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Final Fantasy VI - Vending Collection Series 1
Bandai - 1995

Notes:  This set was originally available only in Japan in vending machines, 
in packs of 4 stickers each.  Card images are miniaturized versions of the 
game characters. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the list and descriptions!

No.   Title / Description

Prism Stickers
  1   Locke and Celes
  2   Terra/morphed Terra
  3   Shadow and Interceptor
  4   Sabin and Edgar
  5   Setzer
  6   Terra, Relm, and Celes

Regular Stickers
  7   Terra Branford
  8   Locke Cole
  9   Edgar Roni Figaro
 10   Sabin Rene Figaro
 11   Celes Chere
 12   Shadow
 13   Cyan Garamonde
 14   Gau
 15   Setzer Gabbiani
 16   Strago Magus
 17   Relm Arrowny
 18   Gogo
 19   Mog
 20   Umaro
 21   General Leo
 22   Kekfa Palazzo
 23   Terra
 24   Locke running
 25   Edgar with chainsaw
 26   Sabin ready to fight
 27   Celes
 28   Shadow with ninja star
 29   Cyan attacking
 30   Gau pouncing
 31   Setzer with dice
 32   Strago
 33   Relm
 34   Locke with flamingo
 35   Edgar on throne
 36   Edgar and Sabin - coin toss
 37   Celes in opera gown
 38   Celes in chains
 39   Cyan and Gau
 40   Gau with monsters
 41   Setzer and airship
 42   Relm drawing Strago

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