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Final Fantasy Art Museum - First Edition
Square - 2000

Notes:  These cards were originally available only in Japan.  Many thanks to
Tony Mear for the checklist!

Box: 15 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets (135): approx. 1.09 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.   Title                                                                Game     Type                  Artist

       1   Final Fantasy I Package                                              FFI      Memorial
       2   Final Fantasy I Opening                                              FFI      Memorial
       3   Final Fantasy I Ending                                               FFI      Memorial
       4   "Dragon vs Soldier of Light"                                         FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
       5   "Behemoth vs Soldier of Light"                                       FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
       6   "O'Cyuu vs Soldier of Light"                                         FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
       7   "Kraken vs Soldier Of Light"                                         FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
       8   "Chaos on the Thorne"                                                FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
       9   "Princess & Soldier of Light"                                        FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      10   "Foreign Land"                                                       FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      11   "Gigas in the Sea of Clouds"                                         FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      12   "Floating Castle"                                                    FFI      Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      13   Black Knight                                                         FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      14   Lich                                                                 FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      15   Maririth                                                             FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      16   Kraken                                                               FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      17   Tiamat                                                               FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      18   Chaos                                                                FFI      Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      19   Final Fantasy IV Package                                             FFIV     Memorial
      20   Final Fantasy IV Opening                                             FFIV     Memorial
      21   Final Fantasy IV Ending                                              FFIV     Memorial
      22   Hover Ship                                                           FFIV     Carriage              Yoshitaka Amano
      23   Airship -Enterprise-                                                 FFIV     Carriage              Yoshitaka Amano
      24   Big Whale                                                            FFIV     Carriage              Yoshitaka Amano
      25   Gilbart Chris Von Muir                                               FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      26   Tella                                                                FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      27   Fu-Su-Ya                                                             FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      28   Cecil Harvey -Dark Knight-                                           FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      29   Cecil Harvey -Paladin-                                               FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      30   Cain Highwind                                                        FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      31   Rosa Farrell                                                         FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      32   Rydia                                                                FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      33   Palam & Porom                                                        FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      34   Cid Pollendina                                                       FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      35   Yang Fang Leiden                                                     FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      36   Edge "Edward Geraldine"                                              FFIV     Character             Yoshitaka Amano
      37   Asura                                                                FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      38   Magus Sisters                                                        FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      39   Giant of Bubir                                                       FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      40   Sculmillone of Earth                                                 FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      41   Kainuatuo of Water                                                   FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      42   Bulbelisia of Wind                                                   FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      43   Rubicante of Fire                                                    FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      44   Gulbeza                                                              FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      45   Zemth                                                                FFIV     Monster               Yoshitaka Amano
      46   "The beginning of destiny"                                           FFIV     Movie
      47   "Carrier of sinful name"                                             FFIV     Movie
      48   "Staking their life" ~ Palam & Porom petrified                       FFIV     Movie
      49   "The last decision"                                                  FFIV     Movie
      50   "At the bottom of illusion..."                                       FFIV     Movie
      51   "The prohibited black magic"                                         FFIV     Movie
      52   "The destination of anger"                                           FFIV     Movie
      53   "In the end of battle"                                               FFIV     Movie
      54   "Between the moon and the blue star"                                 FFIV     Movie
      55   FFVII Package                                                        FFVII    Memorial
      56   FFVII Opening                                                        FFVII    Memorial
      57   FFVII Ending                                                         FFVII    Memorial
      58   Chocobo                                                              FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      59   Cloud on Chocobo                                                     FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      60   Toad                                                                 FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      61   Sub characters                                                       FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      62   Turks                                                                FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      63   Sephiroth                                                            FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      64   Cloud Strife                                                         FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      65   Aerith Gainsborough                                                  FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      66   Barett Wallace                                                       FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      67   Red XIII                                                             FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      68   Tifa Lockhart                                                        FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      69   Cid Highwind                                                         FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      70   Cait Sith                                                            FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      71   Vincent Valentine                                                    FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      72   Yuffie Kisaragi                                                      FFVII    Character             Tetsuya Nomura
