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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Comic Images - 2001

Note:  Rumors say there were autograph cards, but I haven't seen these
confirmed yet. Thanks much to Steve Carter for the correction!

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.31 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                               Subset

 1    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within   Title Card
 2    Aki                                 Profiles
 3    Gray                                Profiles
 4    Sid                                 Profiles
 5    Hein                                Profiles
 6    Ryan                                Profiles
 7    Neil                                Profiles
 8    Jane                                Profiles
 9    Alien Predators                     Profiles
10    Aki's Dream                         The Story
11    Another World                       The Story
12    Aboard the Boa                      The Story
13    The Searchers                       The Story
14    High-Tech Explorer                  The Story
15    Soldier of Tomorrow                 The Story
16    Blasting the Enemy                  The Story
17    Deep Eyes Squadron                  The Story
18    A Familiar Face                     The Story
19    Scanning Sergeant Ryan              The Story
20    Infested by Aliens                  The Story
21    Gray's Fight for Life               The Story
22    Aki's Discovery                     The Story
23    Toward the Heavens                  The Story
24    Alien Stampede                      The Story
25    Hein's Strident View                The Story
26    The Council                         The Story
27    Soul of the Planet                  The Story
28    Nightmare World                     The Story
29    Aki & Gray - Together Again?        The Story
30    The Gondola                         The Story
31    Obsessed Man with a Plan            The Story
32    Perchance to Dream                  The Story
33    Not of This Earth                   The Story
34    Marauding Monsters                  The Story
35    Alien Predator                      The Story
36    The Challengers                     The Story
37    Proudfoot's Firepower               The Story
38    By Aliens Possessed                 The Story
39    Visions of Doomsday                 The Story
40    Aki and the Aliens                  The Story
41    Flaming Death                       The Story
42    Emergency Operation                 The Story
43    Sharing a Soul                      The Story
44    Seeing What Aki Sees                The Story
45    Where Are We?                       The Story
46    The Thunderers                      The Story
47    Death of a Planet                   The Story
48    Their World Torn Asunder            The Story
49    Night of the Meteor                 The Story
50    Evacuate!                           The Story
51    Requiem for a Squadron              The Story
52    The Zeus Cannon                     The Story
53    Hein's Mad Scheme                   The Story
54    Love Everlasting                    The Story
55    Full Helmet                         Gear and Vehicles
56    Half Helmet                         Gear and Vehicles
57    Armor                               Gear and Vehicles
58    Eye Scope                           Gear and Vehicles
59    Wrist Holo                          Gear and Vehicles
60    Flare Gun / Rifle                   Gear and Vehicles
61    Black Boa                           Gear and Vehicles
62    Copperhead                          Gear and Vehicles
63    Bandit Hummvy                       Gear and Vehicles
64    A Dream Realized                    Behind the Scenes
65    Deep Impact                         Behind the Scenes
66    Aki Comes to Life                   Behind the Scenes
67    Art: Alien Landscape                Behind the Scenes
68    Art: Death of a Species             Behind the Scenes
69    Art: The Fallen City                Behind the Scenes
70    The Conjuring of Sid                Behind the Scenes
71    Body Language                       Behind the Scenes
72    Checklist


Holochrome Cards

C1    Aki Ross
C2    Gray Edwards
C3    Dr. Sid
C4    General Hein
C5    Ryan Whittaker
C6    Neil Fleming
C7    Jane Proudfoot

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (6-card uncut sheet)
--    (Plastic pages)

Autograph Cards (unconfirmed)

--    Hironobu Sakaguchi
--    (others?)


P1    (Image from Card 32)
P2    (Two soldiers in full helmets)
--    (Dealer sell sheet)

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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