna Loy
 12   What can I do for you my dear?                                        Greta Garbo
 13   Looks like a trick door                                               Mae West
 14   If I buy you a drum you'll distube me!                                Farina
 15   I'm starved and we have no food!                                      Jack Oakie
 16   Quiet! You shouldn't say I look like that monkey!                     Edmund Lowe
 17   Look out! Or you'll get all black!                                    Maurice Chevalier
 18   Why are you late?                                                     Slim Summerville
 19   What did Juliet say to Romeo when she met him on the balcony?         Frederic March
 20   Didn't I tell you to notice when the soup boiled over?                Jimmy Dunn
 21   Why are you using two suits?                                          Clark Gable
 22   Let's eat up the street!                                              Bing Crosby
 23   How can I keep fish from smelling?                                    Eddie Cantor
 24   You don't know me do you?                                             George Arliss

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