      73   "Rhythm" ~ Tifa Lockhart                                             FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      74   "Sharpen" ~ Sephiroth                                                FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      75   "Shadow" ~ Vincent Valentine                                         FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      76   "Stillstand" ~ Cloud and Red XIII                                    FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      77   "Challenge" ~ Cloud and Aerith                                       FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      78   "Protection" ~ Cloud and Aerith                                      FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      79   "Calmness" ~ Cloud and Aerith                                        FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      80   "Moment" ~ Cloud and Red XIII                                        FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      81   "Find" ~ Sephiroth and Aerith                                        FFVII    Image Illustration    Yoshitaka Amano
      82   Cloud Strife at Midgar                                               FFVII    Image CG
      83   Aerith Gainsborough and Highwind                                     FFVII    Image CG
      84   Barett Wallace and Marlene at the Church                             FFVII    Image CG
      85   Red XIII and Seto                                                    FFVII    Image CG
      86   Tifa Lockhart in Nibelheim                                           FFVII    Image CG
      87   Cid Highwind on the Tiny Bronco near Rocket Town                     FFVII    Image CG
      88   Cait Sith the loveable Toysaurus at the Gold Saucer                  FFVII    Image CG
      89   Vincent Valentine on the rooftop                                     FFVII    Image CG
      90   Yuffie Kisaragi on the cliff statues at Wutai                        FFVII    Image CG
      91   Chocobo & Mog ~ hooray!                                              FFVII    Summon's Monster
      92   Ifrit                                                                FFVII    Summon's Monster
      93   Shiva                                                                FFVII    Summon's Monster
      94   Ramuh                                                                FFVII    Summon's Monster
      95   Titan                                                                FFVII    Summon's Monster
      96   Odin                                                                 FFVII    Summon's Monster
      97   Typoon                                                               FFVII    Summon's Monster
      98   Hades                                                                FFVII    Summon's Monster
      99   Bahamut Zero                                                         FFVII    Summon's Monster
     100   hardy-DAYTONA                                                        FFVII    Carriage
     101   SHIN-RA pA TYPE 86                                                   FFVII    Carriage
     102   SHIN-RA sA TYPE 27                                                   FFVII    Carriage
     103   GERNICA                                                              FFVII    Carriage
     104   HIGHWIND                                                             FFVII    Carriage
     105   TINY BRONCO                                                          FFVII    Carriage
     106   SHIN-RA B1 TYPE                                                     FFVII    Carriage
     107   SHIN-RA uV TYPE 0 1st                                                FFVII    Carriage
     108   MUKA HUNDRED TYPE 90 MODEL 600                                       FFVII    Carriage
     109   "Fate stating to move" ~ Cloud on the hardy-DAYTONA                  FFVII    Movie
     110   "Airborne airship" ~ the Highwind                                    FFVII    Movie
     111   "Sanctuary of amusement" ~ the Gold Saucer                           FFVII    Movie
     112   "Fanatic smile" ~ Sephiroth in the flames of Nibelheim               FFVII    Movie
     113   "Mother jenova" ~ Sephiroth and his mother                           FFVII    Movie
     114   "Disaster from the sky" ~ the Jenova Project                         FFVII    Movie
     115   "Valiant figure of a father" - Seto father of Nanaki aka Red XIII    FFVII    Movie
     116   "Altar of water" ~ Aerith's sacrifice                                FFVII    Movie
     117   "Leaving the light of hope" ~ Aerith descends into the waters        FFVII    Movie
     118   "A false memory" ~ Cloud's flashback                                 FFVII    Movie
     119   "Promise land" ~ Sephiroth sleeps                                    FFVII    Movie
     120   "Meteor in motion"                                                   FFVII    Movie
     121   "Sapphire weapon attacks"                                            FFVII    Movie
     122   "In the end of lost memory" ~ the wheelchair dash!                   FFVII    Movie
     123   "Diamond weapon attacks"                                             FFVII    Movie
     124   "Lifestream" ~ Cloud nears his final battle                          FFVII    Movie
     125   "The disappearing hero" ~ Sephiroth!                                 FFVII    Movie
     126   "An answer from the star"                                            FFVII    Movie
     127   Cloud Strife                                                         FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     128   Aerith Gainsborough                                                  FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     129   Barett Wallace                                                       FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     130   Red XIII                                                             FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     131   Tifa Lockhart                                                        FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     132   Cid Highwind                                                         FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     133   Cait Sith                                                            FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     134   Vincent Valentine                                                    FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura
     135   Yuffie Kisaragi                                                      FFVII    Portrait              Tetsuya Nomura


Foil-Bordered Cards (1:4.5 packs)

136/SP01   Princess Sera                                                        FFI                            Yoshitaka Amano
137/SP02   Dark Knight & Paradin                                                FFIV                           Yoshitaka Amano
138/SP03   Tranquility ~ Cloud & Aerith                                         FFVII                          Yoshitaka Amano
139/SP04   Cloud                                                                FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
140/SP05   Sephiroth                                                            FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
141/SP06   Zack                                                                 FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
142/SP07   Tifa                                                                 FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
143/SP08   Yuffie                                                               FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
144/SP09   Vincent                                                              FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura


   P-01    Vincent (Turks)                                                      FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
   P-02    Sephiroth                                                            FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura
   P-03    Chocobo                                                              FFVII                          Tetsuya Nomura

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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