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Final Fantasy Art Museum - Fourth Edition
Square - 2001

Notes:  These cards were originally available only in Japan.  Many thanks to
Tony Mear for the original checklist and to Kristy Buzbee and Tony for updates!

Box: 15 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets (99): approx. 1.48 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.   Title                              Game   Artist


     433   Final Fantasy X Package            FFX    
     434   Final Fantasy X Opening            FFX    
     435   Final Fantasy X Ending             FFX    


     436   The Fayth of Valfor                FFX    Yusuke Naora
     437   The Fayth of Ifrit                 FFX    Yusuke Naora
     438   The Fayth of Ixion                 FFX    Airi Yoshioka
     439   The Fayth of Siva                  FFX    Yusuke Naora
     440   The Fayth of Bahamut               FFX    Airi Yoshioka
     441   The Fayth of Youjinbo              FFX    Takashi Honjo


     442   Tidus                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     443   Yuna                               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     444   Auron                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     445   Wakka                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     446   Lulu                               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     447   Kimahri Ronso                      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     448   Rikku                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     449   Seymour Guado                      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     450   Chocobo                            FFX    Tetsuya Nomura

Image Illustrations

     451   "Fervent wave"                     FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     452   "Will"                             FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     453   "Morning song"                     FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     454   "Flame memory"                     FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     455   "Initiating voyage"                FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     456   "Hope"                             FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     457   "Dream in the water reflection"    FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     458   "An evening wisper"                FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
     459   "Aqua dance"                       FFX    Yoshitaka Amano

Image CGs

     460   Tidus commands distance            FFX    Yusuke Naora
     461   Yuna sending spirit                FFX    Yusuke Naora
     462   Kimahri stands nearby              FFX    Yusuke Naora
     463   Lulu on the watch                  FFX    Yusuke Naora
     464   The world linker                   FFX    Yusuke Naora
     465   Rikku in the air ship              FFX    Yusuke Naora
     466   Wakka and teammates                FFX    Yusuke Naora
     467   Wedding ceremony                   FFX    Yusuke Naora
     468   The fountain hug                   FFX    Yusuke Naora

Summon's Monster

     469   Valfor                             FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     470   Ifrit                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     471   Ixion                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     472   Siva                               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     473   Anima                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     474   Bahamut                            FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     475   Magu -Magus of three sisters-      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     476   Dogu -Magus of three sisters-      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     477   Lagu -Magus of three sisters-      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura


     478   Besaid Aurochs logo & flag         FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     479   Luca Goers logo & flag             FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     480   Al Bhed Psyches logo & flag        FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     481   Ronso Fangs logo & flag            FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     482   Guado Glories logo & flag          FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     483   Kilika Beasts logo & flag          FFX    Mizushi Sugawara
     484   Yevon script                       FFX    Tetsuya Takahashi
     485   Spira script                       FFX    Masahiro Dairaku
     486   Al Bhed script                     FFX    Square


     487   "The young ace"                    FFX    
     488   "The great disaster"               FFX    
     489   "Guide to another world"           FFX    
     490   "Meeting Wakka"                    FFX    
     491   "Summoner initiation"              FFX    
     492   "Voluptuous back wizard"           FFX    
     493   "Youngster from Ronso"             FFX    
     494   "Sin attacking S.S.LIKI"           FFX    
     495   "Kilika island annihilated"        FFX    
     496   "An Exile I"                       FFX    
     497   "An Exile II"                      FFX    
     498   "An Exile III"                     FFX    
     499   "LUCA arrival"                     FFX    
     500   "Legendary guard"                  FFX    
     501   "Summoning Anima"                  FFX    
     502   "Mi'ihen Session I"                FFX    
     503   "Mi'ihen Session II"               FFX    
     504   "Mi'ihen Session III"              FFX    
     505   "Reuniou"                          FFX    
     506   "Seymour's propose I"              FFX    
     507   "Seymour's propose II"             FFX    
     508   "Seymour's propose III"            FFX    
     509   "Seymour's propose IV"             FFX    
     510   "AirShip initiating"               FFX    
     511   "Fabricated wedding I"             FFX    
     512   "Fabricated wedding II"            FFX    
     513   "Fabricated wedding III"           FFX    
     514   "Fabricated wedding IV"            FFX    
     515   "Fabricated wedding V"             FFX    
     516   "Fabricated wedding VI"            FFX    
     517   "Hug in the water I"               FFX    
     518   "Hug in the water II"              FFX    
     519   "Dusk at ruins"                    FFX    
     520   "Sin and Tidus"                    FFX    
     521   "Versus"                           FFX    
     522   "Tidus's tears"                    FFX    


     523   Tidus                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     524   Yuna                               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     525   Auron                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     526   Wakka                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     527   Lulu                               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     528   Kimahri                            FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     529   Rikku                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     530   Seymour Guado                      FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
     531   All Cast                           FFX    Tetsuya Nomura


Foil-Bordered Cards (1:4.5 packs)

532/SP01   Fulfilment                         FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
533/SP02   Wondering soul Tidus               FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
534/SP03   Wondering soul Yuna                FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
535/SP04   Hagane                             FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
536/SP05   Leap high                          FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
537/SP06   Warmth                             FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
538/SP07   An abyss                           FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
539/SP08   Swim                               FFX    Yoshitaka Amano
540/SP09   Prayer in the water                FFX    Yoshitaka Amano


   P-01    Jecht                              FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
   P-02    Braska                             FFX    Tetsuya Nomura
   SP00    Yunalesca                          FFX    Tetsuya Nomura

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