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Final Fantasy VI - Vending Collection Series 2
Bandai - 1995

Notes:  This set was originally available only in Japan in vending machines, 
in packs of 4 stickers each.  Card images are miniaturized versions of the 
game characters. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the list and descriptions!

No.   Title / Description

Prism Stickers
 43   Relm, Shadow, Locke, Celes, Sabin
 44   Strago, Terra, Cyan, Gau, Edgar, Setzer
 45   Locke with bird
 46   Edgar Figaro
 47   Sabin Figaro
 48   Locke and Celes

Regular Stickers
 49   Tina (Terra in English game) Branford
 50   Locke Cole
 51   Edgar Figaro
 52   Mash (Sabin in English game) Figaro
 53   Celes Chere
 54   Shadow
 55   Cayenne (Cyan in English game) Garamonde
 56   Gau
 57   Setzer Gabbiani
 58   Stragos (Strago in English game) Magus
 59   Relm Arrowny
 60   Gogo
 61   Umaro and Mog
 62   Terra sleeping
 63   Terra with children
 64   Locke sleeping
 65   Edgar with rose
 66   Sabin attacking
 67   Shadow
 68   Cyan traveling
 69   Cyan striking a pose
 70   Gau in a suit
 71   Setzer at Daryl's grave
 72   Strago
 73   Strago in a squirrel suit
 74   Cyan and Terra
 75   Celes with sword
 76   Celes and Kefka
 77   Celes (in opera gown) and Setzer
 78   Shadow and Interceptor
 79   Cyan and Gau striking
 80   Cyan and Shadow
 81   Relm drawing a Tonberry
 82   Relm and Setzer playing poker
 83   Shadow and Strago
 84   Relm and Interceptor

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